13 Best IP Address Changer Software in 2022

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A device on the Internet or local network is identified by its IP address, which is a unique address. Internet Protocol (IP) is a set of rules that governs the format of data transmitted over the Internet or a local network.

In short, IP addresses are the identifiers that allow the transfer of data between devices on the network: they contain location information and make the devices available for communication. The Internet needs a system to differentiate between different computers, routers, and web pages. IP addresses are an important aspect of how the Internet works and provide a means to do so.

How can IP Address be expressed?

The sequence of numbers separated by periods creates an IP address. IP addresses consist of four digits. For example, is an example of an IP address. Seat numbers can vary from 0 to 255. As a result, the entire IP addressing range is from to IP addresses are not generated randomly. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), part of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, creates and assigns them mathematically (ICANN).


How does IP Address work?

To identify every computer, router, and website on the Internet, we need billions of IP addresses. Internet protocol communicates in the same way that any other language follows a set of rules for conveying information. This protocol is used by all devices to find, send and share information with other connected devices. Any computer in any area can communicate with each other if they speak the same language.

Do you know? The IP address refer to two states; it can be either static or dynamic. Static IP address is like a fixed address as it remains the same over a long time, but the dynamic IP address is automatically changed after a short time. Most people have the dynamic IP address that automatically switches from time to time.


This is better for internet service providers who deals with customer’s joining and leaving the service and changing address. Sometimes, there are condition which leads the user to change their IP, or it can be changed by the provider. But the question that arises here is for what reasons we need to change the IP Address.

Why do you need to change your IP Address?

Most people will only need to update their IP address once or twice in their life. This is an unnecessary aspect of your computer setup, but websites require you to visit it multiple (if not hundreds) times a day. However, there may be reasons to change your public or local IP address from time to time. The most common are:

Protecting your privacy and security: While it is unlikely that anyone will use it for malicious purposes, your public IP address allows people to track your geographic location. If you need to remain anonymous for any reason, changing your IP address might make your computer look like another machine.

Change your location: Your public IP address reflects your general geographic location and modifying it allows you to access geographically limited objects, such as content from international streaming services.

Avoiding Bans and Restrictions: An organization may use your IP address to prevent you from accessing a specific website (this is called “IP Restriction”), or you may disable Internet access. Changing your IP address is an effective way to avoid this.

Troubleshooting: To diagnose technical glitches, you may want to change your local IP address. In rare cases, you may need to adjust the local IP address to avoid conflicts with other devices on your network.

List of IP Address Changer Software

In today’s world, it is easy to change your IP address, even if you have never done that before. It is also completely safe and legit, as long as you do not break any other law. There are several ways you can change your IP address. However, changing IP address via software is the most reliable, convenient, and secure method.

In this post, we will look at some software that allows you to manually and automatically change the IP address of your device. Through this list, we will also learn about some of the software that automatically retrieves the IP address from the network. Now, discuss each one individually.

1. NetSetMan

NetSetMan is a powerful IP manager that allows you to change the IP address of your computer. For different networks, you can configure multiple IP settings. Best of all, it automatically changes the IP configuration based on the network to which it is connected.

NetSetMan is a network settings manager that simplifies switching between pre-configured Internet profiles. It combines all the network options that are already available in Windows and adds a few more. Modifications are stored freely, allowing in-flight backups, transfers, and updates to the latest version.

It manages IP addresses, Wi-Fi connections, workgroups, DNS, network drives, hosts, scripts, and MAC addresses. The tray menu comes in handy when you need to move between profiles. In addition, the NSM service can be used without an administrator.

NetSetMan has a simple, compact, and comprehensive interface that includes multi-profiling and command line activation. NetSetMan is only available in a free version that can be used for non-commercial purposes.

2. Fast IP Changer

Fast IP Changer is professional software that does not take up as much hard drive space as some other software in the same category. This is a potent piece of software that is popular in many countries, including Greece, India, and the Netherlands.

This will not be your typical computer application, as it will have a number of features that will enhance the performance of your workspace PC or laptop. This instant IP changer supports many protocols, including ICMP, HTTP, FTP, TCP, POP / SMTP, and IMAP.

In order to use the functions properly, you must first download and install this state-of-the-art software on your computer or laptop. Once you are coupled with the Internet, this software will be able to identify and change your IP address. It will enable you to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and wireless connection.

