Pikachu's Black Tail: Did it Exist or Mandela Effect (A Hidden Story Revealed)

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With the passage of time, a complex mystery behind Pikachu’s black tail is stuck in the minds of Pokemon fans. Many questions were raised due to this mystery. But in this article, we try to cover all these questions in a single statement: Do they exist or cause due to Mandela Effect? Hope so you all will enjoy this and reveal the actual truth behind it.

Let’s talk about the original identity of Pikachu first. Who is Pikachu, and what character is he playing in the series and become most popular and admirable? Pikachu is a short, chubby, rodent, cute Pokémon and a charm of the whole Pokémon franchise and most likely the best-known individual Pokémon ever. This is a valuable fact that Pikachu is the other half of the Ash Ketchum Pokémon series, the main character in the anime series, along with the video games – still considered the franchise’s most popular product.

Pikachu – Pokemon

This main face of Pokémon’s franchise forever, a little guy who appeared in the very first episode of the Pokemon series. He is a small yellow electric creature who looks cute almost all the time. This is Ash’s first Pokemon in Generation I.


With the passage of time, he further changed into Raichu after contacting with the Evolutionary Stone, aka “The Thunder Stone.” This newly changed Pikachu with his darker fur and a long tail has much powers and energy as compared to the previous one.

Is Pikachu Really Evolved?

As we watch that every Pokemon modified and revolved with the passage of time. Likewise, Pikachu also evolved to some extent. In the Manga, Pikachu’s evolution is passed through three different stages, according to Manga Comic. Here we explained the evolution tree of Pikachu.


1. Pichu

The “Baby Pickachu” was the first and very initial stage of Pikachu’s evolution where a baby Pickachu is visible with a completely black tail.

2. Pikachu

This is one of the most well-known forms of Pikachu where he looked a bit furrier than the previous stage. In this stage, he has a yellow tail blended with black-tipped ears.

3. Raichu

This is the last time we saw Pickachu in a complete change look. He has double-coated fur with uniquely shaped ears and a long spiral tail. His complete body color also changed to thicker golden color with added brown tips on the arms.

The most interesting twist about this evolution theory is that Ash’s Pikachu never really evolved further into a Raichu in the anime series. Even after a crushing defeat against a more challenging opponent, Pikachu didn’t choose to become a Raichu with the Thunder Stone. In fact, he decided to overcome the obstacle with his own strength.

How does Pikachu Actually Look Like?

He is a most attractive Pokémon covered in yellow fur with two horizontal brown stripes on its back. He has a small mouth, long pointed ears with black tips, and brown eyes. Each of his cheeks has a red circle that comprises a sack intended for electricity storage.

He has short forearms and each has five fingers on a single paw. If we talk about its feet those have three toes. A patch of brown fur is at the base of its lightning bolt-shaped tail. It is classified as a tetrapod, but it has been known to stand and walk on its hind legs.

Why does Pikachu’s Appearance Attracts and Catches the Audience’s Hearts?

Well, it is not surprising that Pikachu became so popular because he is cute and managed to be an innovative creature for the whole franchise. Whether you are a fan of the franchise or not, but must know Pikachu because he is famous and known by almost every generation.

His fame and popularity among the audience derive endless questions about his character. One of the most highlighted questions among them is questioning his iconic tail, which we are going to explain in this article. Fans Worldwide have now been fragmented into two edges where some choose Pikachu’s tail is yellow, and the other said it is black.

To clarify these statements, it is necessary to understand the complete “Mandela Effect” scenario. It is described as ‘the phenomenon where a large group of people evokes the same false retention because it is something that never happened or happened inversely. Though there is no definite reason why the “Mandela effect” even occurs, it manages to explain a lot of seemingly uncomprehending mysteries.

Pikachu’s Black Tail

This is the pacing stone to Mandela’s effect. It can be considered as a tale story just like Nelson’s death. A kind of tremendous share of fans believes that Pikachu’s tail is black-colored. Surprisingly there are many people who have second thoughts on Pikachu’s tail. So this confusion creates a mysterious question.

Did Pikachu Ever Had A Black Tail?

Pikachu had a black tail only if you compare various avatars of Pikachu from different series. But, the real Pikachu does not have a black tail.

But then why do people create such kinds of myths? The only time we saw Pikachu with a black tail is in the Generation VI games, which is a cosplay version of the character and speaking of the videos. Furthermore, in the Pokemon series, the Pickachu’s great entry in the Sun and Moon effects shows Pikachu’s tail is actually black. To solve this mystery just pay some concentration at that time and expose this lightning effect. All this confusion comes due to shadow texture and misleads fans into believing that Pikachu has a black tail.

How does Pickachu’s back actually look?

Is Pikachu have a full yellow back? Or Does he has any stripes on his back? Did he always have a yellow tail? Then, Why do some people remember it having a black or a black-tipped tail? What do all these scenarios mean? Does Pikachu’s appearance has changed over the years?

Indeed you found most of your answers above except its back appearance. He doesn’t have a clean, uniform yellow-back. There are two horizontal brown stripes on its lower back. This fact is not a complex or disputed one as compared to others because it can clearly spot in all the different incarnations and appearances of the character.

Final Words

Pokemon continues to grow and flourish as a global phenomenon, with the latest experimentation like the Pokemon Go Video Game receiving a tremendously positive reception. As far as Pokemon keeps topping global charts in admiration and money poured by fans, Pikachu is sure to remain the good luck charm of the franchise and rule our hearts with his cute acts.

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