How to Unlock the Stardew Valley Strange Capsule?

Stardew Valley is an incredible mysterious game in which players can get entertained by exploring the secrets and completing the quests. It has many secret objects that players must find to move to the next level. Some of them are easy to find, while the others are deeply hidden, and players need to look closely to find them. The most considerable and attractive secret object for players is Strange Capsule.

This Capsule is not much prominent in old versions, but the latest updated 1.5 version of this game has more probability of revealing the Capsule. Players with the old versions should update their game so they can easily find many secrets (including Strange Capsule) to discover.

The weird Capsule has a different way of discovering it at the farm. The Strange Capsule appears in an event, and to find it and learn more about it, you need to read this article entirely because it has a lot to do with this mysterious thing.

How to Unlock the Strange Capsule?

Strange Capsule can not be found casually on the farm but appear in a particular event. This event occurs randomly and can happen once per year. The players cannot do anything for this event to appear except to leave a tile open on their farm.

In contrast to other events in Stardew Valley like the Flower Dance, the Strange Capsule Event can only occur once per save file. However, the latest version of this game has more chances for the occurrence of this event even on a daily basis.

Players will know when the event started with the unique UFO sound effect that will usually come at bedtime. The next day, they will see a strange vessel in the open tile at the Stardew Valley farm. There can be a special event, but it will only take place if the player puts the Capsule down and leaves it alone for about three to four days of play; the Strange Capsule will turn into a broken Empty Capsule which further will transform into an Easter egg.

What Does the Strange Capsule Do?

Once the Strange Capsule land in your farm, you can leave it, move it, or pick it up with a pickax. You may notice the Capsule is filled with slush andliving objects. If you try to move the Capsule, this shows a narrative as given below:

There’s something fleshy bobbing around in the fluid….

If you placed the Capsule on your farm for three or more days, the Capsule will turn into an Empty Capsule. It will offer you to activate the Easter Egg event attached to this Capsule; another event related to this Capsule and has its own unique description:

“Part of the glass is shattered….”

This is all what you need to know about both types; Strange Capsule and Empty Capsule. When the alien moves out of the Capsule, it becomes empty. Now you can move this Capsule easily and do whatever you want and can place it on your farm, but that would be a weird addition on the farm.

How to Watch the Alien?

Some strange creatures will appear in the farms when the Capsule becomes empty, and players can see them at night. It is like a person’s shadow in black and seems as a ghost, mostly visible at the bus stop or in town. But the best place for this alien is near the Bus stop.

You need to have a sharp eye to see this alien as it will appear for a few seconds. The finding probability of this alien was about 1% before the updated version 1.5, and it has increased for many folds with this new update. To find this alien, you should remember these points:

  • The alien only appears at night, so you should avoid seeking it during the day.
  • The creature is more frequently seen near the bus stop than anywhere else.
  • You should keep an eye out for it in the upper left-hand corner at all times. It is a very brief encounter, and the alien will vanish in a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately, Stardew Valley Update 1.5 is currently available for console and PC gamer, and the update has not yet made its way to mobile. Mobile users may have to wait a little longer for the chance to see a Strange Capsule in their fields.

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