15 Best Whiteboard Fox Alternatives in 2023

Edited by Sanam Nayab • By Ahmad Hassan • Updated on November 24, 2022

Whiteboard Fox is a web-based tool to help business and educational institutes in virtual learning and presentations. The tool is popular because of its simplicity, design, and perfectness. It provides all the essential features that are necessary during a presentation.

Whiteboard Fox allows hosts to perform freehand drawing, add embed photos, alter text, and replay videos. It facilitates by providing video tutorials for training purposes. It also supports the Software as a service (SaaS) and cloud platform other than the web.

The solution helps teachers organize classes for remote activity and emphasize the content on the virtual Whiteboard by using highlighters and pinch-to-zoom gestures. Different pricing is available on request and support is provided via email.


Why Users want Whiteboard Fox Alternatives?

Whiteboard fox has some unique features, such as it allows users to create sketches and share them virtually with other team members. It has a user-friendly interface and offers 60+ pre-designed templates with snapshot ability and many more.

Along with these plus points, the Whiteboard Fox also has some drawbacks. It lacks desktop or mobile application support. Moreover, it does not have any customer care service available until now. That is the reason the users tend to look for its alternatives based on their needs and demands.


List of Whiteboard Fox Alternatives

Keeping an eye on the services and features provided by Whiteboard Fox, here is the collection of 15 Best Whiteboard Fox Alternatives is presented in this article, along with these features, pros, and cons. This way, users can opt for the most optimum one per their expertise.

1. Cr4yon

Cr4yon is a tool that helps the user to experience the same feel as the real-life Whiteboard. It is good at its user interface and user experience. It is an advanced Virtual whiteboard for the communities. The user just needs to go to their website enter the name and start using the service.

If you are looking for a simple, perfectly working virtual whiteboard for your presentations, Cr4yon is here for you. The HTML Canvas is provided for drawing as well as for adding texts. No Login/Signup is required to start it. So, due to the lack of Login, the users cannot save their customized layout setting.


  • Web-Based Platform
  • Downloadable Files
  • HTML Unlimited Canvas


  • Easy Collaboration
  • Simple to Use
  • Easy to Understand
  • Very Light and Handy
  • Start Working Immediately


  • No Dashboard Customization
  • Cannot Export Document
  • Poor Interface Designed

2. Miro

Miro is a feature-enriching virtual Whiteboard that is available on all platforms like Android, Desktop, Website, and iOS. It has all the features a user can expect from such software. The company claims to have over 25 Million clients, including many international companies like CISCO, and Hewlett Packard enterprises.

The Features and the UI provided here are really nice and useful. It makes the presentation easy for the presenter that might be a teacher or salesperson. Also, it makes it easy to understand for the audience because of its animations and color scheme. It offers easy integration with all operating systems.

Miro tools come with an infinite pinch and zoomable canvas for limitless learning. It also provides templates for making flowcharts and diagrams along with many features. The tool can be used free of cost, but advanced features require some bucks.


  • Templates Available
  • Data and Process Storage
  • Easy Platform Integration


  • Presentation Made Easy
  • Colorful Interface
  • Export Option Available
  • Real-Time Collaboration


  • No Free Version
  • Posting Direct Hyperlinks
  • Limited Load Content

3. IDroo

IDroo is also an emerging whiteboard fox alternative. It comes with a huge number of features in the paid version. In the free version, all the essential features are provided. The company claims to be a Whiteboard, especially for Educational purposes. This tool also provides a Login/Signup feature for convenience.

The tool provides all the features a student and teacher require for an online/home-based education flow. One of the best features of IDroo is that users can easily chat with the participants. Users can log in by also using their social media accounts like Google+ and Facebook.

The Real-time In-chat feature is great for discussion of the topic. For more accuracy and convenience in delivering a lecture, the company also provides different fonts for text and opacity control. The single-click export feature makes it even more reliable.


  • Real-Time Chat
  • Import/Export Available
  • Equation Tools
  • Auto-Save Progress


  • Attach Documents and Images
  • Vector Graphics
  • Templates for Flowcharts
  • All Devices Support


  • Only For Teachers
  • Time-Consuming Animations
  • Expensive Paid Version

4. Whiteboard Team

Whiteboard Team is an overall solution to design any type of virtual presentation. It can be the user’s business need or student/teacher interaction. Whiteboard Team provides all the features and is considered as one of the best alternatives. Users just need to go to the website and start using the Whiteboard.

To share this Whiteboard with other users, you just need to share a unique whiteboard ID. Moreover, the whiteboard team provides the Real-time updated data to the second user. It updates all the new features accordingly. A teacher can easily take a class of about 100 students by using this tool.


  • Real-Time Updates
  • Save Design Progress
  • Audio Instruction
  • Chat Language Translation


  • Handwriting Improvement
  • Grids Provided for Improvement
  • Upload Handwriting Work
  • Free Training Webinars
  • Widgets and Templates


  • No Offline Mode
  • Limited Educational Tutorials
  • Poor Customer Service

5. RealtimeBoard

RealtimeBoard is specially created for those institutions or organizations which are completely remote-based. It is a way of communication between a client and a businessman. Just for record-keeping, it saves all the data, like images, documents, textual data, and chats.

