13 Best Games Like Town of Salem in 2022

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Town of Salem is an Action-Adventure, Detective, Party, and Single-player video game developed and published by Blank Media. Throughout this season, you have to become a wise character, take a great number of challenges and play various roles such as evil.

During the gameplay, play the role of a bandit, liar, and serial killer, or become the detective and try to catch up with the murderers as well as punks. Via this version, there are several challenging situations including over a dozen players playing online, and all these characters are trying to get over one another.

Town of Salem Overview

While playing, you must gather the wits, change the strategies, and make new moves according to the roles like introducing the planning in capturing the evil killer while playing detective but there is a need to go stealth during the serial killer mode.


There are over 33 townsmen with multiple skills, day and night cycle is also part of this edition along with mafia gangs, werewolves, up to 15 unique characters, and easy to play controls are also mentioned over here.

In other features, you may have great graphical representation, story-rich gameplay, hundreds of mysteries to solve, unique avatars having multiple skills, and a thrilling sounding system along with a variety of unlockable challenges that may bring you ultimate rewards, experience, and great fun while playing the detective games, unhiding the secrets, and while dealing with the mysteries.


List of Games Like Town of Salem

These games have topped in the list of numerous games that are alternatives to Town of Salem, throughout these given games you start the adventures in which there are detective challenges, recoverable secretes, and great missions.

Find out the culprit that is trying to hide the identifications, mismanaging the storyline, and you need to meet the great members on the online servers, make sure to be on the winning side by defeating all the goons, liars, and uncover all the mystical characters, and capture the non-positive characters.

Also, there are hundreds of challenging missions that have unique advancements, rewards, unique updates, and animated characters. Below mentioned games are going to test your knowledge and ability to think critically and logically.

1. Agrou

Agrou is an Action-Adventure, Party, First-person Perspective, and Single-player video game introduced by Osmose Studio. The theme of this edition is to be the part of a team that is trying to take over one another, and you need to become a part of this combat. Use various types of weapons, indulge in the war, and co-operate with the other companions while playing the multiplayer mode.

There are several challenges, hundreds of online servers, and thousands of players around the world to test your abilities. While playing, choose the best weapons, make sure to shoot the enemies before they do so, forge a group of over 4 players, and join the team of your fellows to explore the maps, introduce new skills, and conquer all the locations during the gameplay.


  • Fast-Paced Action
  • Tactical Combat
  • Exploration Option with Customization
  • Online Multiplayer Gameplay

Download: Agrou For Windows

2. Pit People

Pit People is an Action-Adventure, Turn-Based, Party, Gore, Strategy, Single-player, and Co-operative Multiplayer video game created by The Behemoth. The theme of this edition lets you become part of a party battle where you must choose the wise strategies in order to take the enemies down, move towards the quests and change your fate.

During the gameplay, there are a great number of players to be recruited in the squad, each of them has special abilities, and skills. Explore the fantasy world in which there are thousands of places, plenty of competitions, and turn-based battles against the bosses of war.

Confront the enemies including giants and small creatures, proceed to the next challenges, and get ultimate rewards as well. In the long run, face different players online, test your strategic abilities, and win several battles.


  • Isometric Top-down Display
  • Easy to Learn Storyline
  • Tactical Gameplay
  • Co-operative Online Multiplayer
  • Amazing Soundtracks
  • Colorful Characters

Download: Pit People For Windows | Xbox

3. Feign

Feign is an Adventure, Fantasy, Animated, Detective, Co-operative Multiplaye, and Single-player video game developed and published by Tenekafalarstudios. The theme of this version is to indulge in a great number of competitions and try to win each battle against the other characters.

There are up to 12 avatars that are inclusive of multiple types like Neutral, Insane, Imposter, and Innocents, each of them possess unique rivalry and planning.

While playing the roles, there must be a unique tactic to avoid the murderers, meet the bandits, and killers as well. Attract the attention of rivals, and trap them in the great tricks, try not to get caught, and dodge whenever you confront the imposters.

There are different stages to complete, hundreds of objectives that may test your abilities while playing the simplest roles and earn full points as well during the gameplay.


  • Multiple Role Playing Characters
  • Easy to Understand Theme-play
  • Variety of Options to Customize the Characters
  • Isometric Top-down Graphics
  • Day and Night Cycle

Download: Feign For Windows

4. Throne of Lies®: Medieval Politics

Throne of Lies®: Medieval Politics is Action-Adventure, Role-Playing, Hack-and-Slash, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game created by PT Farm Inc. The theme of this edition is to get into the role of an emperor who has to meet up with a number of players and try to discuss the strategic truths, find out the black sheep while discussing friends and foes.

The gameplay has many ultimate rewards, hundreds of players to play online, and a variety of truths are added to identify, spare lies with truths, and get multiple points.