If you want to improve your internet connection’s speed, security, and general productivity, Fast IP Changer can be exactly what you are looking for. It can be downloaded for free from the company’s website, which can be found by searching ‘Fast IP Changer’ on Google.

3. Ultimate IP Changer

Ultimate IP Changer is a one-click solution that lets you change your IP settings. You can edit your IP address, subnet mask, DNS, or proxy by clicking or selecting a different profile. The software supports DHP, making it ideal for use with a laptop that you can use in multiple locations (such as at home and at work), where your network configuration is often changed.

Billions of profiles can be stored in the application’s memory with their own TCP/IP protocol. Without restarting your machine, you can view available IP addresses and make quick transfers or change TCP/IP with one click. In addition to supporting static IPs and DHC, Ultimate IP Changer is a very helpful program that allows you to easily alter the parameters of your network from any desktop computer.

4. Free IP Switcher

Free IP Switcher is a simple, lightweight tool that allows you to switch between default network configurations with just one click and without rebooting. This allows you to save multiple network profiles so that you can switch between them whenever you choose. This program is handy with a tabbed layout that clearly presents all the information you need.

With all network settings on your computer, including IP address, network mask, default gateway, DNS dedicated server, Vance server, proxy settings, default printer, computer name, and workgroup, free IP switcher can change automatically. For networks, you can also add the following additional information like computer name, workgroup, and set the network’s default printer, DNS domain, and WNS server.

5. Shock IP Changer

Shock IP Changer is free software that acts as a small database for all your IP addresses. Instead of updating all your connection parameters whenever you need to connect to a new network, you can save the network configurations as per your requirement and select one of them with one click. This can be incredibly useful if you frequently travel, that is why this program is specially designed for those of you who carry their laptop computer.

Shock IP Changer is available in two versions: a PC version and a portable version that can be run from a pen drive or other external device. The application allows you to create new entries independent of the type of host you are trying to connect to – for example, you can create new IP entries for both DHCP and static IP connections.

In this case, it is imperative to specify the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway, as well as the two associated DNS. You can also associate each new IP with a specific printer, so all you have to do is select the appropriate item from your Shock IP Changer database and start browsing right away.

6. Argon Network Switcher

Argon Network Switcher is an open-source program that allows you to configure multiple networks on Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. This is useful when transferring your notebook from one network to another. You can select the network card to use for each network and save the setup as “Profile.”

Network card configuration, proxy configuration, a set of applications to run when the profile starts, a set of Windows services to start or stop, set the default printer, mapping the necessary network drive, network cards Disabling, Enabling/Disabling Network Card are just some of the options available for each profile.

This allows you to specify the default printer for each profile. Argon Network Switcher is a state-of-the-art Windows software that can block other network cards when a profile is executed. It allows you to configure proxies, switch TCP/IP settings, and run batch or profile-based applications.

7. IP Hider Pro

IP Hider Pro is sophisticated software that hides your IP address, allowing you to hide your Internet traffic and the real location while accessing the Internet. You can access any website with confidence, including instant messenger and chat services (such as Messenger Live, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, and others), web-based email, news groups, web blogs, and forums. It never reveal your true identity and location.

This excellent console IP softwares encrypts all your traffic, so ISP and network administrators do not know which sites and services you use. IP Hider Pro then transfers your encrypted traffic to the global network of our secure servers, allowing you to change both your IP address and your location.

Users can get IP addresses from many countries and regions, such as the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada, Hong Kong, etc. With IP Hider Pro, you can quickly hide all your internet activities, and no one knows who you are or what you do. IP Hider Pro has a government-level security element so that you can be accessible anywhere on the Internet without fear of information being exposed.

8. Free Hide IP

Free Hide IP software includes a proxy server, accessible IP switcher unit that is a free anonymous browsing tool that enables users to access the Internet privately. Depending on your needs, you can choose one of these packages. Whenever you visit a website, you can use one of the software that you designate to hide your IP address or just to track specific websites or IP addresses.

Install this software on a computer that does not normally contain your data, such as your home computer or any business machine that is not connected to the Internet, to get the most out of it. Here are some key uses of the Free Hide IP Address Program. Firstly, by allowing you to go online anonymously, you will be able to surf the Internet without fear of being followed or harassed.