This tool is for those who rely on different SaaS platforms and apps to get their work done daily. Instead of giving its users a blank canvas, RealtimeBoard provides about 50% of premade material for convenience and provides a complete assistance guide.

For Brainstorming purposes, it also provides a digital form of Sticky Notes to note down minor points and observations while taking lectures or giving any presentations. These unique features make this tool outstanding, and all these features are cost-effective for users.


  • Automatic text Addition
  • Real-Time Data Syncing
  • 50% Premade Data


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Many Guides Available
  • Millions of Satisfied Customers


  • Only Web-Based
  • Not for Small Screen Devices

6. Rye Board

Rye Board is an online platform for creating and sharing visual and textual content. This tool is mainly used to interpret ideas into pictorial form with ease. A user can easily draw some pictorial representation of anything by using this tool and sharing it with someone.

Rye Board is popular due to its unique approach. It is used to communicate between students and teachers, especially architects for students. All the features that can be helpful in brainstorming, development of ideas, and their transformation in presentable form, are provided in this tool.

The unique feature of Rye Board is that more than one user can draw something or put their ideas on the board at a time. This feature allows many users to contribute their part in making an assignment together, just like the real-life Whiteboard.


  • Ideas in Pictorial Form
  • Synchronized Cards
  • Effective Learning Technique


  • Easy and Powerful Tool
  • Mind-Mapping
  • Large Libraries and Templates
  • Easy to Use


  • Difficult to Understand
  • Might be Inconvenient
  • Everything is Paid

7. Stormboard

Stormboard is a completely web-based brainstorming and planning software. It is designed to help remote businesses in capturing new ideas, effective communication of teams and persons. It comes with exciting features that help users share ideas, share new strategies, and join meetings remotely.

It gives a secure data transfer link that is 256-bit SSL encrypted. This tool is available on many platforms like android, iOS, Windows, and Web. It covers all types, including small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and enterprises. It provides customers services 24/7 as well as available on mobile.


  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Idea Presentation
  • Define Objectives
  • Project Planning
  • Secure Communication
  • Assign the Tasks


  • Project Review
  • Slack and OneDrive Integration
  • Multiple Editing Tools
  • Prioritize Ideas


  • Expensive Subscription Plans
  • Desktop Mac Unavailable
  • Bugs Reported

8. Whiteboard

Whiteboard is a cloud-based software for team collaboration and communication of new ideas. It allows its users to brainstorm and share the solutions to problems by providing tools such as a pencil, eraser, etc. It is used to manage tasks in a team across multiple locations.

All these provided services are web-based and users do not need to install any software on their device. The sharing of the data with users in real-time and due to its simplicity in design and accuracy. It is popular in the presentation design market due to its large number of features and easy dashboard.

This tool also provides the Slack plugin for the user to communicate and share documents, images, and charts easily without switching to any other application. This tool is helpful despite the size of the business you are using it for, and for getting premium features, users have to pay.


  • Collaboration Tools
  • Sketching and Annotation Tools
  • Digital Canvas
  • Email Integration


  • Cloud and SaaS Availability
  • Service for All Businesses
  • Effective Plugins


  • Not For iOS Users
  • No Desktop Application
  • Pre-Load Content

9. A Web Whiteboard

A Web Whiteboard known as AWW is a platform for students, teachers. People in business and their clients. They use this tool for effective communication purposes. This tool contains many useful features. It is a touch-friendly whiteboard tool provided by the company Miro.

It is used for drawing, team collaboration, and sharing any type of content. It is designed for any business, educational institute, or organization. The users can also invite team members or clients to collaborate. It can be done just by sharing a single URL link.

This tool also can be used for uploading and annotating the documents, presentation, and selective control over the accessibility to a particular whiteboard. Users just have a computer and internet connection to benefit from these features. It is an easy-to-use, lightweight, and user-friendly tool.


  • No Installation Required
  • Create PDF and PPT Files
  • Third-Party Integration


  • 14 Days Free Trial
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Premium Offering
  • Built-in Editing Tools
  • Upload & Share Files


  • Slow Processing
  • Posting Direct Hyperlinks
  • Outdated Features

10. OpenBoard

OpenBoard is a multiplatform downloadable software that can be very helpful, especially for remote-based companies and organizations. You can create, modify and share all types of documents, including Docx, PDF, XML, and so on. Users just need two things an internet connection and a computer to do all tasks.

It is specially made for education purposes as it can be used in the school classroom and university presentation. It is free software so all of its services are free of cost. It can be downloaded on Windows, Ubuntu, and also the macOS. The developers keep updating this tool by fixing bugs for better performance.


