12 Best Lyrics Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

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Music is believed to heal the soul wounds; when you have a bad day or want to heal your emotions, a song can do that easily. Some people claims that they need a little music in their daily routines, or conversely, if someone desire to sing their preferred song solely, or want to get ready for a singing competition, or some song lyrics are hard to understand, Mobile Applications and Lyrics Apps bring it even closer to you than before and can solve your problems.

Create Your Own Lyrics

Lyrics are words that make a song, mostly containing the terms of rhyme and refrains. The difference between these two terms is the refrains are the part that has the hook or the main idea of a song lyrics and music, and there is hardly a variation from one repetition of the refrains to the next. The writer of a song is a lyricist.

The words of a long musical composition are traditionally known as a libretto and their writer as a librettist. A libretto is a text that can be used or intended to use, an extended musical work such as an opera, cantata, operetta, masque, oratorio, or musical. The meaning of lyrics either be explicit or implicit.


Whether you are writing a song to tone up a Music publisher, TV shows, and commercials, or record them for yourself as an artist, there is some songwriting method that helps you to get your message crosswise and make sure your audience stays connected from beginning to end. This is only the one approach for songwriting pros, and it works.

How You Can Create Your Own Song Lyrics

The process to create your own lyrics is mentioned below. You can be a good songwriter if you follow the step-by-step process.


Create the Raw Material

  • Start with the title of the lyrics.
  • Create a list of questions suggested by the title.
  • Select a song structure.
  • Select one question to answer in the refrains and one for each verse.

Work on Your Tracks and Chords

  • Search the theme in your lyric.
  • Start to add chords to your chorus melody.

Develop Your Song in Sections

  • Work on the lyric in your first stanza.
  • Linked your verse and chorus.
  • Create your second verse and bridge.

Record a Rough Idea

  • Record your first rough song.
  • Practice the instrumental and vocal parts until you are comfortable with them.

List of Fun Lyrics Apps You Must Try

There are plenty of Android and iOS best Music Apps that achieve fame for their additional lyrics services that help users to understand the lyrics of their desired songs. Thus, without wasting much time, let`s get the dive deep to know the features of each of the listed song Lyrics Apps available offline.

1. Shazam

Shazam is a song Lyrics Offline App and one of the most famous music and lyrics player. It is used by music lovers over the globe to recognize songs and their lyrics on the go rapidly. This top lyrics app provides a one-lick approach to preferred video clips, tracks, song lyrics, and streaming services that can be added to the music list and even subscribed to.

Developer: Shazam Entertainment Ltd, Apple

Platform: Android, macOS, iOS, Wear OS, watchOS, Google Chrome


  • Identifies music fastly.
  • It can add music to the Spotify playlist.
  • Permits lyrics offline application to you.
  • Suggest tracks to search for new music.
  • It can sync to multiple devices.

2. Camena

This is another Best Lyrics iPhone application, and this application offers you to see the lyrics of the track to which you are listening. To see artist picture, you can drag right, and here you can get bio, upcoming events, and other same artists. You can drag left to enjoy album art, and you can also quickly achieve other songs on the album.

This application works better in offline mode for the kept lyrics in your local drive. In this, you can also enjoy a music video with a single click and highlight any of your desired lyrics and share these tracks with your loved ones on social sites like Facebook, Twitter, email, or message.

Developer: Dan Hassin

Platform: iOS


  • It recognizes music speedily.
  • It has the ability to sync multiple devices.
  • You can snoop and get lyrics in real-time to music.
  • Night mode and themes to use for your ease.

3. Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania is a song lyrics searcher application that you desire to connect with your song seamlessly. This song Lyrics App for devices is very similar to other applications, but many up-graded functions are there in Lyrics Mania. You can find every feature in the application; from automatic lyrics grasping to Music ID recognition, Lyrics Mania got everything you need.

There is a function called Postcard that offers you to create an image with quotes from the song lyrics. You can also move the songs in the charts option available in this music and lyrics player.

Developer: Eight Signs

Platform: iOS, Android


  • It provides an excellent lyrics database.
  • Users can listen and get lyrics in real-time to music.
  • Addition support with external players.
  • Quickly identify the background song.
  • It provides support to MusicID.

4. Quicklyric

QuickLyric is also one of the good Lyrics Apps for Android devices. It is not available for iOS. This application carries lyrics to your chosen songs. It also brings offline lyrics and can match lyrics with the songs currently playing on your phone. You can install lyrics for your whole playlist of songs saved in your favorite music application.

The premium version of this application gives you an ad-free user experience with some select themes. It also resolves the problem of internet dependability by providing offline mode. Furthermore, the application for lyrics of songs allows external music players.

Developer: QuickLyric SPRL

Platform: Android


  • Synchronized lyrics system.
  • Moving lyrics for doing other tasks simultaneously.
  • Quick lyrics download for all songs.
  • Night mode and themes to apply for your ease.
  • It provides the song lyrics offline.

5. Lyricsmint

LyricsMint is another one of the best Lyrics Apps that is totally designed to overcome the needs of Hindi song fans. Aside from their website, this good music player application with lyrics is also available on the Play Store. The user can search and get the latest Bollywood/Hindi movie songs and their lyrics through this application. With its robust Cloud API, the user can rapidly search for the required content and keep himself on the pitch with the new songs and their lyrics.

The application app is free to use and has ads. The interface helps you check the lyrics of the latest tracks. You can share the link of the lyrics with in-app friends. You can get the saved lyrics later to enjoy singing on your long journey.

Developer: Lyricsmint

Platform: Android


  • Vague search option for spelling errors.
  • The modest and intuitive user interface for your ease.
  • Offline lyrics mode support for up to 150 songs.
  • It provides alerts of the latest tracks.

