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If you are the one who is addicted to music and have a lot of songs in your phone, then you might be looking out for a Tune-up Media Alternative. Well, it is necessary to have one because a good alternative helps you out to get a better and customize music collection which can be sorted on your phone with minimal effort.

With that being said, we brought you up with some best Tune-up Media Alternatives, which will help you out to get the throng of music tracks sorted. So that you could easily find any music accordingly. These alternatives are pretty much amazing and are highly rated because of their compatibility with every other smartphone.

List of Amazing Tune-Up Alternatives

If we talk about these amazing Tune-up Media Alternatives, then you must have a look at the following substitutes. You are going to find them really helpful because no matter how much collection of music you have. These alternatives will get that collection sorted and provide you with ease so that you won’t get frustrated while playing the music of your choice as per your preference.


1. Jaikoz

Ideally, Jaikoz is popular as a tagger because it identifies the tags of any or every music track within a matter of seconds and gets the collection sorted. It uses the MusicBrainz in order to perform acoustic fingerprints matching and metadata lookups. Moreover, this amazing software is used to edit, organize or correct many tags of the music tracks.

In addition, it comes along with advanced tools which help it to find the tags. Also, it uses the advanced algorithm as well, for that sake. This is very accurate software if you want to know about the tags and metadata of your music track. This is the top one because it supports all the formats, i.e. audio and video, and could find their tags as well. The best thing about this highly-rated platform is that it includes a user-friendly interface, drag and drop feature, and the most important thing is that it is free for everyone.


2. Tunexplorer

Then, there comes another software named Tunexplorer. It comes in the top picks regarding best Tune-up media alternatives. This awesome software can mix up all the tracks of your favorite music if you like. Also, it offers you both harmonic mixing and beat-matching. In addition, it can find the key to any or every song.

Furthermore, it can analyze the songs in a very accurate way. After that, you can save the key of that track and the bpm value as well, in an appropriate manner, for later use. It optimizes the latest multi-core CPU and ensures a significant performance rate.

3. SongKong

It is first-class software that entertains you with its incredible features. It is actually known as the compelling music tagger. This outstanding software helps you to manage, organize, and delete all the junk collections of your music track. It is developed by music producers in a highly professional manner.

The core feature of this amazing software is that you can get all the information about the artist, cover music albums, etc. You can easily add or delete a music track here. It will sort out the collection of tracks and offer you to do all these tasks on a single screen. The interface of this software is quite user-friendly. Moreover, if you delete a file by mistake, you can find it later from the deleted files section.

4. BeatScanner

Coming forward in the list of best Tune-up media alternatives, we have a highly rated application named a BeatScanner, which can do all the tasks in a very appropriate manner. More specifically, this application is used for the scanning of a music collection that is already installed. Moreover, you can organize the bpm value here as per your preference. It is a very efficient application and offers you multiple options to detect/analyze a beat of the music.

You can use an automated way to analyze a beat. Or, if the system is not able to detect the beat, then you can even use a manual tool for that purpose, just by tapping on the option “create the bpm.” It has a very simple and understandable interface which is easy to use. In addition, it is light in weight, thus making itself worth installing in your operating system.

5. Tunebat

It is the simplest and easiest software to use. Ideally, this software is designed for the DJs, music producers, and music addicts who love any or every beat of the music tracks. Tunebat is actually known as the web-based song key and bpm database provider. If we talk about the core feature of this outstanding software, it has a collection of almost 40 million music tracks that you can freely explore, download, share and enjoy.

The main thing that makes it different from all other software is that you can even discover the harmonic mixing tracks or all the other tracks, i.e. beat-matching as per your own choice. Moreover, you will find several categories here thus, this software allows you to choose the track accordingly.

6. BeatMark X

Another fascinating software in the list of top alternatives for the Tune-up media is BeatMark X. It is specifically designed for Operating Systems. This stupendous software allows you to sync the high-resolution video edits according to the rhythm of your music track. It is really easy to use, requiring no technical knowledge. It offers you the display of bpm, as well, thus having a very simplified look.

Furthermore, you will get an option of drag and drop so that it will be easy for you to work with multiple files at a time. Also, you can easily sort out the collection of your music track in no time with this wonderful option. In short, BeatMark X is an extravagant software to install and sync videos edits.

7. Audio Depude

It is the most efficient software in the list which can discern the duplicate files, no matter in which manner or format they are sorted. This software will recognize the files even if they are not marked with the ID3 tags. Basically, it is an alternate software of Tunebat and includes almost all its features while coming along with some new tools, which make it much more valuable.

With this amazing software, you can now easily find all the similar or duplicate files in any folder or even in the sub-folders. It is the fastest one as it performs its task in a matter of seconds and gets them marked so that if you want to delete them, there will be no complications.

8. Audio Beat Detector

This highly amazing software is used to detect the bpm value of all the music tracks at the same time. It is a very trifling software that includes some advanced tools which are much more efficient. These tools help that software to detect the beat per minute file in no time, requiring minimal effort. The interface of this software is very simple and understandable to every user. In addition, you can add the music track of your choice to it by just clicking on the browsing button.

This bewildering software supports almost any or every type of format, i.e. FLAC, MP3, WMA, WAV, etc. It is popular because of its core features which are the playing and pausing of the audio and video files. Along with that, you can view the waveform and check out the current audio files which are being played on the real beats.

9. BeaTunes

Next, we have another amazing music solution that intends to entertain you with its abounding features. BeaTunes is actually a cross-platform which is available for both Windows and Mac OS devices. It includes the advanced algorithm which helps this software to analyze the music track in a very short period of time. This analysis is basically for the metadata of your music track like tempo, key, color, etc., in order to know what actually is inside the file.

This software is perfect for DJs and music lovers. In addition, it allows you to analyze, inspect, play, and create a playlist according to your taste. You can also create some remixes and mashups of your favorite music tracks.

10. Kid3

This is just another alternative of Tune-Up media which allows you to generate and edit tags of every music track. Kid3 isfree and open-source, supporting all the formats, i.e. WAV, MP3, MP4, MP2, MPC, etc. Also, you can easily generate the file names for tags. Furthermore, it is a cross-platform which can be accessed on Windows, Linux, and MAC.

The most important thing about this top-class software is that you can add, edit or remove unlimited files without any effort. You can even import a complete playlist at the very same time, which ultimately means that your time is being saved. If we talk about its further features, it includes the conversion of tags, their renaming and creation of directories, automation of tasks using QML, and the edit of lyrics, accordingly.

Final Words

Above mentioned are some bewildering software and applications as the Tune-up Media alternatives. They all are pretty amazing and could help you out in different and incredible ways, like sorting out the list of your music tracks, addition or removal of any track, etc. You can create mashups and remixes of the songs. These Apps and Software are designed especially for music enthusiasts, DJs, and music producers.

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