Best Sewing Pattern Software in 2022

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You often feel frustrated while resizing and restitching the garment to fit you? To avoid this problem, you can create your custom patterns. As the use of the Internet increases, it is quite easy to create your own dress designs. You can control your design from scratch to the final fit. All designing software are not free, you have to pay the fee if you want premium access.

List of Sewing Pattern Software


These CAD software can be used by anyone, who is whether expert or not in designing. The best sewing pattern software helps designers create standard templates for later use and then change them according to the need. Best software comes with tools and features that allow you to create unique patterns with new ideas.


However, while selecting software, you have to check whether it suits you or not. Here we provide the list of Best Sewing Pattern Software for you to create your dress patterns easily and free of cost.

1. Seamly

Seamly is considered the best and easy-to-use website for pattern making. Its latest version provides more advanced sewing pattern tools. This software is free and open to use. It works in two different ways;

  • Seamly 2D
  • SeamlyMe

Seamly 2D is only focused on pattern creating in standard measures. SeamlyMe provides you customization option to add measures according to your need for a pattern. This software offers to save and sell options for designed patterns. The interesting thing is when you input measures, this software adjusts the pattern size according to inputs, and you can see this on your screen.

It is a CAD designer software that offers a wide range of crafting online tools. Seamly has its own active experts panel that answers all users’ questions and allows them to post the final pattern on the platform. They also assist you in exporting and uploading the pattern with the best color combinations. This software also provides the contact us facility and is compatible with both Mac and Windows.

2. Inkscape

Inkscape is considered another excellent vector designing tool for pattern crafting. It is not limited to sewing patterns; it offers every kind of designing techniques along with sewing pattern. This software acts like a drawing tool; you find shapes, angles, and arce to craft the design. This software is based on equations and paths. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It helps you craft any design pattern through its drawing, design operations, and colors tools. The rendering tool can be used to transparent the pattern. Some designing experts offer demo and online courses through software. This software provides help to new users and allows the users to upload their design pattern videos on social media. It allows pencil designing, image joining and layering to create your pattern.

3. Pattern Maker

Pattern Maker is considered the best tool for creating dress patterns. This software has many modules for pattern creating and viewing. You can create a new pattern by joining the different design images. It allows you to visualize your created pattern and save them in your showcase.

It is free software to use, and you can avail endless opportunities to sell your patterns here. You can input your own design material, but numerous template designs are also available to create a new one. It works as an editor tool for sewing patterns. There is a list of viewing for users.

4. Valentina

Valentina is considered the best tool for professional designers and home users. It works like a pattern creating and designing tool. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. This software offers you the choice between colors and styles and drafting the pattern. Color and style options also allow the final preview of the pattern. This tool has a strong support community that provides help to new users. You can create custom patterns on the standard sizes.

Like other drawing tools, this software also offers the tools to help users create sewing patterns with details. It is also having dart and folds tools which helps in designing. You can create custom size patterns as well. This software does not have a library to view pre-made patterns. Like other software, you can share your pattern crafting video on social media. To learn this software, you can see the videos of its experts on social platforms.

5. Fittingly Sew

Fitting Sew is considered the best software for those who want to create their own pattern designs. It has many powerful tools to help the user in designing the patterns. You can use the different templates and sloper patterns to create your new design.

This software also offers custom tools to craft the pattern according to the input measurements. Here you get the drafting option to sketch it on paper. Its editing options makes it easy to create patterns and edit them. It is free and easy-to-use software. To get guidance about using this software, you can view the videos on social media.

6. Dress Shop

Dress Shop is considered an excellent software. It has many famous and essential patterns from the catalog. Standard, as well as custom patterns, can be created through it. This software is not free; you have to pay the fee if you want to use this.

It also provide you with the Fit and Garment option for your pattern. You can use the man and woman measurements to create patterns. It also offers you to create a collar design. This also lets the user create princess line custom patterns. A panel of tools is available for midriff and empire waist.

7. TUKAcad

TUKAcad is considered the best tool to create and print patterns. You can create your own designs easily with its help to select the best design and color combination according to your need. It provides templates to create the pattern. This software completely guides you about the measurements of patterns for the fabric.

It also offers many tools that are used in the process of designing. Markers helps you highlight every style, and you can customize the toolbar according to you. Audio and video help tools are also provided in this software. You can create high-quality and impressive patterns output, but it is not easy to use this software for complicated designs.

8. PatternSmith

PatternSmith is considered the best to get high-quality design patterns. It is automatic computer-calculated nesting software. The main feature is to create the pattern with detail and collaboration. You can create different patterns on many different surfaces. Add any template and alter and elaborate it in any aspect according to your need.

This software has many templates to create a digital pattern with few clicks. With tutorials, you can take guidance about the entire process of creating the pattern. It also provides help in the pattern’s styles, borders, shaping, and color combinations. You can save the pattern on your device, and its automatic clean-up clears the screen.

9. Free Wild Things

Free Wild Things allows you to create your own patterns and share them with others. This software allows you to download the pattern in different formats. It is an easy-to-use software with clear guidance to follow to use it without any hazard. It is free but limited software.

It allows you to create custom-sized patterns, edit them, and print them through this software. It is a good choice if you want to save your money from professional commercial pattern makers.

10. Modaris Quick Estimate

Modaris Quick Estimate is Considered the best 3D pattern creating tool. The main feature of this software is you can scan the fabric for the pattern. It can sense denim, silk, and feminine silk. This software has a neat option to create patterns from your scanned photos. Smart lipo camera is used for this option. You have to input the image and software to create a cloth pattern through it.

This software creates patterns based on your selection and need. You have to select the fabric type, color, and other material options. There is a color management tool and calendar feature. You can print the pattern through a 3D printer. It is not suitable for beginners, as it is not easy to use.

11. Optitex

Optitex is a 2D and 3D pattern-creating software. It allows the user to adjust and alter the existing design according to the client’s requirements. Through this, you can change the pattern’s size, color, style, line, and texture of the pattern and view it in a realistic finish pattern. It is compatible with other common software with an added feature of pattern editing.

This software offers hundreds of built-in designs to create your custom pattern. It also supports many third-party software to sell your professional sewing patterns like eBay. It is expensive software and provides valuable learning sources.

Final Words

Many online Best Sewing Pattern Software are available here; you get the best software readily available for free use. To represent your creativity and design unique patterns, you need to find good software that must be cost-effective. When selecting a Sewing Pattern Software, make sure that it supports a wide range of systems. Both beginners and experts can operate that pattern-creating software.

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