6. Lyrics Library

The other application on our list is Lyrics Library. The application provides you with all the functions to manage your lyrics. You can create, protect, position, and share your lyrics on this application . You can form your lyrics in folders to rapidly locate them when desired. The application also permits you to add chords to your lyrics.

You can transfer the lyrics of your chosen song when you are online and protect them for offline usage. The application has a marginal interface and has some in-app purchases. You can buy the objects to unlock the special functions of the Lyrics Library application.

Developer: TwinTech

Platform: Android


  • It provides write, save, edit, arrange, read and share lyrics options.
  • Add chords option over your lyrics is there.
  • Find lyrics online and install.
  • Organize your lyrics of songs by separate files.
  • It offers you the Backup option for Lyrics.

7. Lyrics

Lyrics App helps you to find and download the song lyrics according to your need. Song Lyrics Music Free and the open-source app has a pool of over one million songs from which the user can scroll through and pick. From artists to song genres, you can get anything on this music player with lyrics.

The track lyrics are downloaded to the cache of your device and loaded very fast if the online version is the same. It is very fast and light application that does not consume many resources, so you can have this original application open while you sing all your favorite themes like karaoke.

Developer: Konecta Maximus

Platform: Android


  • Lyrics are saved to the cache first, then other files.
  • Songs are updated on a daily basis.
  • Consumes less space and data resources.
  • List of different themes to use.
  • Option to achieve lyrics offline.

8. Genius

Genius Music and Lyrics App is designed for lyric lovers. It is for those who love to sing the song solo. This application shows the lyrics of the playing songs like other applications. This song lyrics searcher application does not have a built-in music player, but it is still considered an outstanding lyric provider application.

Genius is the most incredible music IQ community having the music lover and the professional artist. It is compatible with most of the music players to offer song lyrics. The only characteristic is to deliver the background story of the songs that makes this song lyrics app top-ranked among the others.

Developer: Genius Media Group, Inc.

Platform: Linux, Windows, iOS, and Android


  • The music library has 1.7 million songs.
  • You can mark the lyrics for all the songs.
  • Confirmed content from artists and producers through this app.
  • It can be combined with external players.

9. Lyrix

One more app is Lyrix, an involving lyrics platform through which you can search lyrics for tracks from all around the World without requiring an Internet connection. It allows you to see the lyrics to whatever is playing on your phone. You can submit new tracks for free.

As it is an engaging application, you can easily add new lyrics to your chosen songs, in any language. It is a platform where you can get all of your preferred lyrics from your favorite artists from all around the World. It permits you to access your beloved lyrics offline.

Developer: TiredCruncher, LLC

Platform: Android


  • Lyrics from all kinds of genres are there.
  • Voice Search option to get your favorite track.
  • Change the font size to that makes you happy.
  • Direct Search no need to scroll through the results.
  • Check the current searched lyrics anytime.

10. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is debatably the best Lyrics App for Android and to Install. The user can hunt for the lyrics from the massive database of this lyrics application that runs into millions. It can also sync lyrics with music platforms. It can decode the song lyrics for the user quickly in their native language. This allows people from different World regions to understand and learn the songs.

This application can be linked to wearables and TV streaming devices like Android Wear and Chrome set to permit users with the song lyrics on large screens. If you want the premium package, you get additional functions like party mode, lyrics app offline, and ad removal. The party mode offers the user to sing with the song word by word syncing.

Developer: Musixmatch inc,

Platform: iOS, Android


  • It can connect with Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, and more.
  • Real-time alerts for the Floating Lyrics.
  • Language translation for the lyrics.
  • Recognizes the song in the background.
  • It has song info and covers art.

11. SoundHound

Soundhound is a good song Lyrics App that can swiftly catch and recognize the song playing in the background. The application shows full songs and videos with real-time lyrics. The one thing that highlights this song lyrics app apart from other search apps is that the users just have to say OK Hound, what is that song?

This Music Player is assumed to be the best option for getting the karaoke-style LiveLyrics and watching full music videos.This top lyrics application has millions of song lyrics globally, and still, it is going strong. Unlike many other lyrics music players, it does not go blank in the background while the user browses through the application.

Developer: SoundHound Inc.

Platform: Android, Windows, or MAC


  • Hands-free support function for you.
  • It provides history backup to check the previous searches.
  • Weekly added featured songs, albums, artists, and videos.
  • Artist photos and biographies, album and band information, is there.
  • Create a playlist option.

12. Lyrics Match

Lyrics Match Pro Player, a strong mp3, mp4, and other audio Music Players. It is based on artists, albums, and folder structure. It helps you to find all the music files within a minute. In this, you have the Tag editor option; through this, you can easily edit the tags of music files such as title, artist name, album name.

In this app, you get AI synchronization, Offline lyrics, translated lyrics in more than 24 languages. Play a song of your choice, and this application displays the lyrics. It provides you the browse and plays option for your music by albums, artists, songs, playlists, folders. Add your music to favorites and listen anytime in offline mode.

Developer: Dragedy

Platform: Android


  • It allows you to Music playlist create/remove option.
  • On this player, you can make songs categories.
  • It has the lock screen widget feature.
  • Select and set a song as a ringtone from this player.
  • Shuffle songs, audio visualizer, Music album, and equalizer many preset modes.
  • Status bar with music control feature.

Final Words

All these Lyrics Apps are faultless in searching the song’s lyrics you are playing. Some of these application have pretty annoying ads, but most other song lyrics applications have the least ads too. So pick your preferred application thoughtfully and do not miss the extraordinary features that come along with these applications.

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