10 Best Zombie Games for PS3 in 2022

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Do you know? In the gaming world, the enemy that will last forever is Zombies. Zombies are the undead people and generic foes. Zombies wander in their surroundings to eat human brains. There is scarcely a game that does not have a Zombie-like feature. They can be hidden in a secret multiplayer mode of the game. Zombies exist everywhere, and the players enjoy killing them provided with a vast collection of weapons.

Zombies have efficient smelling sense, and they may attack you or your best friend. If Zombie bites you, you will also turn into Zombie. In these games, the players have to act as a life-saver for themselves and others, collect resources and kill Zombies. The environment of the game is vicious.

Are you searching for the best Zombie games for PS3? Following is provided the list of the best Zombie games compatible with PS3.


1. The Last of Us

Naughty Dog is the developer of this game, and he provides a list of Zombie games for the fun. The plot involves spread of a severe infection sometime in the past and has changed humans into brainless creatures, a boy and girl are fighting for survival. Zombies are not only the one enemy in this game. There are cad military units, cruel military commands, and hunter groups.

The Last of Us has an open-world environment to move freely for survival. The game shows that your decisions can highly effect the environment of the game. All your actions cost something and significantly effect the story of the game. The Stealth-based theme is a great challenge for the player. This game involves real-world like features that you might can control. Its video and audio quality is excellent.


2. Dead Island

Dead Island is also compatible with PS3 and is a undead people game. The game is developed by Techland, and published by Deep Silver. This game is also based on an open environment. In this game, you are shifted to a beautiful Island and are attacked by undead people on that land. You have to stay on the land, and fight against the enemies.

This game allows you to equip temporary weapons from average daily items to save yourself from the undead creature. When you enter into an open fight, you have to find your way through completing the levels. You also have to upgrade your gaming character. This game has a 4-player mode, so you do not have to face all the hurdles alone.

3. Resident Evil

Resident Evil is a series based game and supports PS3. This game was created and published by Capcom. The theme of this game is there is a tour ship in which a Queen was swamped by Zombies. In this game, there is also a secret virus discovered. You have to travel in Africa searching for a biological expert responsible for changing humans into infected beings. In this game, you have to combat undead people and other gangs of foes for your existence.

This game consists of scenarios and episodes. To transform your character in this game, you have to solve the puzzles, find keys, and defeat the bosses. There is also a 2-player mode called Raid Mode. In this mode, you have to fight in different scenarios and earn points to level up your weapons and more powerful enemies.

4. Dead Nation

Dead Nation is a PS3 compatible game developed by Super Stardust HD, Finnish studio Housemarque, and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. This game is based on the imaginary distressed world attacked by the Zombies catastrophe. It is a story of traveling from a Dr. Lab to a hospital. Different Zombies with different aptitudes attack humans for one reason to kill them. In the hospital, you have to find the cure for infected people.

The feature of the game is, you can select male and female hero roles. This game has ten levels with many types of zombies. Within seconds, you get attacked by the gang of undead people. The players have to position their ground as the time impasses besides an unending attack of Zombies. Its shooting view is top-down, with many weapons having an upgrade-able features. You can get this game online and offline in 2-player mode.

5. Dead Space

Dead space is a series based Horror-Survival game. It is a third-person action shooter and stealth game. In this game, you have to create a team. As the level increase, you have to fight with more prevailing and toxic enemies. In the game a spaceship hit the planet, it turn people into the Necromorphs (undead people). The main feature is a Rig suit which increases your exploring and targeting capacity.

There is a list of enemies in the game, and you have to kill all those enemies along with Necromorphs. As they are undead people shooting in the stomach do not affect them, instead aim at their heads. Features of the game are, you have a massive weapon collection, many techniques to stealth, excellent visual effects, improved technicalities, and a great storyline.

6. Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies

The Call of Duty Ops is a PS3 compatible Zombie game and developed by Treyarch. Blood-soaking is the main feature of undead people in this video game. Zombie mode is again designed in the Black Ops. Do you know? Zombies mode is again included in this game. In its Green Run feature, you get three sub-maps.

This game has three-player modes named TranZit, Grif, and Survival. Grif is the mode in which both players play against each other. The TranZit mode is a 1-4 player mode, in which you can fight with new enemy characters in an open war environment. In the Survival mode, you can enjoy a typical multiplayer game to fight for your survival with groups of foes.

7. Dead Rising

Dead Rising is designed by the Blue Castle Game and published by Capcom. It is also an open-world Zombie game for PS3. In this game, your character is named Greene. The game story starts as Greene walks into a city with her daughter, who gets bitten by a Zombie. To stop her transformation into Zombie, Greene has to give her the cure. There is a timeline you have to complete the task find the cure, help survivors, and fight with foes.

In all this, you have to solve the mystery puzzle. In the game world, in order to find the cure, Greene has to fight against Zombies by using weapons and techniques. When you kill a Zombie, you earn points and other perks and your weapons will upgrade. In this game, you get more than 7000 Zombies to fight against them. This game provides you with challenges filled with thrill, enough to entertain you.

8. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an American dreadful TV post-apocalyptic series by Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman, and Charlie Adlard—together creating the core of The Walking Dead franchise.The series features a large collaborative cast as survivors of a zombie catastrophe trying to stay alive under the constant threat of attacks from zombies known as Walkers. However, with the collapse of recent evolution, these survivors must oppose other human survivors who have shaped groups and communities with their own laws and morals.

The Walking Dead is a tale story based on episode-wise adventures. It is available in the Comic series by Robert Kirkman and supports PS3. You have to control the main character and starts exploring the world. You can relate the objects, get yourself in discussions with AI and NPCs, and you can change the course events and endings. The second episode of the game consists of 400 days of playtime in a world full of Zombies.

9. Burn Zombie Burn

Burn Zombie Burn is considered the best video game developed by Doublesix, supporting the PS3 third-player game. Its main character is named “Brue,” who wanders in the open game world and fights with Zombies. It is a downloadable game to play and enjoy. The only thing you have to do in this game is to kill the maximum number of Zombies.

To kill Zombies, your character Brue can use different war weapons and techniques. This game has six levels filled with action and thrill. The game also has the feature of the multiplayer mode in which you can play with your friends. Here you can play in a team-up mode against the Zombies. This game is full of actions and entertaining.


Infamous is a PS3 supporting video game developed by Sucker Punch Production. It is considered as the complete package of action and adventure. It is a series-based game. This game follows the same pattern of the first version. The theme of this game is based on the war-ground Zombies like creatures also known as the Beasts.

You are in the human character having some special abilities to fight with the Beasts. You have to kill the maximum number of the Beasts to get power and weapons upgraded. This game is appealing, and has pretty charismatic gameplay, excellent graphics, and a friendly user interface. It is a single-player game. Other Zombie games include Absorbed Series (Absorbed 1, Absorbed 2, Absorbed 3 etc.)

Final Words

If you are having Play Station 3 and you want to enjoy Zombie games, above mentioned is the list of the best Zombie games for you. After reviewing this article, you will get an idea about the best Zombies games for PS3. These games are designed on action-based thrills for the players to get entertainment and chills. However, you can enjoy any game from the above list as all the mentioned games are free and full of entertainment.

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