There are over 40 classes assigned to each player, meet up with the fictional characters, and deal with the unique rivals, choose the best weapons, and execute the plans according to the situations. While playing, there are several avatars that are dubious, and hundreds of codes are spread in the gameplay, use spies, and complete the stages.


  • Manipulating Strategies
  • Variety of Players to Play Online
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Customization Factor and Accessories
  • Unseen Faction
  • Socialization and Community Moderation

Download: Throne of Lies®: Medieval Politics For Windows


MINDNIGHT is an Adventure, Detective, Cyberpunk, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game owned by No Moon Entertainment. The theme of this edition is to play detective and get to know about the facts that each person has.

Use various types of abilities, make new changes to the plans, and indulge in online cyberpunk activities. There are a variety of online players including the good and bad ones, you must keep trying to solve the puzzles, and complete all the challenges as well.

There are up to 5 players in minimum but 8 players are also available with multiple skins. During the gameplay, you are assigned several tasks and there is a need to deceive the hackers that are trying to be deceptive, get ready to deal with the strategies, and secure the agent’s place while playing online mode.


  • Chat Feature with up to 30 Emojis
  • Custom Skin Customization up to 100
  • Multiple Modes
  • Party-Based Gameplay
  • Retro Graphics and Thrilling Soundtracks

Download: MINDNIGHT For Windows

6. ShellShock Live

ShellShock Live is an Action-Adventure, Party, Shooter, Turn-Based, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game showcased by Kchamp Studio. Here in the line of adventure, you must pick up the role of a demolisher who has to destroy the enemies and their strongholds by using a great number of strategies and proceed further after defeating them.

During the gameplay, manage to use plenty of advanced weaponry like tanks, missiles, drones, bullets, and other war tools, choose the best ever tactics, and co-operate with the allies to beat the rivals.

There are hundreds of challenging missions, with each mission completion there are multiple rewards, an opportunity to raise the rank up to 100, and also unlock new stages. Get the victory and earn level-up bonuses, customize the tanks, deal with multiple rivals, and also indulge in the online multiplayer gameplay.


  • Co-operative Multiplayer Option
  • Real-time Graphics
  • 400 + Weapons to Update
  • Skills, Loot Items, and New in-Game weapons
  • Multiple Game Modes

Download: ShellShock Live For PS4 | Windows | Steam

7. Faeria

Faeria is a Card, Strategy, Action-Adventure, Turn-Based, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game produced by Abrakam Entertainment. The gameplay focuses on the battlefield where you are trying to take over the opponents by developing the cards, choosing wise moves, and completing the task to defeat the enemies.

In the meantime, there is a need to build up the deck of various cards, define the pathways, and get up to 300 cards in less time.

Go solo against the variety of players in online mode and get ultimate challenges, introduce the draft mode and enter the Pandora box of rewards.

Get into the various turn-based fight system, gather the wits and confront a maximum number of battles bosses to get ultimate benefits in PVE gaming mode. The card game has specially designed deserts, mountains, epic battles, and lakes along with new regular updates.


  • Variety of Tournaments
  • Online Multiplayer Section
  • Thousands of Loot Items
  • Deck-Building PVP and PVE Battle
  • Point-and-Click Controls

Download: Faeria For Switch | Windows | PS4 | Android

8. Worms Revolution

Worms Revolution is a Turn-Based, Strategy, Action-Adventure, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game created by Team17. The theme-play of this edition is to indulge in the puzzling missions, define the strategies, and indulge in the co-operative gameplay as well. D

defeat your rivals and proceed further while in the turn-based battles. In the meantime, choose from the 4 different classes to interact, make teams, and complete over a dozen challenges to earn the benefits.

With each level completion, there are different rewards along with the opportunity to meet up with 16 worms and to unlock new campaigns.

In various game modes, there are over 20 puzzling missions, each comes out with 32 stages, and use up to 4 environments to proceed further. There are 3 game modes like Forts, Classic, and Deathmatch where there are hundreds of objectives to complete, and advanced weapons.


  • Multiple Boss Battles
  • Thrilling Soundtracks
  • Regular Updates
  • Level Editor
  • Variety of Characters

Download: Worms Revolution For Windows

9. World War Rising

World War Rising is a Strategy, War, Combat, First-person Shooter, Turn-Based, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game published by Mobile War LLC.

Here in this season, you are playing the commander’s role who has to manage all the war activities and tries to defeat the opponents by making unique strategies. Build up the troops, and forge a larger army, make a stronger empire, and attack the neighboring states to add up more loot and soldiers.

Confront many a challenge, deal with the ultimate battle bosses, and define the tactics to outsmart the enemies by deploying the forces. There are over a hundred players taking part in the online challenges, completing various projects, and teaming up with friends, constructing the forts, and beating all the rivals throughout the gameplay.


