How to Get Game Pigeon on Android?

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Are you getting bored of simple and monotonous texting? Do you want some special features in your conversations that is something more than simple texting? Do not go anywhere else; because below mentioned is the best solution for you, named Game Pigeon.

Game Pigeon links the game app with iMessage and provides you with the best games with communication experience. But, there is one thing that is a barrier, it is only available for Mac Operating System, not for Android users. But with some tricks, you can enjoy this on Android devices too.

What is Game Pigeon?

Pigeon Games have become very famous nowadays, and are currently trending. You can install it and enjoy this game on both Mac and Android Operating Systems. But initially, it was developed for iPhone, but if you want to play this game on Android, you have to follow the specific steps.


This game is among those rare games that set unbeatable competition in the market. Through this game, you are able to link with your friends, and you can communicate with them. Similar to all iPhone apps, it is also difficult to get these games on an Android device. As basically, it is designed for Apple users and only available for those devices. It is bit complex to get them on the other Operating System.

Can You Get Game Pigeon on Android?

This game is themed on multi-player; thus, you can enjoy this game with your friends easily. If you are an Android user, and very fond to play this game and to download this game on your Android device, then you have to follow the complete procedure.


Sometimes there is a great risk of your device crashing. Then you have to restore your device to make it usable again. Also, once you access this game on your device safely, you can enjoy this app with your friends.

Methods to get Game Pigeon on Android

There is a method that you can adopt to download this game on Android. To do, you must have a Mac OS PC with iMessage.

1. Play Pigeon Via iMessage

iMessage allows you to play all games on your Android smart device. If you follow the below-mentioned steps as they are presented, then you will really get this game on your device. You can enjoy this and can communicate with your friends easily. Thus if you really wish to play the iMessage game on your Android gadget, then follow these steps:

Step 1: You have to sign up for an iMessage for a friend.

Step 2: Click on the App Store icon.

Step 3: TO display downloaded apps on your gadget, Click on four Grey dots you can see on the App store.

Step 4: Now click any app you wish to use. Just for the sake of example, click on the Game Pigeon App as you want to use it.

Step 5: Work Around to acquire the Game Pigeon app for your android gadget.

Step 6: This is the section you wish to get if you really want to run the app on your device. It is very risky, and therefore, please make sure that you have backup all the necessary data.

2. Work Around to Get the Game Pigeon App on your Android Device

This method is very comprehensive but effective. If you do not get the game via first method, use this with the step-by-step guide. Follow the step that are mentioned below:

Step 1: Firstly, download Wemessageapp.

Step 2: Open to the Java Development Kit 9.

Step 3: When you open this tool tik, you have to install the macOS from there.

Step 4: You have to permit the MacOS to execute it on your gadget.

Step 5: Now, you have to permit the terminal command to execute. You have to provide them allowance via macOS settings.

Step 6: Once you complete this, execute the terminal command.

Step 7: When it runs, it requests you to log in via your apple information. You have to use that ID which you are using in your macOS.

Step 8: Remember the password once you set it.

Step 9: Now, your gadget is promptly linked with MacOS.

Step 10: Now login into the server to link with MacOS. You have to log in one more time via the ID and password you have used before.

Step 11: Now, you can move forward and get anyone from iOS to send you a text message request with the Game Pigeon.

Final Words

These are the methods you can use to get the Pigeon Games on your Android device. These are the complete guide; if you follow them promptly, you will definitely enjoy this game on your Android device. To do this, you just have to need a Mac user and Mac PC. You can try the other method to get the Pigeon Games if one does not work. Also you can share these methods with your friends and other Android users that wishes to enjoy iPhone games on their Android devices.

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