10 Best iPad Clock Apps in 2022

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Waking up late can make you miss important meetings. It might give you a feeling of a bad day if your iPad’s local Alarm Clock fails to get you up in the morning. To avoid such situations, you might be thinking of getting an alarm clock so that you can wake up on time. But what if you get that alarm clock on your iPad in just a matter of seconds. And, for that sake, we brought you up with some fantastic iPad clock Apps that will help you wake up in the morning at the exact time. These Apps will do more than the default alarm app on your device because they include extra features and options accordingly.

List of Best iPad Clock Apps

The list of these Alarm Clock Apps is sorted according to their excellent features, through which they will entertain you by waking you up on time. Not only they are top-rated because they wake you up, but also because these bewildering Apps include some outstanding options, like weather checking, temperature, and some awesome quotes.

1. iHandy Time and Clock App

iHandy Time and Clock App are advantageous and easy to use. It includes features that you need in an alarm App. iPhone users will depend on this unique clock. Because it provides information about current temperature changes, weather reports, and visualizations based on the time of day. If you want to enjoy good music while setting an Alarm, this App is undoubtedly for you.


All the information in this App is provided in real-time, with an excellent interface that will connect you. Some of the features also allow you to set up to 9 alarms simultaneously and a sleep timer. In this App, you will be notified about new background alarms, music, and backgrounds. It also provides you with a shake-to-snooze option without unlocking your iPad.

2. Night Stand for iPad

You might think that it would be cool to get an alarm clock, weather checker, RSS reader, and more in one App. Then Night Stand for iPad will be a good option for you. This App is unique because of its incredible features. It works more effortlessly than the original clock App on iPad. You will not get tired of using this App.


This App is free to use and available for all iPad users. In addition to the features, it has a digital clock, music alarms, a sleep timer, and many other useful tools. Themed backgrounds, HD wallpapers, and display settings are also available. You can adjust alarm volume, snooze time, and also use the shake-to-snooze option. It works even if your device is on sleeping mode and locked.

3. World Clock Pro

It will not take more than a few seconds to know why World Clock Pro is one of iPad users’ most helpful apps. This App allows beginners to select an unlimited number of world countries and cities to know about time. Many well-settled and known companies already employ this option to plan their global schedules.

Real-time daylight shadow is another excellent feature in this App, which gives you the option to put up large clocks if you plan on viewing the iPad from a distance. It also comes with a comparison view. So, through these offerings, you can easily plan activities and even scroll search through world maps with the clocks, time zones, and cities selected, which are always on display.

4. Alarmy – Editor’s Choice

Alarmy Editor’s Choice App is the best option for sleepyheads for whom getting up on time seems to be very difficult. The App aims to wake you up on time. Not only for Alarms, but this App also helps you keep your mind fresh by doing some activities. These activities include solving math sums, memory puzzles, barcodes missions, photos missions, taking specific steps, typing in quotations, etc.

With the help of the tools available in the App, you can pick a mission and arrange it according to your need. There are features like wake-up check settings and backups louder than the actual sounds for the extra stubborn sleepers. This App also includes sleeping assistance, shake-to-snooze, quick Alarm for the short task, and wake-up check. Overall, this app is fantastic and easy to use for iPad users.

5. Galarm

If you are looking for an App that works like a daily planner or organizer and manages your tasks. Then, this App will be a good option for you. Galarm App comes with more fun and surprises than the ordinary Alarm App. You will find many bewildering features and tools. It also includes future alarms, daily reminders, history, instant notifications, and offline mode.

You can create your Alarm according to your daily work and routine. It also allows you to create a group, add members with the exact timings, and set the Alarm according to your tasks. In addition to the features, you can also set alarms for your friends and family to remind them of things they need to do. Imagine reminding them about a get-together? This Social Alarm App is easy to download for iPad users.

6. Alarm Clock for Me

Alarm Clock for me, is one of the best Alarm App. Every single detail about the App is fascinating. It allows you to personalize your Alarm App the way you want. Suppose, you love to wake up and sleep by listening to your favorite music. Then this App also provides you the option to cut, crop, trim and adjust your favorite song to make it your Alarm tune. You can set up to 6 Alarms with different melodies.

This App keeps you updated with weather reports, temperature changes, current news, and feeds. It has a wide range of incredible features and tools. These features include shake-to-snooze, background alarm support, different designer clocks, daily reminder, and a sleep timer. Furthermore, you can also adjust screen brightness in order to not get disturbed while sleeping. These interesting tools add more fun and make it easy to use for iPad users.

7. Motion Alarm Clock

Motion Alarm Clock is a simple yet amazing App for iPad users. It will help you get up on time but with a fresh mind for those who do not like to waste their time and want every task done on time. Then this App is a good option for users. It allows you to set multiple alarms at the same time. It can also be available for every iPad user.

This App will provide you with daily bedtime reminders. The more exciting thing about this App is that you can set the number of shakes as per convenience and even lock the Alarm to prevent cheating. It has a wide range of features like soothing sounds, including randomized playlists, a text-to-speech tool, bedtime, to-do- list, reminders, and super shake to snooze. You can set reminders as you want.

8. Sleep Cycle

Things take a step further than the standard alarm clock app in the Sleep Cycle App. With the help of the Alarm App, you will know about your sleep and snap-out time. Also, with this App, you can see how your sleeping habits change over time. All you need is to place your phone on a nightstand or another nearby table to know about this information.

The more exciting feature about this App is that the actual alarm clock also uses this information. You can set a range of up to 90 minutes for the Alarm to wake you up. This App will also detect when you are not in a deep sleep to activate the Alarm. When the Alarm is activated, you can use one of your favorite songs instead of a standard alarm tone as an alarm tune.

9. Talking Alarm

Talking Alarm includes a modified Alarm Clock that talks to you about your weather changes, traffic, calendar, news, tweets, and so much more. You will be able to tap the screen at night to hear it’s time. If you like going to sleep listening to your favorite music, Talking Alarm is the best option to consider. So that, you can listen to your favorite music while sleeping.

This app has tons of features to enhance the Talk Alarm experience. If we talk about different kinds of music streaming services, more options are available to change the voices. In addition, there are new languages and tools to use. All these functions are easily available in this App. You can also check the updates about temperature changes, feeds, news, and current weather reports. This App also has the features to remind you about your to-do list to complete your task on time.

10. One-Touch Alarm Clock

Many more Alarm Clocks are available on the App Store, but none has the simplicity, functions, and style of this Alarm Clock App. One-Touch Alarm Clock focuses on the important things that an iPad user wants to have in an Alarm App. With just one tap, you can turn the Alarm on and off. This App also works like an old classical clock, like the Alarm will go off once the hour hand reaches the alarm hand.

This App has a unique and intuitive interface that is easy to use. All you need is to download the App and have your Alarm ready in just two seconds. By striking up and down with your fingers, you can dim the screen light. This App has functions like snooze, vibration, and fade in Alarm. You can also set your favorite music as your alarm to wake up in a happy mood. This App has an elegant analog style that fits iPhone’s sleek design.

Final Words

The Apps mentioned above in the list will help you wake up on time. All these Apps are best and accessible to you for an iPad user. You can easily download the App you want to use to set alarms and many more. These amazing Apps in this given list will help you get an Alarm App as per your liking. These Apps are not only to set Alarm. But there are many valuable features, incredible functions, and tools that will make it more fun.

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