Most exciting Snapchat Filters You Should Know in 2022

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Who doesn’t want to make funny faces and be funky with their pictures? Yes, everyone wants something exciting with their pictures and videos. In the modern era, life has become faster and challenging for everyone. Youngsters always want something exciting or engaging to make their lives happy or entertaining.

Do you want to know what makes it possible? “Snapchat.” Because it is the most exciting application that youngsters mostly use to make their pictures trendy. Previously, the young generation got excited with the launch of this application in 2011 by Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown, and Even Spiegel for Android and iPhone users. They loved clicking photos on Snapchat with different filters and sharing them with their friends and family.

Snapchat has become famous worldwide due to its distinct features listed below:

  • It helps you to access a wide range of filters.
  • It provides you with complete security and privacy.
  • The main feature different from other applications is that the conversation you share will disappear after 24 hours.
  • It also allows you to make your filters according to your location.

The feature that made Snapchat what it is today is its wide range of filters. So, before telling you about the popular Filters, let’s find out what are Snapchat filters.

What does Snapchat Filter mean?

When you take a snap, you can swipe left or right to choose and apply cool Snapchat geo-filters, current time, stickers, weather, location, and a lot more. You can add any of these filters to your snaps to make them fun and appealing.


Popular Snapchat Filters

Snapchat provides you with a wide variety of filters you will enjoy using in 2022, such as basic filters, a good-looking you, comical filters, nightmare filters, lively filters, animal lovers filters, and many more. Below are given some popular Snapchat filters you should know in 2022. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Basic Filters

Basic filters are those filters that we usually use to make a snap. You always want to consider these filters to brighten your photos, adjust contrast, black and white, sepia, etc.

  • Brighten- It helps you to brighten up your image.
  • Black and White- Let you convert your pictures into grey.
  • High Contrast- It helps you to adjust contrast easily.
  • Sepia- It will transform your image into reddish-brown color like old photographs.
  • Temperature Overlay- This let you add a weather forecast into your image.
  • Speed Overlay- You can adjust your video speed according to your need.
  • Altitude Overlay- Altitude Overlay shows real-time data based on your current location.
  • Special Occasion Filters- These are for special occasions like Christmas, Eid, New year, etc.

No makeup mood filters

If you are not in a mood for makeup for a photo or your beard tells your lazy story, but still, you want to be perfect. Snapchat has several filters that will make you look good.

  • “I love you,” Fog- It will transform your snap into a foggy or blurry image.
  • Black and White with Eyeliner and Lipsticks- This filter is only for girls and will automatically apply liner and lipstick to your image.
  • Love Bubbles- This filter will allow users to blow bubbles and cover their heads, or you can play with bubbles floating on your snaps.
  • Black and White with Colored Sunglasses- It will apply Sunglasses to your face and convert your photo into black and white.
  • 50’s Glam- It helps you restore your image in old 50s style by putting on kerchief headbands and red lipsticks.
  • Comic Book Drawing- It will transform you into 3D cartoon characters.


Geofilter is related to your specific location. You can create your filter according to your location. There are numerous Geo filters and Snapchat allows you to create your filter for a special occasion like a Birthday party or wedding event.

There are two types of Geo filters:

  • Community Geofilter- It is a custom filter created by artists or designers for parties, weddings, etc. This filter is free to make, but you have to approve it from Snapchat. To access this, take a picture and swap left-right to see different filters according to your location.
  • On-Demand Geofilter- It is for a specific purpose or created in events, weddings, etc. On-Demand Geofilter can be personal (according to your parties, weddings), or it can be business-related (creating identity or advertisements).

Comical Snapchat Filters

The Comical Snapchat Filter will transform your face into cartoons. These filters are used for fun by the youngsters. People are fond of funny filters because everyone wants to laugh. There are many comic filters.

  • Happy Snapchat Filter- It will turn your face into a smiling face. When will switch on the camera, it will instantly change your look and make your eyes bubblier, and your lips smile.
  • Babyfilter- You can transform into a baby with the help of this filter.
  • Big Mouth and Big Nose Snapchat Filter- After scanning your snap code, three icons will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Select one of them, and you can customize the size of the mouth and nose to shrink and bulge to make it bigger.
  • Voice Changer- You can change voice into different voices like the voice of a baby, robot, etc., with the help of this filter.
  • Fivehead Filter- When you switch on the selfie camera, there will appear a bunch of faces on your head. Those faces were definitely of yours.

