13 Best Lucky Patcher Alternatives in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Mehwish Javed • Updated on November 24, 2022

In the modern world, there is a trend of playing video games. Video games are now the source of joy and enjoyment for people worldwide. Now almost every smartphone has inbuilt games to play. Games make people relax and free of stress from the workload. Today people, especially kids, used to play games in their leisure time.

Nowadays, Android is one of the best-operating systems used in many smartphones. Android gives you the feature of beautiful UI, a Lightweight rational database, good storage space, etc. Along with this, it also gives you features to customize and modify your smartphones.

It is also another fact that nowadays, kids’ minds are so sharp that they use different cheat codes to win. It is also said that the Android operating system also has many hacking tools to hack games and apps on your smartphones. Kids use that tools to hack any game easily and win the games by using different cheat codes.


Lucky Patcher Best Version

There are various hacking tools to hack games, modify your phones, and remove ADs from different apps on your smartphones. One of those tools is Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher is one of the best Android-based apps developed by ChelpuS for Android different versions like 4.0, etc. It is one of the free and best apps used by almost 1 billion people worldwide.

Lucky Patcher is one of the apps used to change Apps games, block a variety of unwanted Ads, backup all the data before and after alterations, move different apps into SD cards, and help remove license verification. It has a wide variety of features.

  • It is one of the small software with just 10 MB.
  • Enables you to change the apps’ permission, with which you get happy.
  • Enables you to make in-app purchases and in-app features free.
  • Helps you remove all Ads and modify your games and applications.

List of Lucky Patcher Alternatives

For some people, Lucky Patcher is a difficult app to use, but It is not just one of its kind. There are a variety of Alternatives of lucky Patcher, which can also be used to modify your smartphones. There are a variety of Lucky Patcher alternatives for Android, Lucky patcher alternatives for iOS, and also lucky patcher alternatives, which are released latest in 2022. Let us discuss them in detail.

1. GameGuardian

It is one of the best software developed by Enyby. It helps to hack any game speedily, scan unknown values, etc. It helps you get more lives in-game, gets more scores, opens up more objects in the game, and many more. It is one of the popular options on the list of alternatives for modifying games files. It only works on Andriod devices. It is one of the simple and easy-to-use software. It supports games like Subway Surfer, Dungeon Quest, Road to Revenge, etc. It has a very easy and simple interface that everyone can easily use.

Features of GameGuardian

  • Completely modifies the in-app game purchase.
  • Enables you to use cheat codes to get bonuses or rewards.
  • Helps you with the frequent recovery of data and backup options.
  • Enables you to operate it automatically or manually.
  • It is also software that is free of bugs as well.
  • Helps you to discover new things in your game.

2. Lulubox

Lulubox is one of the versatile software developed by Gokoo Technology Pte. Ltd. It is slightly different from lucky Patcher and enables users to play games with exciting hacks on Andriod. It helps users or customers get different themes, skins, and money with the help of cheat codes. Most of the games have run this software like PubG, as they won’t make PubG more exciting by getting more clothes, more weapons, etc. They used to pay for that. You can easily get cheat codes with the help of this software. It has an in-built gaming mode dedicated option to enhance the quality of the game. It supports a variety of other games like Free Fire, Multiple Space, Fortnight, etc.

Features of Lulubox

  • Does not require any source to install the application.
  • It is one of the best software for users to easily get more skins and coins.
  • Has almost 5 to 6 themes for the PUB G game.
  • Provides coins for Subway Surfer.
  • Gives you premium mode for free.

3. Cheat Droid

It is one of the best software developed by FLX Software. It is a very small-sized app with powerful features. It is an all–in–one app that enables you to customize games and apps according to your need and want. In addition, it provides various cheat codes for games and many editing options to customize your phones. It also helps you to secure your important data on Andriod. It also enables you to recover your forgotten passwords and gives you preferences or information for games.

Furthermore, it has different rooting tools like instant or auto to root your smartphones. Also, it allows you to set privacy to secure your data easily. It gives you a unique and user-friendly interface that can be easily accessible by everyone. It is software that is licensed and contains anti-ban features as well.

Features of Cheat Droid

  • Free software and can be used by anyone easily.
  • Can edit the most important information about your mobiles phones according to your desire.
  • Enables you to export or import your files easily.
  • Has a feature to hack any game technique and play according to your desire.
  • Supports the SQL database and is also one of the secure software.
  • Does not have any bugs issues.
  • It is one of the secure software without any security issues.
  • Helps you manage your phone by deleting all unwanted files from the phone.

4. Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is popular software developed by Dark Byte, free of cost, and supports the Windows operating system. It is one of the best software that enables you to get any cheat code for your game. It also helps you to modify all types of parameters in games. Also, it lets you launch it before starting playing any game in the background. After the game starts, you can get many tools to modify your game display and get more lives in the game, for example, reducing or increasing your character’s life. It also has complete guidelines to guide you regarding this software because it is not easy to use. One of the best alternatives for Lucky Patcher with which you can get exciting and interesting features. It supports games like Minecraft, Solar Empire: Rebellion, etc.

Features of Cheat Engine

  • Supports Dark Mode.
  • Has a memory editor to control your storage.
  • Gives you the option to play in offline mode as well.
  • The portable device you can easily install on any Andriod smartphone.
  • Supports 64 bits files.
  • Helpful for Hex editing as well for Lua Scripting.
  • It is software with no bugs.

5. AppSara

It is one of the versatile used software developed by AppSara. It supports all the famous games used by users and allows you to get coins and upgrades free on that games. In addition, it is one of the software that enables you to get cheat codes for getting tressure, coins upgrade your weapons, and promotion in play. It also allows you to play in offline mode.

Furthermore, it is a hacking software to hack or get different utilities for your games. It supports games like PubG mobiles, NBA 2018, etc. It supports many old and new games. You can install it for free without any payment for phone rooting. The best part of this software is that it is free and can be used by everyone easily. It is one of the famous apps used by many people to upgrade their games.

Features of AppSara

  • Helps you with unlimited premium features as well for free.
  • Helps you with avoiding disturbance of purchasing games utility.
  • It helps you with security, with which you can play any game without the risk of viruses.
  • Does not require any rooting.
  • It has a very smooth UI.
  • It is software that can be run in the background of any game without any problem or issue.

6. Creehack

It is one of the best software developed by the Creehack Team. It is one of the free and lightweight software which can be installed for free without rooting your phone. It gives you the option to get duplicate for play stores payment for single-player and get all the essential purchases or items for free. It is one of the most popular cheating software, and the developer would be rewarded for this software, but his work took his life. It is one famous software to get free tools for your smartphones.

You do not require any skills, for example, you can get unlimited gems in mining games. It does not support that type of game that will run an online server to validate transactions. For example, gems in Clash of Clashes, etc. It requires rooting and does not support multiple games. It supports games like Vector, Sketchamn, Dark Lands, Jewels Sega, etc.

Features of Creehack

  • Enables you to purchase any utility in-game for free.
  • Works better on offline games.
  • It is very easy to use as you have to install, play, purchase, and do.
  • This software is 100% legal, and you do not get worried about getting jailed for changing values.
  • It is free for most of the games.

7. LeoPlay Card

It is one of the best software developed by Satuhakia. It works on many games, like Pinball HD, etc. It is one of the best alternatives for lucky Patcher, etc. Moreover, it allows you to make in-app purchases. It is not free of cost and offers you hints to buy any items at very affordable prices. In addition, it helps you to enjoy a variety of tools without clearing your wallets. It does not support online video games because it can be harmful to detect for illegal use. But it can hack all offline games without any problems. It also does not require rooting of your phones. It supports many games like Pinball, Angry Birds, Temple Run, etc.

Feature of LeoPlaycard

  • Used in Andriod devices without rooting.
  • Helps you download any items in the game for free unlimited times.
  • Includes a feature to avoid any software payments.
  • Can work with any app even without not perfectly supported freedom app.
  • Supports a wide variety of devices to connect.
  • Supports those files where there is also another hacking software.


It is another alternative which XMG Team publishes. There is a variety of software that can modify your games easily. It helps you to change games with mods. There is a wide range of modes available for you in games. Modding is very much popular in some game-like, Minecraft, etc. It enables users to add different mods to the games like Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, Minecraft, etc. It has a tool called floating windows with which you can record, capture and communicate media while gaming is active. It helps you find goals for your games and install mods for them. It is used to collect caps and different tools automatically.

Features of xmodgames

  • It is one of the free and virus-free software.
  • Enables access to various cheats that can not be found anywhere else.
  • Has a very easy-to-use interface.
  • Has a variety of modes like single-mode, multiple modes, etc., which can be launched by hacking.
  • It has a smooth UI.

9. SB Game Hacker

It is one of the best software developed by SB game. It enables you to give your opponent nightmares by changing all the restrictions of the games. Furthermore, it also supports online games with the risk of getting jammed. But you can use the mod version to get features in online games. It is one of the alternatives to get items for free, avoid unwanted advertisements and avoid all offline restrictions in offline games. Also, it enables you to launch games, and this software is at the back to work. It has a very intuitive interface to get mods in no time. It has a tool to show all modifications that can be possible in the game. And, it supports games like Wonder Zoo, Subway Surfers, etc.

