15 Best Turn-Based Games in 2022

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Best Turn-Based Games are the ones in which you have to start acting as the protagonist and try to confront the battle bosses, mutants, and other creatures in order to get the victory. Also, make sure to meet the greatest ever battlers, indulge in the epic competition in which you need to wait for the turn to beat the opponents.

There are over a dozen challenges in each of the following games that provide the best ever battler, Templars, and punks, each of these comes out with specific qualities, epic powerful attacks, and an amazing combination of attacks as well.

What are Turn-Based Games?

Here are some of the great competitions taking place in different environments that may take you towards the epic journey throughout the play. It’s possible to meet multiple characters on the battlefields, indulge in the great contest in turn-based style, and the exploration factor is also a plus of these given seasons.


Besides these features, there are amazing customization tools and equipment that may allow you to change the outfit, color complexion, and abilities.

In some of the adventures, you will experience the card collecting battles that may have hundreds of thousands of cards that may be traded with other ones, all through the games, it is possible to have clashed against the AI, and take a chance to outsmart all the online friends as there is an amazing number of challenges, modes, and campaigns, and competitions as well as ultimate objectives.


List of Turn-Based Games

Here in the line of these adventures, you must keep going with the battles and make sure to be victorious throughout the contests. In the upcoming season, you are going to try the best strategies against artificial intelligence, and test the battle abilities while in the PVP and PVE gaming editions.

Also, try to use different tactics, technical skills, and firepower in order to take down the rivals and the victory may bring you the best of the rewards, can unlock new challenges, and may increase the position on the leader-board.

Collect thousands of collectible items, improve gaming skills, and surprise the foes with unique strategies. Use online challenges to outpost the fellows, make arrangements for the rivals, and try to discover new lands, maps, and conquer all of the campaigns as well.

1. Fantasy Town Regional Manager

Fantasy Town Regional Manager is an Action-Adventure, Turn-Based Strategy, City Building, and Single-player video game introduced by Caps Collection. The theme of this edition is to bring all the tactics into consideration and try to deal with the enemies while making sure that you have the greatest forts, and try to build the colonies as bigger as you want.

In the long play there are several amazing contacts that are required to be made, hundreds of foes to interact with, and amazing villagers are available also.

During the long run, try to use the skills of the townsmen, re-establish the ruins, and try to explore all the maps available over here, go solo or attract the friends while building the towns, and defeat all the attackers, go on adventures, and conquer all the problem occurred over here.


  • Fantasy World
  • Turn-Based Battles
  • Exploration
  • Town Building
  • Trading Cards
  • Discoverable Towns

Download: Fantasy Town Regional Manager for Windows

2. Stolen Realm

Stolen Realm is an Action-Adventure, Combat, Turn-Based, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Burst2Flame. The gameplay sets you in a fictional environment wherein there are several characters fighting against each other and they are divided into various classes.

Throughout the season, it’s your job to protect the realm, and try to explore all the dungeons-like scenarios, meet the enemies on the way, and experience the great escalation between the various factions.

Also make sure to bring the tactics into consideration, confront the battle bosses, and choose the best ever planning to beat the opponents, enjoy the championships, and indulge in the party combats as well.

There are several unlockable challenging missions, ultimate graphical representations, and thousands of tactical combat are added as well.


  • Isometric Top-Down Display
  • 3-Dimensional Textures
  • Alluring Graphics
  • Easy to Tackle Controls
  • 5000 Collectible Items
  • 240 Skills
  • Up to 6 Online Players

Download: Stolen Realm for Windows

3. Gladiator Guild Manager

Gladiator Guild Manager is a Combat, Role-Playing, Action-Adventure, Turned-Based Strategy, and Single-player video game by Entertainment Forge.

The theme-play of this edition is to get in the battles against the mightiest bosses, try to conquer each and every combat, and also explore various maps that are provided.

During the long play, team up with the friends, and plan the fight, use various high-class combatant tools, and enjoy using the best ever skills and combos while beating the enemies hard. Also, wait for the turn to bash the rival with the sword, and use of the spear, and tridents are also made possible over here.

