15 Best Remote Utilities Alternatives in 2022

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Ahmad Hassan • Updated on November 24, 2022

Remote Utilities is a desk software that allows you to remotely control another desktop using your desktop or any other device. You can view screens, control mouse pointer, control keyboard, and do other operations like sitting next to another PC as it is easy to use and a reliable platform.

Its viewers can use remote desktops from anywhere, and it is secure and highly configurable for IT professionals. Remote Utilities Downloads and transfer files, as it accesses any activity of the host desktop with solid encryption using TLS 1.2 technology.

It works when the host and the viewer have a remote workstation. You create session codes using google authenticator or an app similar to your smartphone and connect multiple remote PCs to your same PC. It is compatible with leading operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, Androids, and iOS.


Remote Utilities for Windows have many features like remote access, file management, connection modes, in-session meetings, and customization. It uses an internet ID connection by being a broker between the host and the viewer. You can access a remote PC using its DNS name and IP address.

It has four different pricing plans for users: Free, Pro, Starter, and Mini. The subscription for the starter subscription pricing plans starts from $99.00 per month, and other pricing plans have been mentioned on its website. Moreover, a free trial is available with fewer options and limited features.


Why Do Users Want Remote Utilities Alternatives?

Remote Utilities software is the best practical and effective solution for IT professionals to remotely access devices. It has many benefits with ultimate security, a stand-alone solution, scalability, self-hosted server, configurability, and no unexpected or mandatory upgrades.

There are some dropouts and instabilities as it requires a stable internet connection. Remote Utilities Host GUI is not user-friendly, and there is no automatic clipboard synchronization when controlling a PC. Sometimes, it is hard to find an ID for a computer novice trying to install the software for the customer.

List of Outstanding Remote Utilities Alternatives

Remote Utilities is best for applications and device management, mobile device access, and easy use. But nowadays, a single software cannot complete the needs of all users. If the software is damaged or broken, another option should be available, as users cannot rely on software all the time.

Therefore, in this article, the fifteen best alternatives are discussed with their features, pros, and cons that help users choose the best and the optimum option for their personal and professional needs. Subscription and pricing plans are mentioned as well to facilitate you further.

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a remote control and access computer software designed to keep people and their devices connected. It offers the maintenance of computers and access to your office PC from another place. It provides file transferring and sharing, live chat, mobile access, and many other features.

It has presentation tools to help you make a presentation and provide private chatbots. You can record your communication sessions and personalize your working activity. It is accessible to everyone and available in thirty languages, including English, Spanish, Frech, Bulgarian, and many more.

It is suitable for information technology industries and departments like marketing, advertising, and telecommunications. It is available in four different pricing packages: Remote Access, Business, Premium, and Corporate. The subscription for the business plan is 102.90 US dollars per month.


  • API Access
  • Chat and Messaging
  • Diagnostics Tools
  • Document Management
  • Internal Meetings


  • Reliable Software
  • Highly Secured
  • Work Flawlessly


  • Limited Free Trial
  • Buggy Mobile App
  • No Large Files Sharing
  • Connects Same Version Users

2. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is remote access software accessible on Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. It allows you to control your computers from another place, anytime, and offers remote support, as it has web presentations. It provides users with a self-service portal to see and manage their working activity.

It supports email, chat, help desk, and mobile phones to communicate and share files. You can remotely print your files documents, control printing, transfer and record your session, and manage similar data. It has three subscription pricing plans Lite, Professional, and Power.


  • Whiteboard
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Customize Branding
  • Print Management
  • Unattended Access


  • Works Perfectly
  • Transfer Files
  • Easy for Client
  • Remote Connection


  • Desktop Resolution not Effective
  • Mandatory Installation
  • Keyboard Stroke
  • No Live Support

3. LogMeIn

LogMeIn is a connecting software like a service provider with collaboration and customer engagement. It is beneficial for IT professionals and management as it provides high-speed quality to industries and businesses to work better. It is secure and straightforward for any device to use.