Features of SB Game Hacker

  • Supports Andriod devices.
  • Supports many Android games.
  • Enables you to edit high scores and coins in games.
  • Gives you complete privacy and security.
  • Helps you to block different unwanted Ads.
  • Helps you with accessible and enjoyable gameplay.

10. Freedom APK

It is a powerful software with advanced hacking tools for your smartphones. It enables you to unlock premium features in your games without any cost. With this software, you can get premium features by adding debit and credit cards for payments. Also, it enables you to avoid checking your credit system. It also allows you to add fake credit cards for any feature. It is a powerful tool but has viruses and bugs like rebooting, reloading, etc.

It is not available on playstore, so you have to download it from the Web because It is not legal software. Moreover, it does not require any email to log in. It is the best alternative for Lucky Patcher software, which gives you a clean UI. It supports a variety of games like Frozen Front, Pin Shuffle bowling, 2Fuse, etc.

Features of Freedom APK

  • Enables you to get free coins, pearls, and different tools free of cost.
  • Helps you to hold updates of games that require money after updating.
  • Helps you get premium features for the game free of cost.
  • Enables you to get the full form of any game for free.
  • Supports each Andriod vbersion.
  • It uses covers and mods to misuse Andriod tools.

11. iAPFree

It is one of the Lucky Patcher alternatives that do not require any cost. With this software, you can make in-app purchases for games and apps. iAPFree requires a phone jailbroken for using it. Moreover, this software requires the need iOS operating system and has sufficient usage. Furthermore, it has Cydia hacks with its database to support it. That iAPFree software does not allow you to use any trick for in-app purchases because it will do it by itself.

With this software, you will have complete guidelines for bypassing in-app purchases, etc. Cydia is a basic feature of this software that does not require an In-app purchase from web pages. You can use this app to get free games. It has various games like Angry bird, Subway surfers, Fruit Ninja, etc. It supports a variety of games like Parole Puzzle, etc.

Features of iAPFree

  • It works as a one-time purchasing app.
  • You do not need to do any settings for this app because it has inbuilt settings features.
  • Allows you to hack the apple store free of cost.
  • No money is required to purchase these games.
  • It gives you access to get coins or points.
  • It gives you a user-friendly interface and a clear interface.

12. Game Killer

It is one of the Lucky Patcher alternatives that a Chinese scientist made. Game killer is an editor with a clean UI and simple design with which you can get games items like gems, gold, etc. Game Killer is used to repairing your games easily. Rooting is required for the phone to use this software.

Moreover, it supports a lot of devices. If this software does not work, you can use a cheat tool as a memory editing tool. Some of the advanced features were not available in this software and are also not easy to use. Moreover, this app is famously used by 10 million downloads. It supports many games like Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans, Temple Run, etc. But it is also the fact that it is not legal.

Features of Game Killer

  • Use to search standard values or items.
  • It enables you to lock any memory items.
  • You can also use this software for the Hex editor.
  • You do not require rooting of phones.
  • With this software, you can change your games according to your desire.
  • You can also find numbers that confirm parameters with the built-in search feature.

13. GameCIH

CIH was the creator of this app in 2006. It is software that is the best Lucky Patcher alternatives Android, also called original memory editor. According to the developer’s point of view, it is one of the best, simple, and easy-to-use software to edit your phone memory and get money in the form of cheats for Andriod games.

Moreover, it lake many advanced features, but the distinctive feature from others is that it supports all the outdated versions of Andriod with more advanced editing tools and hacking software. Besides all the features, this software did not have any latest updates. The only downside of this software is that you can not play it offline because it has a chance of being caught.

Features of GameCIH

  • Provides you the option to search for game values like gold, gems, etc.
  • GameCIH stores memory values.
  • You can modify memory values.
  • Easily accessible software to get money hacks.
  • One of the lightweight and easy use software.
  • No rooting is required to install this app.
  • It supports most emulators to work.

Final Words

Lucky Patcher software is one of the best software to clean your mobile devices, get cheat codes for the games, and remove many unwanted Ads. This software allows you with an easy and simple interface and can be used by everyone easily. But there is various alternative software like Lucky patcher alternatives Andriod and Lucky patcher alternatives For iOS. The above mentioned are some of the most amazing software with their features. Use them and get exciting cheats for your devices

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