Embark on the quest, find out the opponents on the way, indulge in the great wars, play the events and follow the attractive storyline while playing.


  • Customizable Characters
  • Different Factions
  • Unique Gladiators
  • Wide Range of Challenges
  • Weather Conditions
  • Real-Time Effects

Download: Gladiator Guild Manager for Windows

4. Humankind

Humankind is an Action-Adventure, Turn-Based Strategy, City Building, and Single-player video game powered by Amplitude Studio. The gameplay makes it possible for you to choose one of the factions, make arrangements to team up with other fellows, and try to expand the territory while playing.

In the long run, use various types of strategies, rewrite the history of the world, and start combating with other fellows. Use different types of building tools to build the towns, and also engage with the combats while playing against the greatest foes.

Build new homes, lead the people in the war, and try to explore all the empires, confront all the historical wars, and simulate throughout the gameplay. While playing, all you need to do is make the decisions, find out the powers and abilities that you have and start winning the battles against the rivals.


  • Intuitive Controls
  • 3-Dimensional Graphics
  • Tactical Role-Playing Action
  • Customizable Tools and Equipment

Download: Humankind for Windows

5. Punk Wars

Punk Wars is an Action-Adventure, Strategy, Role-Playing, City Building, and Single-player video game arranged by Strategy Forge S.A. The storyline focuses on civilization-building and lets you create the faction in order to fight against the battle bosses.

Start the challenges and turn the head against the other factions and try to defeat all other factions as well. Produce some new tactics, indulge in the battles at different scenarios, and experience the epic wars, wait for the turn, and make sure to use all the powerful attacks and combos that you have.

There are four arsenals including Steam, Diesel Punk, Steel, and Atom Corporation, each of these has several blockages, technologies, combatant skills, and tricks that may be used to fight against the rivals.


  • Hundreds of Maps
  • Realistic View
  • Real-Time Battles
  • Exploration
  • Battle Bosses
  • Level Up Bonuses
  • Post-Apocalyptic Scenarios

Download: Punk Wars for Windows

6. Defend the Rook

Defend the Rook is an Action-Adventure, Turn-Based Strategy, Role-Playing, Tower Defense, and Single-Player video game introduced by One Up Plus. The gameplay takes you to the fantasy world in which your job would be to build up the strategies, combine various challenges and deal with all of them.

Use different tricks, abilities to combat, and technical combos to make sure that the rival is defeated in a unique way. The customization of characters is also made possible, and there are dozens of epic contests taking place in the gameplay.

Manage to survive throughout the play, indulge in epic battles, and confront mighty bosses to update your position, get some rewards, and change the position as well.

Try to deal with the invading hordes, build up the higher walls that may not be breached by the attackers, counterattack and make sure that you win the competitions against the rivals.


  • Isometric Top-Down Display
  • Point-and-Click Controls
  • Feature-Heavy Storyline
  • Real-Time Effects
  • Turn-Based Battles
  • Tower Building and Defending Missions

Download: Defend the Rook for Windows

7. Monster Train

Monster Train is a Card, Turn-Based Strategy, Fighting, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game powered by Shiny Shoe. The theme of the play is to become the card builder and try to build the cards that are perfect in terms of having heroes, and the mightiest characters.

In the long run, play the part according to the battles, make sure to defeat the rivals, and earn maximum points during the gameplay. Start combating and use various types of weapons, combinations of attacks, and different types of combatant skills, trade plenty of cards, and choose the victorious party as well.

There are multiple types of battlers, hundreds of cards to twist, and thrilling battlers including the gigantic avatars, small monsters, ultimate mutants, and human-like creatures are also part of it.

Complete several challenges, simulate throughout the way, take down all the enemies, and get a raise in the achievement board, move to the top positions, and collect all the coins as well.


  • Variety of Collectible Items
  • Multiple Lives
  • Touch-and-Type Controls
  • Real-Time Effects
  • Thrilling Soundtracks
  • Alluring Graphics

Download: Monster Train for Windows | Switch | Xbox

8. Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III is an Action-Adventure, Role-Playing, Turn-Based Strategy, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game arranged by Triumph Studio. The storyline makes it possible for you to be part of different battle situations, and try to defeat all the enemies while playing.

