How to Unlock & Open The Celestial Portal Character in Risk of Rain 2

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The Risk of Rain 2 is the second version of the Risk of Rain series and presented by Hopoo Studio. It is a very famous and mysterious game in present times. In this game, the player does complete a mission in the hidden settings (hidden realm) and acquire a powerful character. It is also known as ROR 2 in the world of the game.

It is related explicitly to the third-person shooter in which every player takes control of a reckless survivor on an unknown planet. It continues to be extremely popular among gamers since it adds more survivors and challenges to the already popular original version while also using 3D technology. In this unique offering, players must thwart harsh surroundings, stave off hazardous beasts, and outfit themselves by gathering up the different precious things located on the planet.

It becomes the most thrilling and exciting as it combines many challenges. These challenges relate to the discovery of new objects and secret areas, among other elements. The developers created ROR 2 as a mysterious game in which some of the hidden places are very difficult to find.


The Celestial Portal is something that is hard to find in this game. Most of the players get stuck in this challenge because they do not know how to open and unlock this character, and they are tired of many attempts. Now you don’t have to worry or get bored about this challenge. Here, in this article, I am going to tell you an easy and possible way to find this portal and unlock other characters.

What is the Celestial Portal in Risk of Rain 2?

Risk of Rain 2 Celestial Portal is a secret way to teleport to a hidden area called A Moment, Fractured. This alien world is an environment of hidden circles that cannot be accessed through the central stages, of which there are currently nine.


How to Find the Celestial Portal?

To find the Celestial Portal, you have to go back (loop) to the third stage, and you have to pass five stages, including the last one called Sky Meadow, for now.

Once you reach it, you move to the first stage again. You have to complete the next three stages so that the Portal appears. Maybe this process could be changed in the future, but this process is valid for now.

For the initiation of this process, first, activate the primordial teleporter. You must go back after stage five, and this Portal will appear in the question at stage three. This will be appearing at stages eight, thirteen, eighteen, twenty-three, and so on.

Once the celestial Portal appears on one of the above stages, you will see the Celestial orb rotating around the Artifact Gate, and then you will be able to join an event inside. When the player meets all the requirements, this will be spawned over Rally point Delta or Scorched Acres.

How to Activate Primordial Teleporter?

The primordial teleporter is different from the regular teleporter. It has eight flat spires that are curved inwards instead of two horn-like spikes in a regular teleporter. Now close the spikes in two opposing clutches so that they can be aligned with the planet and never interact with the base in the center.

And if you don’t want to go back and stay at the fifth stage, leave the spires at their default position in line with the planet. Then go to the center and press E to activate the teleporter.

This will lead you to stage six and the last stage (Commencement). Here, Mithrix, the final boss on Pertichor V’s moon, is ready to fight you. You fight with him, defeat him and escape through a dropship.

How to Open the Celestial Portal?

After the Celestial orb spawns, if you complete the Teleporter event, you are able to access the Celestial Portal successfully. The purpose of generating the Celestial Portal in the first place is only to lead you to a hidden realm called ‘A Moment, Fractured.’

There are several floating islands, and players can interact with the Obelisk. To unlock a powerful character, the Mercenary on the last island, you have to pass through the various floating islands in this world. This ends the existing run and unlocks an achievement called ‘True Respite.’

The developer did not provide any other foolproof method for finding and unlocking the characters of ROR 2. There is a lot of speculation about increasing the chances of creating a Celestial Portal. In addition to the looping tricks described above, you may encounter this at any other level. So keep an eye on Orb Alert on your screen at all times.

If the player wants to finish the run and simply wants to leave, they can do so by exiting through a portal near the Obelisk, which is located on the right side of the hill. That is not to say the players won’t see the Celestial Portal again if they don’t finish their run right away.

Final Words

It may take some time for the player to run into them again if they follow the same actions, but it will happen sooner or later. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the Celestial Portal and unlock other characters from Risk of Rain 2.

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