There are many collaborating and connecting options available in it. You can operate it from any location, any time, and from any device. You can attend a meeting from any device and easily engage in an event by hosting. It is totally secure and highly configurable for IT professionals.

It is the best online training software for hybrid learning and remote delivery. It offered the best video calling and trusted calls collaboration from any device. Its free trial is available on the website and has three subscription pricing plans Small Businesses, Mid-Market, and Enterprises.


  • File Transfer
  • Remote Printing
  • Unlimited Remote Access
  • Access On The Go


  • Screen Sharing
  • 1TB File Storage
  • Reliable Software
  • Multi-Monitor Display


  • Not Affordable Fee
  • Floating Bar Not Effective
  • Spotty Screen Resolution

4. Windows Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop software offers you access and control of the data of a host or a remote computer by connecting to the internet. It allows you to access a work computer from home, even if it is connected to a network, and it is straightforward during the setup.

It provides instant messaging and features like drag and drops, file transferring, and clipboard. You will have to enable this software on both the host and client computer from the windows control panel. It controls multiple windows simultaneously and is highly secure for IT professionals.

This software is a very powerful and helpful business tool. It offers to open up multiple remote desktop control windows. Its free trial is available on the website with limited features. Moreover, it has two other price plans, Microsoft 365 Personal and Microsoft 365 Family pricing plans.


  • Unattended Access
  • Multi-Session Handling
  • Built-in Chat
  • Drag and Drop
  • File Transfer


  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Ease in Setup
  • Multi Windows Control


  • No Easy Setup Outside Office
  • Only for Businesses
  • Limited Customer Support

5. RealVNC

RealVNC software controls other computers’ screens by remote access. It is responsive, allows high-speed streaming, and provides the best quality for audio and images. It has a dual connectivity feature that allows unattended and attended access via offline or cloud connections.

It allows screen sharing and optimizes your network speed. It is accessible on Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi, and Linux computers. It comes up with many remarkable features such as multilingual support, file transferring, cross-platform support, intuitive remote control, and many more.

It can be connected to any device and computer from anywhere in the world. Its free trial is available on the website with limited features. It has two other price plans for Individuals and Large Organizations. For large organizations, the subscription pricing plan is 33.49 US dollars per month.


  • Cross-Platform Support
  • Attended and Unattended Access
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Dual Connectivity


  • Easy Local Programs
  • Global Access
  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Reliable Connections
  • Responsive Control


  • Difficulty Setup
  • Limited File Transfer
  • No Drag and Drop
  • Lacks Mobile Support

6. GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC is a remote desktop software that provides a management solution, and it allows users to access their devices from any location by using a web browser. It helps businesses and offers professionals to manage and transfer files as it is secure and highly programmable for the IT industry.

It gives access to data and management of applications, as it provides security with AES end-to-end authentication. It allows access to computers, iPad, iPhones, and Android devices. You can transfer files to other desktops and manage your printing on them.

Its free trial is available on the website with limited features. At the same time, it has three subscription pricing plans Personal, Pro, and Corporate. The personal pricing plan starts from 35.00 US dollars per month, and the most popular pricing plan pro starts from 33.00 US dollars per month.


  • API Access
  • Multi-Monitor Access
  • Performance Metrics
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Remote Printing


  • Easy to Use
  • Simple Billing Plan
  • Flexible and Reliable
  • Access to Multiple Locations


  • Expensive Pricing Plans
  • Takes Time in Programing
  • No Account Access Sharing

7. Remmina

Remmina software remotely accesses screens and shares files to your desktop. It allows access to all kinds of remote desktop servers as it is feature-rich software that gives you the flexibility to change connection quality settings. It is available in 67 languages and has 50+ distributions channels.

