How to Use Before And After Scan Filter On Instagram [2022]

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If you are an active Social Media user, you surely came across the videos posted by others with their twins. This can be done via the Before And After Scan Instagram filter. This Before And After Scan filter is trendy these days as it lets you click a Before and After picture with any of your celebrity twin or your favorite person.

Instagram Before And After Filter is easy to find from the filters list. You might be looking for How To Use Before And After Scan On Instagram? We are providing a complete step-by-step guide for you.

Numerous Instagram trends are followed by people every day, e.g., Making Reels, playing Forehead games, or posting a 9-grid photo by a Split Picture on Instagram. People over the Globe are enjoying this trend of Before and After Scan Filter, and others also want to be a part of it, but they don’t know How To Use The Before And After Scan.


Method to Use Before And After Scan Filter On Instagram

The filter will help you make a Top trending post on Instagram with most Likes and Comments. You can Find most Liked and Commented Photo on Instagram so you might can boost your pictures to be enlisted with in.

It is not a difficult job to use this Before And After Scan to get your twin after scanning your face. Let this guide help you with How To Do The Before And After Scan in the easiest way. To use the filter and be a part of the trend go through this guide mentioned below.


How to Use the Before And After Instagram Filter

You can use the before and after scan filter on Instagram easily. To use this, follow the steps that are mentioned below.

Step 1: Launch the Instagram App on your Mobile.

Step 2: Create a new reel by clicking on the + button and then Record.

Step 3: Tap on filters and search for Before/After Scan, filter.

Step 4: Choose the top result and drag the line downwards.

Step 5: Tap on Insert Media and choose the picture that you want to show as your twin.

Step 6: After that, start recording the reel by holding the Record Button.

Also, you can insert music and other filters as per your preference. And it is done. This is an amazing Instagram filter and is worth trying.

Before And After Scan Instagram Not Working

And if the Before And After Scan Instagram Not Working properly, then the first thing that you have to do is refresh the page, if this does not work then you may have to log out of your profile and log in again. Then go to the filters sections and check. The Filter must be working and is available to use.

If your Instagram is still crashing due to an unknown error, you might can try some other methods to Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing Issue.

Final Words

That is all! This is the simplest and easy step guide you can use to be a part of the trend and get assistance about How to Get Before After Filter on Instagram. You may get a lot of ways when you search Before and After Filter on Instagram at the Internet that might are complex or difficult to use. You can try this method; you can also share this guide with others to help them join the twinning trend on Instagram.

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