How to Use an OBS Studio for Live Streaming?

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Live streaming is going to peak day by day and there are many sites available on the internet to enjoy live streaming. Streamers are abundantly used to watching the funny content of their choices. these sites are content originators which create the content to deliver real-time collaboration and entertainment. There is no significant barrier to enter in live streaming. It is quite easy and cheap. At the same time, there are premium live streaming sites and apps. OBS Studio is one of the free available Software with in-software purchases.

What is an OBS Studio?

OBS Stands for Open Broadcaster Software and is absolutely free and open-source. It is strong enough to get you in front of an audience without many rounds you have to jump over. OBS Studio is one of the most compact platforms to go live, even against its premium participants. Because it has GPL licensed, you do not have to purchase a subscription to get updates or extra features.

Do you know about SLOBS?

SLOBS stands for Streamlabs OBS. You may also see the tag of Streamlabs thrown in the live streaming space. Or Streamlabs divided the Software and enhanced it to match their specific needs. The app is still free of cost but has premium advertisements and themes you can buy to use. In most ways, it is simple to get online with as the base OBS Studio, but it is more improved for gamers in many ways, rather than being a generalized streaming software.


Do You want to Use an OBS Studio?

Are you interested in creating a fun video for people to try at home, live streaming your preferred games, or even sharing your best jokes with a live audience? There is a lot to like about creating content on OBS. When you want to directly relate with your audience in real-time, you can constantly set up a live stream, and the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) tool is usually the best way to make it happen.

To stream with OBS studio first, you have to follow these steps:

  • Log in and create a free account on OBS.
  • Create a new OBS live stream and use an existing one.
  • Select your live stream at OBS and click Live Studio at the top of the screen.

Methods to Use an OBS Studio

There are many methods to use OBS Studio to create content for enjoyment and kill idle time. You can stream to have fun with your audience.

1. OBS not Installed

If you have installed StreamingVideoProvider but not OBS Studio, in this case, you have to install the OBS Studio first. To Download OBS Studio, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Open the official page of OBS Studio. Tap the Download button given on the page.

Step 2: It downloads a pre-configured setup file of OBS which is ready to install.

Step 3: Open the OBS setup file and follow the instructions displayed on your screen.

Step 4: Tap the plus button in the OBS installer, the main window of OBS Studio appears.

Step 5: Click on the Start Streaming button in OBS, and enjoy your moments.

2. OBS already Installed

If you already have OBS Studio in this situation, you are in need to pair OBS with StreamingVideoProvider. Follow the instructions.

Step 1: Open OBS and tap the plus button in options.

Step 2: Drive to the StreamingVideoProvider Live Studio, tap Source, select RTMP Encoders.

Step 3: Go to the OBS Settings (bottom right corner of the screen).

Step 4: Shift to Stream and click Custom from the service drop-down.

Step 5: Get the RTMP URL and Stream Key from the LiveStreamProvider to the OBS Stream Settings.

Step 6: Tap OK to save your OBS settings.

Step 7: Your live stream broadcast must be visible in the StreamingVideoProvider Live Studio. Select the Start Broadcast option, and start enjoying with your audience.

Did you know? You can use multi-bit resolutions with OBS Studio and allow adaptive streaming for your transmission to minimize buffering for your viewers by using this OBS Multi RTMP plugin.

OBS – Open Broadcaster Software Features

There are many other side features of OBS that enhance its quality of live streaming. These features are mentioned below:

  1. OBS Studio Window Capture
  2. Add Images or Text
  3. Arrange Multiple Video Sources
  4. Hotkeys
  5. OBS Studio with Dacast

1. OBS Studio Window Capture

Sometimes you feel the need to share your computer screen during your streaming. OBS has the solution for you. You can either enable Display or OBS Window Capture. The Display Capture can save everything from your PC screen in a specific area during live mode, although the size of the display area can be modified.

Window Capture for OBS permits you to broadcast the screen of a particular app like (Skype, Word, PowerPoint, Internet Browsers, etc.) not the full screen. You can also use the Monitor Capture option. In these, you can choose whether you want the cursor to be captured or not. You can also fix the opacity and select a Sub-Region to capture a smaller area of your monitor screen.

2. Add Images or Text

You can add any image to your stream, click right, then click Add select Image/text. You can use the menu setting to select color, opacity, font, size, and message text to add text. You can also indicate the location of text adding. You can add an image slideshow and select several individual files or an entire folder or text.

3. Arrange Multiple Video Sources

OBS permits broadcasters to add more than one input on the same screen. It lets you make professional picture-in-picture recordings and get multiple guests/videos via Multiple Video Sources. After adding a source, you can set it anywhere on the screen. To move that, click on it, resize and reposition it according to you.

4. Hotkeys

Hotkeys are the main feature of OBS Studio that helps you to take your streams to the next level. Basically, setting up hotkeys enables you to shift between multiple scenes quickly, with one touch. This provides smooth, precisely-timed cuts among diverse pre-recorded or live video streams.

5. OBS Studio with Dacast

Dacast is third-party software that connects with OBS Studio in a custom version. It is an excessive option if you want to stream live video and packed with the features you need to run professional-grade streaming. To connect these two first open OBS Studio, go to Settings>Stream> Dacast streaming as a service> add Dacast OBS encoder key>Ok.

Final Words

Once your streaming software is completely installed, and you are familiar with all of the functions that OBS Studio offers, do a test stream to make sure your transmission looks and sounds the way you want. If it all works the way you hoped, you are ready to go. Download it if you are interested in Live Streaming with this Software.

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