  • Massively Multiplayer Online Walkthrough
  • Point-and-click Controllers
  • Turn-Based Action
  • Dozens of Maps to Conquer
  • Regularly Updated Weapons and Equipment
  • Different Scenarios including WWI and WWII

Download: World War Rising For Android | iOS

10. Strange Town

Strange Town is an Adventure, Survival, Strategy, First-person Perspective, and Single-player video game produced by Team & Target Studio.

The theme of this edition is to become part of a cooperative role of a werewolf, make sure to win the fights against the rivals, and monsters, confront different scary dudes and survive throughout the gameplay. In the meantime, you are assigned the job to detect the werewolves in the day and night as well.

To make sure this there is a need to make various strategies, to know the situations well, and use of a weapon of course is a plus for you. There are multiple roles like a traitor, executioner, villagers, and a killer as well, each comes out with special abilities, tactics, and planning, also they all have unique roles like the killer’s aim is to kill all the townsmen.


  • Distinctive 3-dimensional Action
  • Multiple Types of Equipment including Weapons, and other Combatant Tools
  • Terrifying Locations, and Scary Soundtracks
  • Easy to Learn Controls
  • Various Game Modes

Download: Strange Town For Windows

11. Worms W.M.D

Worms W.M.D is a Turn-Based, Shooter, Strategy, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Team17. Here in this edition, you have to become one of the worms, indulge in the epic battles, and try to destroy the opponents and their strongholds.

Throughout the session, there are multiple unique challenges including the main 30 stages, each of these missions is having great chaos and brings new difficulties.

There are also various classical weapons like destructive tanks, unique equipment, and vehicles as well as a rank system to improve the position.

With the proceedings of different challenges there are turn-based battles against the bosses, test your luck over here, and earn several points and regular awards after each level completion. During the gameplay, hide within the buildings, take advantage of safe places, explore multiple maps, and conquer these locations with power.


  • Classical 2D Animation
  • Wonderful Vehicles with Unique Specifications
  • Crafting Option to Grab the Opportunity to Create Multiple Models
  • Physics-Based Gameplay
  • Real-time Effects
  • Thrilling Soundtracks

Download: Worms W.M.D For Windows | Xbox | PS4 | Switch

12. SpyNames

SpyNames is a Detective, Role-Playing, Party, Puzzle, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game owned by Vorpal Entertainment. The storyline sets you in the chaotic atmosphere wherein you must be playing the investigator’s role and try to find out other moles within the environment, try to capture them before they do so, and complete the challenges.

During the gameplay, it’s your job to figure out what to do next, make tactics, and get to the targets as there are around 4 to 10 players. Each of these spies has multiple skills, abilities, and strategies that may differ from each other. Also, change the names, and skills according to the choice and complete all the levels as well.


  • Point-and-Click Control
  • Browser-Based Gameplay
  • Online Multiplayer Option
  • Dozens of Spies
  • Peaceful Theme
  • Colorful Graphics
  • Various Rooms to Join

Download: SpyNames For Windows

13. Downtown Mafia: Gang Wars

Downtown Mafia: Gang Wars is an Action-Adventure, Role-playing, Single-player, and Online Multiplayer video game developed by Dynamic Next. The gameplay sets you in war-like scenarios where you have to beat the opponents by making a squad and fight throughout the text-based battles against the bosses.

During the long play, there are thousands of players in online gaming mode, hundreds of tools to customize the characters, and a great number of cities are added to explore, variety of maps, and gang war thrill are also part of this edition.

Besides the online theme, there is a storyline that may help you build the characters, chase the targets, and try to take over the hood that is the main course of the edition.

There are several roles to perform such as Hustler, Fighter, Runner, and Criminal, each comes out with special combos, fighting abilities, and technicalities. Become the gangster, loot the items, and go through the dozens of maps, update your energy, and stamina by getting boosters and proceed.


  • Variety of Gangs
  • Character Creation and Updatable Content
  • Deathmatch
  • Multiple Factions to Adapt
  • Regular Updates
  • Tournaments and Leagues along with a Variety of Rewards

Download: Downtown Mafia: Gang Wars For iOS | Android | Windows

Final Words

There is gameplay in the above-mentioned games that you can try to test your detective abilities and try to capture the person involved in the criminal activities. Choose the best strategies against the brutal bosses, meet hundreds of enemies, and take all of them down to their knees.

While playing the above games you may choose to become the boss, meet the requirements of the gameplay and earn the maximum quantity of rewards, follow the rules, and choose your own pathway. In the meantime, also figure out the truths and lies, dodge the opponents, and proceed according to the requirement and situations.

Try not to get killed by any other rival, survive throughout the way, and use various types of tools and equipment to deal with death. While playing, you must give the clean death to your opponents in order to gain plus points, change the rank in the leaderboard, and try to be the best member that may create the gangs anytime, can arrange the positioning of the squad members, and also can detect the imposters as well as beat the rival that is lurking to banish you from the town.

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