MetroPCS vs. Cricket - Which is Better?

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A Wireless Service Provider (WSP) is a company that provides transmission services to wireless devices like laptops and telephones. They provide radio frequency signals, not end-to-end wire communication. WSP provides the services for personal communication, cellular telephone, or both. MetroPCS vs Cricket has been in nasty combat for over an era, struggling for the top position in prepaid wireless. Both companies have a deep-rooted history. Both are fighting for better coverage, pricing, and customer experience.

Today, MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) has been providing users with inexpensive talk, data plans, and SMS packages compared to the primary mobile shippers in the market. Following is given comparison between two popular service providers, Cricket, and MetroPCS, to help you determine which one is better for you according to your requirements. They have economical plans and many features for customers who want to pay less.

MetroPCS – That’s Genius

MetroPCS was founded in 1994 under the name General Wireless Inc. After that, an American mobile company T-mobile owned it. It started working in 2002 as a wireless service provider. This WPS used the Code Division Multiple Access technology and got the sixth widest mobile telecommunication network title.


In 2012, T-Mobiles and MetroPCS signed an agreement and renamed the company to Metro by T-Mobile. Before the merger, this WSP had 32 million subscribers and saw an additional 9 million subscribers after the merger. MetroPCS by T-Mobile provides the best-unlimited data plans and high-speed wireless services. It has been very successful from the day first, and many people use this in the US.


  • Superfast 5G coverage with adequate service for most users.
  • This WPS offers affordable and low-cost plans starting from $40 per month.
  • Many yearly promotions are available and no annual contract.
  • Mobile acts as a free hotspot.
  • Excellent services in the high coverage areas of the USA.
  • From data allowance music streaming is free.
  • Discount on every additional line.
  • Supports iOS and Android.


  • Customer service is not good.
  • Mobiles have data security issues, and the quality of their mobile phone is inferior.
  • You can access the internet with WiFi.
  • The company’s low plans are costly than some competitors.
  • Some users complain about slow internet speeds.
  • For international transmission access, you have to pay a one-month extra fee.
  • Hotspot/tethering access is limited to 8GB.

Cricket Wireless – Smile, You’re on Cricket

Cricket wireless is one of the prime Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) operating in the country’s major cities. It was established in Chicago in 1999. Currently, they are in Atlanta, GA, and have 5000 national stores. This company is also famous for its extensive marketing budget and as a money-saver around the year.


Now Cricket is owned by AT&T and selling its services to only AT&T Mobiles. It offers one of the most reasonable and primarily chosen budget mobile carriers. Cricket Wireless is an easy-to-use and multipurpose service provider, highly focused on something for everyone. Cricket Wireless provides economic plans ideal for people who have high internet needs but who are on a budget.


  • Works with AT&T, and plans are affordable.
  • Prices are low from competitors, and now 5G is available.
  • International transmission is in the plan.
  • No extra or activation fees.
  • Nationwide combine benefits of AT&T and Cricket.
  • Group savings for families is excellent.
  • With higher-priced plans, unlimited texting to 38 countries is available.
  • Good selection of primary and smartphones.


  • Financing is based on interest.
  • Speed limits issue in most of the plans.
  • Poor customer service.
  • The unlimited data plan for 4G LTE is higher than competitors.
  • Additional per month fee for mobile hotspot.
  • Data free music streaming facility is not available.

The table below shows the common points of both carriers, but critical differences remain like in network support, pricing and plans etc.

MetroPCS Vs Cricket



BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone)Yes check compatibalityYes check compatibality
Prepaid or Postpaid PlansPrepaidPrepaid
Phones for SaleYesYes
Unlimited Data OptionsYesYes
Family Plan DiscountsYesYes
Taxes & Fees IncludedYesYes
Customer SupportYesYes

Comparison between MetroPCS and Cricket

Here we provide the comparison points in four major areas; Plans and Pricing, Network Coverage, Phone Options, and Customer Service.

