15 Best Holiday Countdown Apps for Android and iPhone in 2022


Are you waiting for your holidays for so long? Then this article is going to help you out in organizing and managing your tour appropriately. You can start a countdown for your most awaited holidays so that you can complete your preparations and complete your office tasks in a limited time.

Most of the time, countdown aids you in staying focused on your work and increases your productivity and performance. For instance, when you look at the Countdown, you observe like 1 hour, 2 hours, 10 minutes, then immediately you feel a sense of determination towards your task to improve your performance.

Someway this procedure motivates the person to get the job done in time. If you have many tasks at a time and you have to manage them to complete them in a limited time. Then you can use the countdown process so you cannot get late. This process of Countdown can be done through many applications as well.


These applications are specially designed for Android and iOS devices. These amazing applications allow you to make your holidays and tour well planned. You can also plan other events through this application as well. The Holiday countdown App contains many features that you will definitely like.

Whether you are concerned about your birthday, wedding anniversary, an important exam, a lifetime trip, or your holidays, there is an app to help you in this situation. These apps provide you with a proper countdown which is helpful in almost every field of life.

You can track the number of days that are left. Or you are waiting for your birthday, and it could be an important exam or any other special event; there are a lot of applications for you to tackle with this agenda. These apps allow you to create your plans for tours and travels, but students can also use these applications to make their schedules about their studies, classes, tests, and exams.


List of Holiday Countdown Apps

Here in this article, we have gathered some feature-filled apps for you to have on your mobile phone and make your task about holidays. If your vacations are coming and you have to complete all of your projects related to work and packing your luggage, you can use these applications to perform all your responsibilities.

Possibly you might have a long list of events in the coming days, and you have to manage all the stuff. So you can use these apps to make your schedule. If you want to keep your upcoming tasks flawlessly organized, there are dozens of Countdown Apps for mobile to choose from.

Someway this procedure motivates the person to get the job done in time. If you have many tasks at a time and you have to manage them to complete them in a limited time. Then you can use the countdown process so you cannot get late. This process of Countdown can be done through many applications as well.

1. Event Countdown – Calendar App

Event Countdown – The Calendar App is an amazing calendar application that allows you to maintain your schedules and tasks in a limited time. This app can remind you of your important moments and events in the upcoming days.

This app can be used for various events, like parties, holidays, and fitness targets and goals. The app stores all of your circumstances and schedules in one place and make your schedule according to dates and hours.

The application provides you a notification about every event in your life that you have entered into the app. Unlimited countdowns can be created. You can choose your event from the given list of 450 icons, color codes, and notes about your events. You can easily share them with your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

2. Countdowns – Track Events

The list of Holiday Countdown Apps comes with another fantastic app named Countdowns – Track Events. This amazing application is designed to aid you in making a countdown of memorable moments of your life.

Like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, and many other events that you want to remember. The application contains a widget that provides you a track of countdowns exact from the notification center. You can be completely notified through this application about your important events.

The premium of this application offers you iCloud sync, compact display mode, custom notifications, and a list of organizing your countdowns. Thus if you are looking for a reliable timer app, you are in the right place. Hence this application is really easy to use. You can download and enjoy its features.

3. Vacation Countdown App

Vacation Countdown App is another Holiday Countdown App. This application has many exciting features and functions. The main part of this application is to make a countdown for several different tours and trips.

There are many themes and effects that you can apply in the background of your plan. There are amazing pictures of natural sceneries from all over the World. So you can choose your desired destination, and a suitcase icon can accomplish your planned trip.

You can track the left time in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Furthermore, the app provides you with a list of packing that you have to complete in time. Many travel-related quizzes are also a part of this application, like flags of the countries and their beautiful places as well.

4. Ready Set Vacation

As from its name Ready Set Vacation is an amazing application that makes you ready to go for a trip and set your vacations there. This app can prove you as a handy travel preparation application. This app provides you with many suggestions about travel and tours.

All the activities are already added up in this application: where to go and what to eat. The app allows you to book your resident place in advance through this application. The features give this app more importance than other applications.

The app’s main page has beautiful and very straightforward countdowns, through which you can expect the weeks, days, and hours left until the vacations are awaited for so long. The app contains a vacation packing checklist to remind you of your vacation essentials. So try to download the app and enjoy your trip.

5. CountDown Days

The list comes with another great application, CountDown Days. This application is one of the best Holiday Countdown apps specially designed for Android. The amazing application combines all of your plans and events and makes a list to make a countdown.

The app is outstanding. It counts the events when they arrive and always sends you the notifications before the events. The app allows you to customize the fonts and colors of the countdowns that you have entered into your account. The calendar you made in this app reminds it of your events, import all the events, and notify you on time. You can share important dates with your friends as well.

6. Holiday Live Countdown Wallpaper

Holiday Live Countdown Wallpaper is not only fantastic but also a festive wallpaper. The app allows you to have free live wallpapers according to your trip and holidays. You can easily choose the holiday wallpaper you want to select and set it as your plan and travel, and here you go with your Countdown.

Your favorite home screen can be preferred as your background. The app contains very cute animated backgrounds. So you can change the backgrounds, rotations, and directions of the moving particles. The app contains many amazing images for your phone and tablet. You can use this application free of charge. So Don’t Hesitate and download the app to enjoy the cool moving backgrounds.

7. Countdown°

This application is unique in its features. It reminds you of your important events and schedules. When you enter an event, you will be notified every day about that event. The application is very easy to use and easy to navigate.

The app contains many blur effects, useful features like pattern lock protection, vector images, and iCloud backups of your events. It supports the widgets themes as well. The app makes a complete calendar of all of your important occasions.