Secondly, by hiding your IP address, you will be able to use a free anonymous browsing option on the Internet that will not compromise your security or privacy. Free Hide IP is not ground breaking software, but it works. You can use it to get some online privacy for free, although the number of countries available is limited unless you upgrade. One downside of this software is that, like most VPNs, it can slow down your connection by re-routing.

9. IP Changer

IP Changer is software that allows you to automatically change and view your IP (Internet Protocol) address, DNS/networks, and other settings. There is no need to pay for it as it is free. Within seconds, you can browse the Internet or chat on Yahoo or MSN to find out who is online and which websites they are visiting. With IP Changer, you’ll know who is online right away. It is available for Windows and can be used with any hosting plan.

It can work with cPanel, FreeIP, and any other web host. It will quickly detect many networks and change your IP address to meet each one. You can create different groups, such as home group, business group, school group, or any other group of people, once it is ready and running.

Separate IP changers with different DNS settings can be used for each group, preventing users of one group from inadvertently visiting another group’s site. For many home business owners, this is a great solution because it’s easy to keep track of multiple network settings and avoid confusing them.

10. IPSharkk

IPSharkk is a downloadable web tool that helps users hide their IP addresses from hackers, companies, and governments so they can browse the web anonymously. It is a powerful and effective anti-surveillance solution available as a downloadable web application software program for Internet users engaged in sensitive activities. This application helps users browse the Internet anonymously, which is feared by hackers, online advertising businesses, or government officials.

By removing the ability of web hosts to track users using their own servers and web services, the program promotes privacy. By allowing web users to select anonymous IP addresses from foreign countries, this software will enable them to regain control over how they are monitored. This allows users to confuse site hosts’ ability to track their movements and residences across the Internet.

By listing fake IP addresses and hiding the real IP address and its authenticity, IPSharkk can significantly reduce the risk of web users following Internet service providers, search engines, and malicious programs. It is the most secure IP address masking and downloadable web application in the industry.

11. Mask My IP

Mask My IP is a simple program that allows you to hide your true identity online. It masks your IP address and replaces it with a fake one. This is done by allowing you to hide your real IP address, which not only identifies you and can be traced from any computer but also reveals your physical location. You can also choose where you want to launch your Phone IP, although this feature is only offered in the full, paid version of Mask My IP, not in the free trial edition.

Mask My IP is a very basic and user-friendly interface. There is no difficulty in using this helpful tool. It is convenient to use, even for beginners. You can enable or disable hiding your IP address with the push of a button. Additionally, using any of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera, this simple application can change the IP address.

12. TCP IP Manager

TCP IP Manager is software that allows users to keep track of their network setup in multiple locations. Changing network settings at home or work is now as easy as clicking a button. It has the following features and open-source software (free to use and redistribute). You can make as many profiles as you want to store your network information. You can switch proxy settings, IP configurations (including different IP/Gateway/DNS servers).

It supports computer and workgroup names, making it easy to switch between profiles (with tray icons and hotkeys). You can create batch files using network profiles and import the current configuration of your system. Its interface is very fast and easy to use. Its features enable it to work at the beginning of Windows. It includes web updates (with news) and statistics modules.

13. Proxy Switcher

Proxy Switcher Standard is a program that allows you to edit proxy settings and surf anonymously. It manages a list of proxy servers as needed, a proxy server tester, and an anonymous proxy server list downloader. Test the Proxy Manager module with the built-in anonymous proxy server finder and proxy server tester, the ability to display active proxy servers in the absence of banners, automatic proxy switching, defining custom proxy servers for proxy list downloads ability, and ability to control.

There are only a few features of the scanner speed based on your connection speed. You may need to hide your real IP address from time to time. You may wish to remain anonymous when visiting a particular website. Alternatively, access to your various social networking and entertainment websites is restricted. For all anonymous browsing needs, Proxy Switcher Standard is the solution. It can be used to get various restrictions imposed by different websites.

Final Words

These are the best and reliable software with the versatility of functions for changing the IP Address of any device. Some of these software allow you to select a network profile manually, and some automatically detect the network and switch to the corresponding profile. In addition, some of them enable you to specify the default printer for a selected network profile. And some software that automatically retrieves the IP configuration from the network.

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