  • Educator Access
  • Zooming The PDF
  • Laser Point Diameter
  • Updating Continuously


  • Multilingual Platform
  • Animation Library
  • Email Helpdesk
  • Training Videos


  • Bugs Reported
  • No Documentation Provided
  • No Training Webinars

11. Ziteboard

Ziteboard is a web-based platform for drawing chats and other figures, especially for business analysis purposes. It is full of the features like creating, editing and sharing these charts, graphs, and descriptive figures. It is a value to money tool that is helpful for remote businesses.

It is a complete collaboration solution for creating and sharing blueprints. These files can be easily shared with colleagues, students, or clients. The user can also efficiently conduct Audio/Video conferences and invite the participant just by sharing a single URL link or a meeting ID.

Users can also import/export the data, upload documents, and import/export contacts. The software’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to understand and start working immediately. Most of its users who reviewed it have appreciated its UI. All the features are provided at a very low price.


  • Cloud and SaaS Availability
  • Real-Time Editing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Vector Graphics
  • Sharable Board URLs


  • Cost-Effective Services
  • Good for Small Businesses
  • Discussion Forums
  • Free Trial Version
  • Live Customer Support


  • No Training Webinars
  • Complex Integration
  • Unstructured Interface

12. Deekit

Deekit is a web-based software solution for remote teams to share ideas. The user can brainstorm together, discuss some complex problems or production. Users can Plan, design, Sketch, Explain the workflow using flowcharts and take visuals. An unlimited canvas is provided for collaboration notes for the user and the team.

Users can write, draw, edit and share the content easily in real-time. Deekit is available on all devices, Desktop, Tablet, and also mobiles. It is also compatible with projects or Smart TVs. Despite many other features, and the best part is that it works on even slow internet.


  • Drawing Tool
  • Pin Notes
  • Add Textual Data
  • Upload Files


  • Import/Export Files
  • Access Management
  • Templates for Anything
  • Real-Time Editing


  • Interface Not Updated
  • Discontinued Services
  • No Live Support

13. Conceptboard

Conceptboard is a workplace where users come together to brainstorm innovative ideas. Here on this tool, they can also collaborate on projects and documents. It is like a centralized system where every member can contribute. It is designed for all-sized businesses to scale up their productivity.

A Neat infinite canvas is provided for the users to perform their tasks and interpret their ideas visually. The tool is well-known because of its customer satisfaction and acceptability. Many of the top companies are clients of Conceptboard. One of them is Wikimedia.

It is helpful for all kinds of meeting like Business meetings or some classes for educational purposes. In Short, it conveys information that can be one-to-many, many-to-one. This tool also collaborates with other tools like Google Suite and Microsoft Suite.


  • Live Cursor
  • Infinite Canvas
  • Drawing Tool
  • API Integration


  • Comments and Sticky Notes
  • Audio & Video Calls
  • Presentation Mode
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Easy Board Sharing


  • Unavailable for Windows
  • Lacks Mobility
  • Expensive Subscription Plans

14. Jamboard

Jamboard is a web-based software solution for the remote collaboration of team members. It was developed by the World’s largest search Engine Company Google. It is very popular among its competitors. It allows its user to visualize their ideas and help them to share them with other team members.

Google provided a very attractive and easy-to-understand User Interface in Jamboard. Nowadays, every business or student uses Google. It is a tool from Google, so it will be very easy to collaborate it with other Google products like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, etc.

A User can sketch the ideas, edit, share, add images, import/export documents, and communicate with others by using this tool. Moreover, Jamboard is available for every device. You can have it on Tablets, Smartphones, and Desktop Computers with complete cost-effective support.


  • Host Video Meetings
  • Content Mobility
  • Collaboration with Google Calendar


  • Very Stable Editing
  • Real-Time Interaction
  • Smart Display
  • Email Helpdesk


  • Mandatory Google Account
  • Not Available for Windows
  • No Free Trial Version

15. Scribblar

Scribblar is a tool that provides the facilities like a virtual classroom, whiteboard, instant messaging, and sharing of content between classmates or team members. It is a collaborative virtual classroom tool for remotely attending classes or any type of meeting.

It offers all the features required for effective online learning and a secure transfer of information. It is considered the perfect tool for online tutoring purposes. It is being used by learners, trainers, and tutors around the globe widely. The interactive Whiteboard is the main reason for its popularity.


  • Voice Call Facility
  • Built-in Instant Messaging
  • Presentation Mode
  • Real-time Feedback


  • Cloud-Based Software
  • Analysis Reports
  • Free Trial Available
  • Real-Time Whiteboard


  • Only Available Online
  • Not Downloadable
  • No Customer Support Available

Final Words

In the above discussion, all the Whiteboard Fox Alternatives are discussed in detail, along with their pros and cons and working methodology. Most of them are paid and you have to purchase them to design presentations. You can opt for any one of them based on your needs and financial resources.

Every single Tool mentioned above has its original unique qualities and also some drawbacks. If your company or school has enough budget, they can go with Google Jamboard which is trusted by millions of users, plus it has the easiest and fastest collaboration with other Google Suit Services.

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