It has RDP, VNC, SSH, SFTP, SPICE, EXEC, NX, XDMCP, and Simple Terminal Plug-in features. It provides a double-click configuration and remembers the last view mode for each connection. It renders a host key configuration with ten different working options and supports the remote desktop protocol.

It comes up with unique features, such as plug-ins, kiosk mode, and multi-monitor. It allows you to monitor multiple computers at the same time. It provides a default color scheme, group chat, and instant messaging for all users with multiple features, and it is available on FLATHUB and Snap Store.


  • Scale Quality
  • Screenshot File Name
  • Terminal Font
  • Default Color Scheme


  • Structured User Interface
  • Remote Desktop Protocols
  • Manually Adjustment of Connection
  • Connection Organizing


  • No RDP Server
  • Only for Client
  • No Live Support

8. UltraVNC

UltraVNC is an open-source remote access management software designed to control devices to manage work related to the e-learning helpdesk. It helps businesses establish remote connections and IT support services. Use your mouse and keyboard to control other PCs remotely via the internet or network.

It uses the VNC protocol to access another computer with a network connection. It comes up with many excellent user features, such as user management, server monitoring, screen sharing, remote installation, monitoring, transfer and sharing files, communication management, and many more.

It gives a user-friendly interface and provides multiple users accounts for customers. It has a frame buffer protocol where users can manage and view applications, access, interface, and settings. It supports chat/messaging, live chat, multi-channel communication, and real-time monitoring.


  • Communication Management
  • File Transfer and Sharing
  • Server Monitoring
  • User Management


  • Free Trial Version
  • Supports File Formats
  • Stream Compressed Video


  • Requires High Bandwidth
  • Time Consuming Setup
  • Limited Cross-Platform Integration

9. TightVNC

TightVNC is software that can control another computer screen by remote access. It is a free and open-source remote desktop software. You can control it using a mouse and keyboard just like you are physically sitting in front of that computer. It allows access to all kinds of remote desktop servers.

It has encrypting technology on several platforms, allowing users to share passwords securely. It ensures authorized access to remote sessions, and you can transfer your files. It provides access to mobile and multiple monitors. It helps businesses establish remote connections and IT support services.

It is feature-rich software that gives you the flexibility to change connection quality settings. It connects to the server and renders secure login, and if there is a problem, it has a troubleshot program that identifies the threat and can fix it. Moreover, its free trial is available on the website with limited features.


  • Access Controls
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Collaboration Tools
  • File Management


  • Free Trial Available
  • Connects Directly to Server
  • Transfer Files


  • Lacks AES Encryption
  • Limited File Transfer

10. NoMachine

NoMachine software, known as NX, is a remote desktop software that can transfer your files to other computers. It is an application for remote access and desktop sharing between two computers. You can access it from anywhere, anytime, and from any device while you are traveling.

It comes up with the latest technology and high speed. You can watch live audio and video from your PC. It is secure and provides you with the best quality in streaming. It updates automatically, and it is for personal use. It has several features, such as centralized user access and policy-based access.

It is extensible and reduces complexity with network protection. It offers you high-speed quality and access on Windows, macOS, iOS, Raspberry, Linux, and Android. It has different pricing plans for each supported platform. Its free trial and subscription pricing plans are available on the website.


  • Remote Access
  • File Management
  • Automatic Updates
  • Video and Audio Streaming
  • Screen Recording


  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Secure Connection
  • Fast Response


  • No Keyboard Mapping
  • No Cut and Paste
  • Limited Password Protection

11. RemotePC

RemotePC is a remote desktop software that allows control and access to other PCs from home, anytime, anywhere. It offers to share files and data between the host and the client. It is secure to work on control access with screen sharing as it has safe file transferring and instant messaging.

It has IT safe support, and it is beneficial for businesses, enterprises, schools, and different kinds of departments. It allows access via web browser and has a cloud backup to recover data safely. It comes up with unique features such as attended access, performance viewer, and many more.

