How to Cast Android Screen to Windows 7?

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Sometimes while watching movies, videos, and playing games on your mobile, you think that it would be fantastic if we do the same thing with our laptop or computer. As you know, there are many things that are impossible in a computer or laptop but possible in a smartphone. But it is possible to view everything like a smartphone by casting an Android mobile screen on a computer. So, did you know that there are many ways you can share a live mobile screen on Windows with a cast or mirror screen? So, whatever you do on any of your Android mobiles, there is a live screen that you can easily display on your laptop.

Requirements for Casting Smartphone Screen to PC

First, you need to enable developer mode and USB debugging (or wireless debugging for Wi-Fi connection) options in your mobile phone. Other requirements for your mobile phone (Android or iPhone) are to ensure that the device supports the casting screen and has a stable Wi-Fi connection.

The requirements for a larger screen (TV, computer, laptops) are to ensure it supports the casting screen. In the market, Dongles are available that can connect your screen to keep the screencasting function. Screencasting is the process of digitally recording your device onto a bigger screen. It is a wireless mode of display that helps you to share or display your mobile screen to big devices with more giant screens. Screencasting is a beta element and is endorsed by devices that possess beta functions.


Methods to Cast Android Screen to Windows 7

As we told you, there are many ways to cast or view a mobile screen on a computer. Now, we come to the part where we talk about the methods to mirror the android screen to windows 7 and to cast a mobile screen on a laptop Windows 7 using these methods.

1. How to Cast Android Screen via Computer Hotspot

This is the primary way to cast your Android screen on Windows 7. In fact, with this approach, you’ll be linking your computer’s hotspot to your Android phone’s Wi-Fi. You will use “Connect software” on the computer, which is already installed in Windows 7 or above. This technique does not require the installation of any third-party apps, which enhances the security of the smartphone. Before you begin, take all the necessary measures.


Step 1: Open the search menu on your computer and look for the ‘Connect’ program. If you do not find it on your PC, look for ‘Projection to this PC.’

Step 2: Now, switch on your mobile’s Wi-Fi and then enable the ‘mirror or screencast option‘ on your Android phone. It would be best if you looked for it in the options menu.

Step 3: In the screencast option of an Android phone, select your computer under the option of the accessible device.

Step 4: The connect program will ask you for an 8-digit code, which will appear on your desktop.

Step 5: Enter the code on your Android phone and click to accept it.

Step 6: Your phone’s screen will display in real-time on your computer.

Many Android users are sometimes unable to access screencasting functions. So, they can use the alternative methods as given below.

2. How to Cast Android Screen via Third-Party Apps

The second method involves third-party apps (screen recording and mirror app), so your data may be at risk. If you do not have the necessary data, you can use this method. This method requires Android 5.0 or higher Wi-Fi connectivity on your PC for its proper functioning.

Step 1: Initially, you must add the Chrome add-on All Cast Receiver to your Chrome browser.

Step 2: Then, download and install the Screen Recording & Mirror App on your Android mobile device.

Step 3: Switch on the hotspot function on your computer. Then connect your Android phone to the hotspot on your computer by turning on the Wi-Fi.

Step 4: Make sure that you are using the Chrome browser on your computer, and then click on ‘Apps.’

Step 5: The ‘All Cast Receiver’ option will appear on the desktop screen. There is a link to it that you may click.

Step 6: Screen Recording & Mirror on your phone should now be connected, and your Android smartphone is now mirrored on Windows 7.

3. How to Cast Android Screen via USB

In this method, the “ScrCpy” program will be used as a third-party program to mirror your Android screen over USB. It is easy to cast a screen via USB and does not require a Wi-Fi connection. The computer does not come with any pre-installed software.

Step 1: For this, USB debugging should be enabled on your Android phone. Go to the ‘Settings,’ then ‘About Phone,’ five times click the build number or MIUI version to obtain the information.

Step 2: You can now find the ‘Developers’ option in the settings menu, or you can find it in the settings option. In the debugging option, click on it and set on USB debugging.

Step 3: Permissions for the ‘pop-up’ alerts are also required.

Step 4: Download ScrCpy software for Windows 7 from App Store.

Step 5: The software will be downloaded in a Zip file, unzip it to any location and install it anywhere.

Step 6: Plug your Android smartphone into your computer by using a USB cord, and run the ScrCpy application from your PC’s installation directory.

Step 7: With a USB data card, you are set to mirror your Android screen to Windows 7.

4. How to Cast Android Screen via Mirror Op Software

Mirror Op is popular software that is used by many people and does not require a USB or mobile hotspot on your computer to work. Here are some simple steps you can take to begin the process of mirroring your mobile screen on your computer.

Step 1: First, you need to install the Mirror Op receiver Software on your Windows 7 computer.

Step 2: In the next step, you have to download the Mirror Op sender App on your Android device.

Step 3: Mirror Op App works on your Android phone and looks for the receiver. It will just take a few minutes. You will see your PC name or IP address on the screen of your phone.

Step 4: Once you select the Receiver option, your phone will be automatically connected to the computer. Now you can just click the play button, and you are done.

Final Words

As we all know, there are many ways or software and applications available to cast or mirror your screen on desktop due to a lot of competition in the market. But we have presented the best and simplest methods for your convenience. And we hope you have successfully figured out how to mirror the Android screen in Windows 7 with the help of the above-described methods. Now you can enjoy playing games and watching movies on your computer or laptop from an Android device.

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