These events and dates can be imported from the calendar as the date arrives, and the app can notify you that “Wake up! It’s John’s Birthday”. You can make categories of your events and put them into a cycle so you can be notified through your favorite application for your important events every year. Overall the application is appealing and has many good functions.

8. Exam Countdown Lite

As from the name, it is a simple timer and Countdown. It can be your reminder for exams and exam timetable app for teachers and students. The app allows you to create infinite exams countdowns and stores all of the dates of your exams in one place.

Different colors and icons can be assigned to every Countdown. You can add a note to your exam schedule. Furthermore, the app allows you to invite your friends to the Countdown via your Facebook account, WhatsApp, SMS, Email, and Instagram.

Every student should have this app because it provides many amazing features to make a schedule for exams. By using this application, you can keep track of your test and exams dates and set several exam countdowns at the same time. If you want to make your planning more beautiful, add some beautiful icons and effects to your plans and countdowns.

9. Holiday Countdown By Holiday

Holiday Countdown By Holiday app is amazing in its features and functions. Your countdowns can be shared on your Facebook and Instagram accounts to show your friends. The app allows you to make your event scheduled, and you can create your work with cute effects and backgrounds.

This application is considered a beautiful countdown app for your holiday and trip. In this app, you can find various backgrounds and moving effects. You can easily download this application and enjoy its features by stating the Countdown of your important events. Be it your holidays, Christmas, or your birthday. You will be notified through this application. Hence try to install the app and enjoy your trip.

10. Days Left

As from its name, Days Left, the app lets you know how many days are left. This app has a countdown widget on its home screen. The application contains many beautiful countdowns through which you can be aware of days, months, weeks, hours, and minutes.

The pap tells you every moment that passes away until the long-awaited vacations. The app allows you to create as many countdowns as you want to make. These countdowns will be automatically scheduled by their date. The app is really helpful for you.

In your daily life. If you often forget your friend’s birthday, this is the best solution for keeping the events remembered. Have this app now and enjoy the amazing features.

11. Time Until | Countdown Manager

The Holiday Countdown Apps list comes with another amazing app named Time Until Countdown Manager. This app lets you set a timer or see how many seconds and minutes, hours, days, and working days, weeks, or months are left until the long-awaited event arrives.

You can schedule your vacations and your friend’s birthdays in this app. The app allows you to create as many as countdowns of your events. The app automatically scheduled all the events that you entered in your ID. All of your events can be managed according to the dates.

The app allows you to set the background by adding and selecting any beautiful image. This outstanding application is free and easy to use. The app also lets you create as many as reminders, and you can also share these countdowns with your friends and family on your social media accounts.

12. Countdown Widget: Track Events

Countdown Widget: Track Event is another best application that allows you to create your event lists. The application contains unlimited countdowns. The app has both options to count up and down as well. The user can pick the units that they want for every Countdown.

The application has many latest features and functions that help you create your events list. The app can also repeat the countdowns if you need them again. On registration, you enter the dates on your calendar, so this app imports all the dates from that calendar and notify you about every event that is important to you.

Whether it is your friend’s birthday or your sister’s wedding anniversary, the app will send you a notification in the form of countdowns so that you can remember the events. The application is compatible with all types of iOS devices. Just try to have this app and enjoy the holidays.

13. Countdown‼

The list comes with another great application named Countdown‼. The amazing application will allow you to watch your events’ real-time countdowns. The app is compatible with iOS 8. You can enjoy flexible units like years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and even heartbeats.

You can get many free filters in this application that you can apply in the backgrounds of your countdowns. You can edit your photos to have a trip. If you want to design your trip, you can make schedules by adding pictures.

The amazing application has a unique feature that you can also apply music to your countdowns to make them more attractive. Many effects, font sizes, and colors can also be changed to display your beautiful Countdown of an event or a trip. The application can work in both styles, Portrait, and Landscape. So try to have this app and enjoy the features.

14. Days Matter Air

Days Matter Air is specially designed for Android and iOS devices. If you want to know about the remaining days of your events, you have to pack your bag before 1 week of your trip. This app helps you in managing your tasks on time.

You will be informed with accurate calculations. Apart from the remaining day’s Countdown, this app tells you how many days are gone. The day gone and days remaining matter comes with many widgets that permit you to keep track of days without opening the application.

The application contains 3 default categories: your major events, anniversary, life, and work. So you have to save your events under these 3 types. You can easily customize your countdowns with many amazing pictures and effects that make your plan more attractive and beautiful.

15. The Day Before (D-Day Countdown)

The list ends with the fantastic application The Day Before (D-Day Countdown). This amazing Countdown app let you know about the remaining days and elapsed. This application is very simple and easy to use and supports birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and many other events.

The app features a widget; you can glance at the Countdown from the home screen. The fantastic The Day Before app is a multi-featured app containing many icons representing events. Your countdowns can be customized with your photos and the pictures of the place you want to travel to.

Many stickers are available to make your plans more beautiful. The app has another nice feature you can write a story with your saved Countdown. In other words, this feature can work as your diary. You can access your writings anywhere, anytime. So try to download the app and enjoy your travel.

Final Words

Everyone wants to make a trip with friends and family. Traveling is a healthy activity for both body and mind. It is necessary to plan your trip on time because you have to complete all of your tasks before the holiday. You have to complete your office work, and also have you pack your bag.

So you need time management for this purpose. To resolve this issue, many applications allow you to make your schedules. These apps notify you about the remaining days and times of your event. These apps have many amazing features and functions.

Many apps are used to make your exams schedules as well. With these applications, you can also make your business schedules meet the requirements. There are many Free Holiday Countdown Apps available on the internet. The given apps are hand-picked so try to use them freely.