Manage great battles, arrange multiple types of factions, and team up with another player to defeat the rivals. While playing, you have to build up the characters, or customize the primary ones, deal with all the gigantic bosses, and confront the epic danger throughout the play.

Create an empire while playing the emperor’s role, issue different tasks to the people and deal with multiple other factions including Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, and Orcs as well as Monsters, and Draconians.

During the long run, explore the fantasy world, indulge in tactical battles, and master the challenges, become the champion and defend the forts, and city in tower defense mode.


  • Tactical Battles
  • Six Main Factions
  • Exploit, Exploration, and Expansion
  • Magical Theme
  • Custom Changes
  • Easy to Control

Download: Age of Wonders III for Windows

9. UniWar

UniWar is a Turn-Based Strategy, Action-Adventure, Role-Playing, and Single-player video game published by Spooky House. Throughout the gameplay, you must be the part of epic battles wherein there are dozens of rivals, and mighty battlers, your job would be to beat them in PVP battles and try to expand the territory.

In the long play, manage to build the troops to meet the war requirements, train them all, and conquer the world throughout the gameplay. There are millions of enemies trying to take over your empire, up to 10 varied units, and hundreds of battles bosses are also added to this version.

While playing, get the attraction of play while beating the enemies in Player vs player battles, complete several missions up to 30 in numbers, and try to complete all the campaigns attached. Team up with online multiplayer and start different battles with 2v2 to 5v5 players, get the collectible items on the way, and explore the maps.


  • Daily Updated Missions
  • Ultimate Stages
  • Regular Rewards
  • 3 Factions
  • 50,000 Users throughout the gameplay
  • Free to Play

Download: UniWar for Android | iOS

10. Knights of Ages

Knights of Ages is a Combat, Turn-Based Strategy, Action-Adventure, and Single-player video game published by Seaease Studio. The gameplay takes you into the Galtian Continent in which you are playing the protagonist’s role who has to manage a great number of battles, confront a variety of battlers, and conquer all the locations while playing.

In the long run, you have to invade the territory of the rival, make sure to collect the loot items, and also try to build up the empire by using the people of your faction. There are six ultimate kingdoms, hundreds of immortal characters, and unique battlegrounds to take part, and a variety of heroes are available to choose from.

There are systematic battles, a variety of places to go, and the ultimate exploration factor is also added to this edition. In the season, pay attention to the turn-based battles, lead the people to glory, and experience being the emperor while dealing with hundreds of challenges.


  • Decision Making Strategy
  • Multiple Enemies to Defeat
  • Exploration Throughout the Maps
  • New Equipment
  • Multiple Locations, Talents, and Faces

Download: Knights of Ages for Android

11. Age of Strategy

Age of Strategy is an Action-Adventure, Strategy, Combat, and Single-player video game produced by Zero Touch Group. The theme-play of this edition is to be the emperor and try to win each and every battle while playing. Make sure to be a part of amazing combats, lead the faction into the great war and try to experience more campaigns.

Change the tricks, and indulge in the skirmish mode, make sure to beat the rivals by using several combatant techniques, weapons, and equipment.

There are different game modes such as the Solo campaign in which you have to build the troops and define the fate of your arsenal, in online multiplayer mode, you lead the team in great battles, Templars, and knights along with Vikings.

In the long run, explore the whole a dozen maps, meet the requirement, and defeat all the rivals thoroughly, focus on the suggestions, and earn maximum points, collect a variety of items, and go on the quests as well.


  • Point-and-Click Controls
  • Free To Play
  • Isometric Top-Down Graphics
  • Retro Graphics
  • 5000 Campaigns
  • Multiple Historical Wars
  • Exploration
  • Over 350 Units

Download: Age of Strategy for Android

12. Forest Knight

Forest Knight is a Strategy, Turn-Based, Action-Adventure, and Single-player video game arranged by Chorono Entertainment. The gameplay makes it’s possible to get in the suits of a protagonist who is willing to fight against the rivals and try to save their clan.