It offers access to your remote computer from any PC, Linux, or Mac. Its free trial is available on the website and has five subscription pricing plans Consumer, SOHO for five and ten computer access, Team, and Enterprise. The consumer plan starts from 29.62 US dollars per year.


  • Attended Access
  • Endpoint Cloud Backup
  • Performance Viewer
  • Remote Printing


  • Quick Installation
  • Free Trial
  • Remote access
  • Affordable Pricing Plans


  • Mouse Click Slow
  • Fuzzy Video
  • Not for Large Enterprises

12. Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin is remote maintenance software that can access and control other systems. It allows you to play audio content, remote updates, and installations on any system. It enables file transferring, is a platform for remote training course organizing, and is helpful for presentations.

You can manage your files and store them with a large file storing capacity. It is capable of IT administration as it is valuable and helpful for any business. It has several useful features, such as collaboration tools, file management, and transfer, remote installation, and many more.


  • Chat and Messaging
  • Collaboration Tools
  • File Transfer
  • File Management
  • Remote Update and Installation


  • Remote Access
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Easy to Use
  • Support Large Files


  • Disconnect Automatically
  • Security Issue
  • Unreliable Connection

13. Aeroadmin

Aeroadmin remote desktop software is free and does not need any installation. It is easily combined with multiple users, sharing files, and transferring files. It accesses multiple user accounts for real-time monitoring, as it offers screen sharing and screen activity recording.

It provides you with two-factor authentication and has remote support and installation, which means you can update and install anything remotely. It has access controls and permissions to customize reports and branding. It is beneficial for businesses to see their employee activity with monitoring.


  • File Sharing and Transfer
  • Remote Support
  • Session Recording
  • Unattended Access


  • Free and Easy to Use
  • Fast Setup
  • No Installation Required


  • No Customer Service
  • Slow Browsing
  • Contains Virus and Bugs

14. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop software supports you to access any other device like a computer, tablet, or phone from your device. It comes up with Google’s security and secure infrastructure. It gives you control to connect securely and access applications and local files anywhere and is easy to use.

It comes up with screen sharing with your friends and colleagues. It allows you to see files from your home computer while traveling. It collaborates with two or more individuals and supports mobile access. It helps in businesses and industries and provides customer service to users quickly.


  • Collaboration Tools
  • Mobile Access
  • Multiple Monitor Access
  • Remote Access


  • Easy to Access
  • Highly Secure
  • Fast and Safe
  • Wide Screen


  • Frequently Upgrade
  • No Remotely Rebooting
  • Limited Messaging

15. ShowMyPC

ShowMyPC is a remote access software that supports solutions in online management. It offers you easy, reliable, share screens and use collaboration tools. It has two-factor authentication support, which provides you best fast and secure experience as it is highly configurable for IT professionals.

It is straightforward to use and does not need any installation. You can access any PC and device from home, or you can access to see a file while traveling. You can attend or create video conferences, and it accesses multiple unattended PCs with P2P and RDP support and is easy to use.

It allows anyone to view a remote PC in the browser without downloading or plug-in. It offers to share files easily with its Web-based shared folder. Its starting price is 5.00 US dollars per month and 55.00 USD per year. Its free trial has three subscription pricing plans, Premium, Professional, and Business.


  • File Sharing
  • Device Management
  • Session Transfer
  • Device Enrollment
  • Applications Management


  • High Security for Users
  • Remote Meetings
  • Technical Support


  • No Mac Support
  • Lacks Automatic Rebooting
  • Low Plan Branding
  • Sometime Lags

Final Words

Although Remote Utilities software is best for remote access, platforms support and manage applications. Most customers are satisfied with Remote Utilities Viewer, as its comprehensive range of features and options, but some prefer to use alternatives to this software.

It works smoothly and flawlessly, but only one software cannot complete all user’s needs. This article described other alternative features and pros and cons that help customers choose the optimum and the best option for their personal and individual needs.

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