10 Best Truecaller Alternatives in 2022

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When Truecaller launched, it was one of the first applications to carry worldwide caller ID services to smartphones. However, for many years Truecaller has become too bloated. The service collects too much data about calls and contacts. The application is one of the biggest offenders behind a smartphone’s background battery drainage.

Truecaller App – Find out Who’s Calling

Be protected from spam and scams. Truecaller’s Caller ID identifies and blocks rob callers, telemarketers, fraudsters, and other unwanted or unknown phone numbers. The advanced spam detector will automatically stop and protect you from fraudulent calls and SMS, and the phone numbers on this spam list are updated in real-time by millions of users worldwide.

List of Alternatives to Truecaller Application

After Truecaller, there are a lot of call tracking software that can be good alternatives to Truecaller. They can protect your personal data and can provide you with information about the person calling. These are as easy to use as the Truecaller was. Let us discuss them in detail.


1. Whoscall

Gogolook Co. Ltd developed Whoscall to have a safe and trustworthy telecommunication environment. This is a highly recommended phone app with Caller ID & Block function. This app is well known for identifying incoming calls & SMS, blocking nasty spam calls & SMS, and is powered by a massive database with over 1.6 billion numbers.


  • Whoscall can identify unknown calls quickly.
  • It blocks all the spam calls by securing your quality time.
  • You can search & confirm unknown numbers before you dial out.
  • It has a built-in SMS conversation page.
  • You can catch important messages and avoid disturbing one.
  • It can block spam numbers and no longer receive annoying messages.

2. TrapCall

TrapCall’s iOS and Android applications halt spam callers from wasting your time by automatically blocking spam and rob calls from over 100,000 numbers through the frequently updated worldwide spam list. With TrapCall’s original technology, you will always know who is behind an anonymous blocked caller ID. You have to decline the call and let the software work its magic.



  • It can protect your privacy and safety.
  • You can easily find out who is calling from a private, blocked, and unknown number.
  • TrapCall shows you the Caller ID Name.
  • It offers you each unblocked personal number in your call log.
  • It records your incoming calls for evidence.
  • It can blocklist any number so they cannot ring your phone and think your number has been disconnected.

3. Showcaller

Showcaller particularly identifies caller id name and region, unknown incoming calls, and avoids spam, scam, telemarketing, and robocalls. More than 50 Million people trust Showcaller. It is simple, fast, and safe. Your Caller ID can work even offline. It is the most precise & easy-to-use full-Screen Caller ID application that can aid you and rapidly identify the incoming calls that do not belong to your contact list. You can see the true Caller ID name of people who are calling. You can get FREE spam call alerts and block spam phone calls automatically.


  • Caller ID can automatically recognize incoming calls not present in your list.
  • Its automatic spam alerts inform you about incoming spam phone calls from fraud numbers and Block Spam Calls.
  • It can auto-record any incoming & outgoing calls with clear HD quality recording on mutual sides.
  • Its advanced features like reverse Phone lookup will give you the valid caller ID of anyone.
  • It has easy access to your frequently used contacts.

4. Eyecon

Eyecon gives you a private connection rapidly. Sometimes it is more than just a spam call, so Eyecon can keep a call record for you. You can make a significant conversation with friends & people you have recently met. It is not about calls only, but you can chat with your friends all from one place. You can launch a chat on WhatsApp Facebook & even send your friends an SMS from this seamless application. Now Eyecon gives access to the caller’s social network while in-call. Its full-screen caller dialer supports you to see every caller & answer the ones you need only.


  • This app provides contact list management, caller ID, dialer application at one shared place.
  • This app makes it super easy for users to see the name and photo of a person even before the phone rings.
  • This super-amazing app has got all-in-one communication enclosed and entirely automatically.
  • It is not about what all the time; it is about “who,” and of course, it is more than a call always; it is about the person.
  • Eyecon app is based on Facebook and many other social media identifiers, which allow you to see genuine photos and limit all the haphazard calls from the backend.