Filters to give Nightmare

The use of these filters makes you look terrifying but funny, like zombie or lizard face, etc.

  • Zombie-Like Filter- This filter is very scary for people afraid of zombies. This filter will transform your face into a zombie.
  • Spider on a Face Filter- It was made for kids to scare them. With the help of this filter, the spider will keep crawling on your face.
  • No Face Snapchat Filter- This filter will literary replace your skin with meat.
  • Snapchat Clown Lens- This filter is very much a scary filter for the IT movie fans. With this filter, your face can transform into a clown.

Snapchat Filters for the Animal-lovers

You will love these filters if you are an animal lover. With the help of these filters, you can transform into Animal-like faces.

  • Voice Changing Dear- You will convert into Dear, and it will also change your voice in the video.
  • Animals Ears with Glasses- With the help of this filter, your ears would look like any animal of your choice, whichever you selected.
  • Zebra Face- It will let you transform your look into zebra.
  • Mouse Ears with Cheese- With the help of this filter, your ears will look like mouse ears with cheese.

Snapchat Filters To Live Vicariously

These filters will give you practical life as a Braveheart fighter or plot with flight goggles. Be someone else for a photo.

  • Police Officer- Once you open up a camera, wait seconds to load the filter, and it will add a hat and badge to your photo.
  • Magazine Cover- You wants to become famous (for fun). With the help of this filter, paste your photos on the magazine cover.
  • Firefighter-This filter will allow users to turn themselves into firefighters fighting off a roasting blaze.
  • Elvis- This filter will allow you to turn yourself into Elvis. The lens work by doing a face swap between you and Elvis.
  • Age Yourself-This filter will transform you into an aged girl or a boy with wrinkles and a monocle.

Snapchat lenses

Filters are the effects that will appear when you take a photo, but lenses come to your screens when you are taking a picture. Snapchat also has a wide range of Lenses.

  • The Dog Puppy Filter- It is one of the popular lenses in Snapchat and appears when you show your tongue on screen. This lens will display the dog tongue seemingly licking your phone screen.
  • Classic Flower Crown and Glow- We can also say it is a flower filter, which will put a flowers crown on your head while taking a picture and make your snap more attractive.
  • Bee Filter- It is also one of the popular lenses in Snapchat with which your eyes pop and give you a bee-like antenna and bumblebee stripes.
  • Rainbow Filter- It is the type of lens with which everything you point your camera at will turn into a rainbow.
  • Face Swap- This filter will let you swap your face with another face in your gallery. Snapchat will automatically detect faces from the gallery.

Miscellaneous Lenses

Some of the other lenses are Miscellaneous lenses, the weird lenses that we can not categorize.

  • Sleeping Beauty- You will look like a sleeping beauty in this lens.
  • Broken Mirror- Your image will break by this lens.
  • Fish Face- It will transform your look into fish.
  • Shattered Screen- Your photo will crush into pieces.
  • Cartoon Bunny- A bunny will appear on your selfie.
  • Spa Day- A cucumber will appear on the eyes with a face mask, and towel.

Few trending Snapchat Filters and Lenses

Some of the filters are trending on different social media websites.

  • Babyface Filter- This filter is one of the comic Snapchat filters, which is now trending everywhere on social sites, and everyone is using this filter for fun.
  • Face Swap- It is one of the lenses used to swap your face with others. It is used by everyone nowadays, for exchanging their face with others for fun.
  • Dog Filter- This filter is also trending on social media because most people love this filter.


If you are a Snapchat lover, you probably want to know about different popular Snapchat filters and their features. Snapchat keeps on adding new filters and lenses for its customers. People should know these filters in 2022. In my opinion, the most trending filter of 2019 and 2020 is the Dog Filter, and it is a possibility that Snapchat will remove it in 2022. Some popular filters are given above, try these filters and bring excitement to your pictures.

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