How to Check if Your Phone is Locked or Unlocked with IMEI Number?

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If your smartphone is locked, then you do not need to worry; it is not a major issue in this era. When you buy any smart device, you must consider the authentic seller, especially when you want to hold that device for a long time. Though it is good for you if your device is already registered or unlocked, that makes your device compatible with other gadgets. An unlocked device can travel with you internationally without any cost, and you can easily sell it to others without any loss.

The problem is that many people are not much familiar with these device settings and do not know how to check their device, whether locked or not. Some people purchase these electronic devices without the concern of checking whether the phone is locked. After buying, they are caught up with the problem of locked mobile.

Locked or Unlocked Phone

A locked device means you can use it with a particular sim that is precise by the company. Commonly companies keep your device locked till the full payment of the carrier. Many firms lock their devices to keep their customer loyal, but these locked gadgets are difficult to resale on the buyer`s end. If you want to change the device, that locked device carries nothing for you. Those days are gone, when the phones were restricted to one system only, now people want a device that is compatible with every system, other devices, and sims.


As the technology increases, there are many smart devices in the market that are not restricted by the firms and are open to use. The unlock devices can be used with any sim card, connect with any other device, and can be used in any country. An open gadget does not mean that you can use that with other operating systems like CDMA-based vs. GSM. An unlocked device does not mean that it assures you the compatibility; you have to check it.

Do You Know the Edges of an Unlock Carrier?

There is no major difference between locked and unlocked devices. You do not get any extensive differences in any download or device performance. Some points that create contrast are:

  • Device Bloatware mostly related to Android is not there.
  • No specific device Branding.
  • No device Testing for unlocked devices but a barrier for locked devices.

Criteria to Unlock a Device

  • Try to buy a device that is already unlocked.
  • You have to complete the standards imposed by the firm if you are purchasing a device of choice.
  • Prefer the company itself or an authentic third-party to purchase the more reliable device.

Methods to Check if Your Phone is Locked or Unlocked with IMEI Number

Purchasing a gadget without knowing the settings and specifications is not a healthy practice. The reason is it limits the user experience. You can check whether the device is locked or not; you can check it via IMEI number. Methods to check IMEI number are:

1. Paid Websites

If you have your IMEI number, now you are able to check your device, is it unlocked with IMEI or not. There are a lot of IMEI checker third-party sites available on the internet. You can pick any one or more from these. The one thing that hit these sites is that they are not free to use. They charge some amount for their services because these sites provide premium services.

2. Free Websites

There are also some free websites like IMEI24.com that provide you the service to check devices for free. But these sites do not assure you the security and safety like paid sites. Some of them just get the IMEI number and do not confirm whether your device is locked or not. It is very risky for you to use any free website like they may steal your other information.

3. Company’s Websites

Many smart devices firms have their own IMEI checker websites for their customers only. These company-provided websites are authentic and even provide you with information about compatibility with other networks that just merged with the company.

Methods to Check the IMEI Number

If you do not know the IMEI number of your device, you first have to get this. The methods to get IMEI number are given below:

1: In Android

Th check your IMEI; you have to know the IMEI number of your device. To check this, the steps are given below:

Step 1: Open the ‘Settings’ app.

Step 2: Scroll and click on the About device, and open it.

Step 3: Click on the Status of the device.

Step 4: Search for the IMEI portion.

Step 5: You get a 15 figure number in this portion. This is your device IMEI.

2: By Dialing *#06#

If you feel it is a time taking process to find IMEI in settings, you can get this from the dial-up box. Steps are mentioned below:

Step 1: Open your smart device and click on the Dial-up.

Step 2: Type *#06# and make the request.

Step 3: Another screen will appear with your IMEI.

3: In iPhone

If you want to check the IMEI number on your iPhone follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Route to the Settings app and open it.

Step 2: Click and open the General option.

Step 3: Click on the About option in the list.

Step 4: Find the IMEI portion in the appeared screen.

Step 5: You will surely get a 15 digit IMEI number in the IMEI portion.

Final Words

It is beneficial for you if you have an unlocked device because it does not restrict you in streaming, you can use your device freely. Due to the advancement in technology, it is much easier for you to learn how to check your device, whether it is locked or unlocked, the IMEI number, etc.

Through this guide, you get an idea about the different methods to check your device. You can use these mentioned methods and pass on these to others just to assist them. Mostly, people prefer unlocked phones, and still, it depends entirely on you to prefer a locked or unlocked device.

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