5. Call Blacklist Pro

Call Blacklist Pro is a Call blocker and an effective SMS blocker. It blocks unwanted calls and spam messages. You can add any number to the blocklist or allow blocking options. If you are exhausted of annoying calls or messages like spam, telemarketing, and robocalls, then “Calls Blacklist” is your solution. It is a very easy and lightweight yet powerful call blocker. Only you have to add annoying numbers to the blocklist.


  • This app provides an entirely functional built-in SMS messenger.
  • You can easily send, receive and manage SMS.
  • You can also manage conversations and block SMS spam using only one application.
  • You can manage all annoying numbers, and even more.
  • Using this app, you can block spammers. And, of course, it is easy to protect blocklisted numbers from the file and import them on another device.

6. Hiya

Hiya provides you reliable protection from fraud numbers and spoof calls, through integrated caller ID. It blocks spam calls for good. You can get FREE spam call alerts and automatically block spam phone calls. Hiya is not only a call blocker, but also it features fraud detection & phone number lookup. Hiya shows you the proper caller ID, so you always know who is on the other end of the line.


  • It blocks spam calls automatically and hassle-free.
  • Whether it is a friend, a robocaller, or a fraud number, Hiya gives you real-time context on who is calling.
  • Automatic spam alerts warn you about incoming spam phone calls from fraud numbers.
  • Using Hiya, you can also report spoof calls to the Hiya community.
  • It has virus protection & phone security that detects fraud numbers for you, so you know when a scammer calls you.
  • You can add names and addresses from Hiya to your phone book contacts.

7. CallApp

CallApp is a mobile app offering call recording, caller ID, and call blocking. It provides related information about the person behind incoming or outgoing calls by utilizing the user’s community-generated content and social networking services. CallApp was created in 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel, by its former CEO, Oded Volovitz. It was initially introduced publicly at the TechCrunch Disrupt New York 2012, where it launched its application for Android.


  • CallApp offers caller ID, which identifies telemarketing, spammers, and robocall numbers, and enables blocking and blocklisting unwanted callers.
  • The app offers the user real-time data about the persons behind incoming or outgoing calls.
  • This app can synchronize your email and calendar, show mutual contacts, and include business information.
  • It also proposes call recording, telephone directory, reverse telephone directory, private browsing, call reminder, car mode, and paid upgrade options.

8. Caller ID

Caller ID permits you to see an incoming caller’s name and number before you answer. There are more about features, containing troubleshooting tips. Caller ID is obtainable in most areas and is included with all Price for Life packages. It can also be bought for a monthly fee. To add Caller ID or upgrade to a Price for Life bundle you have to customize from website.


  • Caller ID permits you to know who is calling. It shows you the number of the caller and the name as well.
  • Your display unit displays the name, date number, and time of the call.
  • After the first ring, the caller’s number and name will appear on the display unit.

9. ViewCaller

ViewCaller is an all-in-one contacts, dialer, and call recorder. This caller ID app proposes influential phone call features that help you identify the genuine Dialer ID behind a mysterious number and avoid spam calls without wasting time. So replace your stock dialer, and bring your dialing practice to the next level.


  • In its T9 Dialer, you can quickly search names & numbers.
  • You can easily view the history.
  • It has an automatically verified Caller ID option.
  • You can do an intelligent search by using ViewCaller.
  • This software can secure your call log and contacts.

10. Numler

Numler – developed by AG Dev, is a caller ID and call blocker app for Android. This application allows the users to recognize incoming and outgoing calls. It permits users to search by name or phone number.


  • You can block unwanted calls by using Numler.
  • Numler can review profiles, and it also offers a chat engine to chat with family and friends.
  • It also allows users to update their phonebooks with new numbers, emails, and photos.
  • The app is free to download. The revenue is generated through in-app purchases and ads.

Final Words

If you need similar apps like truecaller, many apps are working to detect and protect your phone logs and call history. The software mentioned above are the best caller detective application that are being used by people all over the world. These apps are the best alternatives to truecaller apps and have many more features than Truecaller. You can download them and enjoy them.

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