1. Network Coverage

Before dialing any call or writing any text, the first thing you have to check is your network’s coverage area of the country where you live and travel. You can check network coverage by entering your address and coverage map of your network provider;

  • MetroPCS by T-Mobiles coverage mobiles
  • Cricket coverage map

MetroPCS coverage map provides the facility to compare all the network coverage carriers. Cricket limits your download data speeds and can slow the network speed on the selected plan. On the other hand, Metro users face slow speed during busy working hours.

2. Plans and Pricing

As both are prepaid carriers, so you have to pay for service in advance. There are no surprise overage charges on your bill. Another benefit of prepaid is that no credit check is required. Cricket and Metro provide unlimited and fixed data plans, plus expressive discounts if you have two or more lines.

Both network providers offer four main data plans to select, but the differences are in the fine print. Plans and some of their details are presented below;

Cricket Wireless Plans


Price Per Month


  • 30$
  • No auto-pay option
  • For 4LTE high-speed data access, unlimited text and calls
  • Not hotspot
  • Speed reduces after allowance
  • 40$
  • 35$ with autopay
  • High speed 5GB internet for 4LTE, unlimited text and calls
  • After allowance, speed will reduce
  • No mobile hotspot
Unlimited core
  • 55$
  • 50$ with autopay
  • Unlimited SD quality video streaming (about 480p)
  • Unlimited data with 3 Mbps, talk, and text
  • Mexico & Canada usage
  • Unlimited texts to 37 countries
  • With compatible phone HD Voice Calling
  • Mobile hotspot not in offer

Unlimited More
  • 60$
  • 55$ with autopay
  • Unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data
  • 15GB of mobile hotspot
  • Unlimited texting to 37 countries
  • Unlimited SD quality video streaming
  • Mexico & Canada usage
  • HD Calling voice and WiFi with a compatible phone

Metro Wireless Plans


Price Per Month


  • 30$
  • No hotspot
  • 2GB internet, unlimited text, and calls
  • 40$
  • No hotspot
  • 2GB internet, unlimited text, and calls
$50 unlimited
  • 50$
  • Unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data
  • 5GB of mobile hotspot
  • Video streams at up to 480p
  • Google One storage of 100GB
$60 unlimited
  • 60$
  • Unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data
  • 15GB of mobile hotspot
  • Video streams at up to 480p
  • 100GB of Google One storage
  • Amazon Prime includes

Family Plans

If you want more than two service lines, try family plans. The cost per line is significantly less for family plans with Cricket Wireless or Metro. Deals can be changed with time, but Cricket has a special offer: Four lines low price unlimited Cricket Core plan.

Metro by T-Mobile was adding television commercials for one of its best deals: Two lines low price unlimited, with Amazon Prime. You can check the new family plan on their official websites.

3. Phone options

If you are switching to prepaid, now there is also a list of mobile phones to use provided by Metro and Cricket. You can carry your old mobile phone or buy a new one.

Bring your current Phone

To verify the compatibility of your existing mobile phone;

  • Unlock the current mobile phone.
  • Trace the IMEI number of your device
  • Check compatibility on; Cricket compatibility checker or Metro compatibility checker.

Buy a new Phone

These two carriers provide a range of phone options supporting prepaid, containing the latest Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. Still, they are also famous for their free phone campaigns. If you don’t want to spend money to buy a mobile phone, you can take advantage of free phone campaigns.

4. Customer Services

Checking customer service is not easy. Some competitors only provide charts for customer service comparison, but Metro and Cricket have toll-free numbers and stores for your help. If you want you can visit the stores. Before signing up for service, you have to call Cricket and Metro, talk about their offers, and observe if you are comfortable with customer service.

Final Words

This guide will helps you to compare and understand both network and mobile carriers. Both network provider carriers offer exceptional deals, but Metro by T-Mobile has better plans, as its every program provides unlimited data access. This makes T-Mobile an even better network and mobile carrier than Cricket Wireless.

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