In the long run, you must be going through the forest wherein there are several challenges, hundreds of missions, and ultimate objectives that may lead you towards the glory and expansion in the territories. While playing, explore a whole lot of maps, confront the enemies that lie within the pathway, and try to defeat all of them to meet the requirement of the season.

There are over a hundred players and knights available to fight, plenty of challenging missions, and ultimate combat tools are also pampered over here. With each success, improve the position on the leaderboard, play PVP challenges, and also indulge in PVE gameplay to beat the AI.


  • Real-Time Challenges
  • Over 100 Collectible Items
  • Daily Updates
  • Exploration Factor
  • Different Game Modes
  • Alluring Graphics

Download: Forest Knight for Android

13. Battle of Polytopia

Battle of Polytopia is a Strategy, Action-Adventure, Turn-Based, City Building, and Single-player video game by Midjiwan AB. The theme-play of this edition is to start playing the role of an emperor who needs to build a great empire and try to defeat all the monstrous characters that try to compete with you.

While playing, make strategies, indulge in the battle bosses, and rule over the world by using amazing technology, techniques, and strategies. Throughout the play, only pick up the strategies, create the mighty army of knights, and defend the territories against the arch-rivals, invaders, and attackers.

Indulge in the epic quests, compete with the opponents, discover multiple locations, and conquer all the maps, start farming, and try to introduce new technologies to outsmart the enemies.

There are hundreds of offline campaigns, a variety of game modes like Domination, Defense, and Creative modes, different avatars to play and customize, and an online multiplayer option is also available.


  • Leaderboard
  • Civilization Building Option
  • Attracting Graphics, Landscape Display
  • Free To Play
  • Mirror Matches

Download: Battle of Polytopia for Android | iOS | Windows

14. Traitors Empire Card RPG

Traitors Empire Card RPG is an Action-Adventure, Turn-Based Strategy, Card, and Single-player video game offered by Triple Rocket. The theme of this season is to start building the Deck of different cards, collect all the heroes having unique powers, combatant skills, and amazing powers, and defeat your rivals.

In the long run, make sure to introduce new moves, get into the traps, and find out the solutions, complete many challenges and build the biggest empire.

In the meantime, play the role of manager and go on epic quests, find out the rivals, and meet their bosses in turn-based battles, confront the friends while in the online multiplayer mode.

Craft a number of optional empires, build the decks, and enjoy beating the enemies, engage in adventures, get into thrilling campaigns throughout the season, and trade the cards as well.


  • Overwhelming Combat
  • Multiple Crafting Tools
  • Regularly Updated Events
  • Free To Play
  • Easy Controls
  • Retro Graphics

Download: Traitors Empire Card RPG for Android | iOS

15. Rivengard

Rivengard is a Strategy, Action-Adventure, Combat, Turn-Based, and Single-player video game managed by Snowprint Studio. The gameplay sets you the platform in which you are allowed to take hundreds of challenges against the mightiest bosses, and also attracts you to fight beside your fellows.

During the gameplay, manage to build the army of troops, conduct the wars, and indulge in the turn-based battles against other factions. In the meantime, get into the epic challenges, choose the best of the strategies, and fully control the environment, explore all the maps, and gain the kingdom to enlarge your territories.


  • Online Multiplayer Mode
  • Unlockable Challenges
  • Regular Updates
  • Ultimate Loot Collection
  • Multiple Characters

Download: Rivengard for Android | iOS

Final Words

The best turn-based games are having great chances to satisfy the craving for strategy editions in which you have to make sure that each and every challenge is complete. Also, try to experience the great battles against the great warriors, indulge in the epic conquest quests, and explore all the given maps that are available.

While playing, there are online sections and servers through which you may challenge the friends and outsmart them by using different in-game equipment, weapons, and tactics.

There are several options to customize the characters, load of skills, and launch new combatant abilities as well as hundreds of editable stages. Make sure to meet the requirements of gameplay, complete all the difficult missions in order to get the rewards, and prove to be the best.

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