13 Best IO Games Online You Must Try in 2022

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You must have heard about IO Games in your surroundings due to increased gaming trend. Do you ever think that from where this phenomenon of gaming drives? The IO gaming started in April 2015 with the launch of Agar.io, an Online Multiplayer Game inspired by the behavior of Microbes.

Online Entertainment is developing and gaining popularity among people, mostly among youngsters nowadays. People are obsessed with high-end gaming PCs and up-to-date gaming. But they often prefer the simple and easy way of entertainment and excitement. If you also need a quick few minutes of entertainment while you are getting bored, you can boost your mood via playing these games.

IO Games – A Good and Accessible Way of Entertainment

IO Games can provide a very simple format that even young children can play. Being simple Web-based Applications, they are easy to access, so considered as favorite among users. These games don’t require complex strategy or extra equipment, and these are usually short games that attract users to play again and again.


The best IO Games can be played with weak connections and old hardware because these games are light and easy to get but are featured enough. The “IO” extension stands for British Indian Ocean Territory. However, still, it is a popular choice among users and is considered as the category.

List of Spectacular IO Games Online

A number of IO Games out there, it may not be easy to choose which ones are the best, but we tried to collect a list of the best IO Games that will be helpful for all passionate IO gamers.


1. Agar.io

It starts out as a small transparent dish and creates your way around the field, floating any little Agars you see fluctuating around. The more you absorb, the bigger your circular dish becomes. If you see any other players moving around, you can even eat them too! Become the biggest transparent circular dish in the game and gulp everyone who floats in your way.

2. Slither.io

Slither.io takes encouragement from the classic game of Snake, as players slither around the map, intakes food particles to grow in size and points. Maneuvering is the name of the game here, as players are eliminated when their snake’s head hits with the body of another snake, resulting in players suddenly changing route or curling around in order to trap and eliminate the swift.

3. Hole.io

This is an exciting take on the customary “eat” or “be eaten” approach in IO Games, but the twist is that in this game, you will play the role of a black hole. By getting the role of a black hole, you can consume all types of objects in the city, but you have to be alert not to eat somewhat more extensively than you swallow and, you also can be eaten by other larger holes as well.

4. Diep.io

Just play it as a tank and move your way around the Map, shooting at any shapes or players you see. You will gain more points as you shoot objects, and you can also use your points to upgrade your vehicle. Take on other players and dominate the competition by becoming the enormous tank you can be!

5. Gats.io

It takes the military shooter top-down, as players select weapons and armor and then consciously hunt each other down in a tight maze of hindrances and paths. Each weapon carries its own advantages and disadvantages, and players will have to balance out the mobility and protection balances of armor or the lack thereof. Gats.io offers fast playing and free reasonable access for all, team death-match, and control point domination modes, providing you with some variety in game-play.

6. ShellShockers.io

Here is a time to start cracking some eggs in the IO Game. This is a first-person shooter game in which you will play as an egg and get full violent energy against your enemies. You’ll have tons of guns at your disposal, and if you die, you can restart after a few seconds.

7. Brutal.io

Brutal.io lives up to its name as the players crush each other with substantial spinning balls of death. It starts with a small morning star-like ball attached to your player, and you’ll tear around the map to gather up food, slowly growing the size of a dead ball, which you can then throw at other players, using a mixture of spin, planning, and more than a little dumb luck. If the throw does not get them, then the return just might, as stock down your mouse button directive the death ball back to the player’s tail, crushing everything in its path.

8. 2048.io

2048.io is a puzzle game; you exchange squares around a board and try to combine numbers to make larger ones like (2 to 2, 4 to 4, and so on). It is a very exciting but challenging game to master. Ultimately, your board will be so entire that you can’t make any moves. At this point, you will have to start over and be more planned for the next time. It is an addicting game but a perfect source for killing your time.

9. Surviv.io

If you are a fan of the Battle Royale games, then you’ll get a thrill out of Surviv.io. It is more attractive and must be a top version of all games like this, so you will have to kill opponents and stay within the play zone for survival. For an IO Game, it is a surprisingly accurate take on the growing genre.

10. Gartic.io

Gartic.io is a more chilled and casual game, as players take turns in an enigma-style game and draw a designated word with other players. Here the others should have to guess what the word is? Gartic tackles the scoring, book-keeping, and language-based game rooms, which allow you to play in the language of your choice.

11. Zombis.io

In Zombis.io, you are a forager by day and zombie hunter by night. In this game, you should have to collect resources, such as trees and stones, to build your own stronghold with other players and to stay alive as the zombie masses in the evening. If the undead is not targeted, they will run for you and your gold if you are not prepared.

12. Wings.io

Wings.io takes the Multiplayer chaos to the firmaments, as players take part in 2D impressive fights, their fighter planes rocketing all over the place, catching up power-ups, weapons, and attracting in twisting dogfights as you try to streak up the perfect shot. While keeping your extremity clear to the enemy fighters, now look in a different place for deep replication, as this is a rapid fur-ball of planes boosting around and engaging in fast-firing slaughter.

13. Warbot.io

It is has a slight deviation from other IO Games in its features. 3D graphics offer excellent eye candy and slow downloading times, especially for those who are without high-speed networks. Warbot can be considered as a foremost paired-stick style shooter.

You can monitor your goals with the mouse cursor when the WADS keys regulate your movement. Players tramp through the battleground while evading enemy fire, gathering power-ups, and crawling up the leader-board.

Final Words

Finally, you can say that IO Game production has grown up potentially, with solo titles generating millions of dollars a month. Additionally, the fact that the Internet is so widely accessible is why people in all parts of the World are compelled to these games for quick entertainment. Because these games don’t consume much processing power or data, they are perfect for both Web and Mobile use.

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