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How to Remove Nominated By On Clubhouse?


If you are a clubhouse user, you get the notification as Nominated By @___ section under your profile with the name and profile image of the person who nominated you. The Clubhouse is a social audio chatting app that you can use on both Operating Systems to link with the people Worldwide and to communicate with them via audio chat rooms.

You can also join the numerous groups on this app and have fun with clubhouse flags. Many people do not like this nomination to be shown at their profile just because of privacy concerns, or they do not want to be nominated. And people search for how to mute yourself on Clubhouse. You can not directly use the app by creating the account; someone has to nominate you then you can use this app.

Now, everyone can create and use an account on this app. if you had started using this app in 2021, you did not get this option. To provide the users with the solution for How to Remove Nominated By On Clubhouse there, we are presenting the methods in this guide.


Method to Remove Nominated By On Clubhouse

If you are an old user and get Nominated by @___ option, then you will definitely search for how to mute yourself on Clubhouse or How to Remove Nominated By On Clubhouse, these two questions. But the methods you will get are long and complex.

But here we are presenting the best and easy method that you can use for How to Remove Nominated By On Clubhouse. Go through the guide and steps with methods to get the best and instant solution for the issue.

Can You Remove Nominated By on Clubhouse?

Until now, there is no direct method you can use to remove the nominated by @___ tag from your profile. But you can say the app to remove it from your profile. For that, you just have to submit the request like clubhouse remove nominated by from the profile. But keep in mind that it is not guaranteed that the app instantly removes the nomination.


Then the other method is you can leave the account instantly and create the new one for yourself; then, this will not display the Nominated by tag on your profile. This app is not for the invite-only feature. But to make a new account, you are required;

  • A New mobile number
  • New username
  • New password

But if you want to use your old credentials, then you must have to delete the previous account permanently. To delete the account, you have to consider the mentioned things;

  • Wait for 30 days to permanently delete the account.
  • Username and number are not available to use before 30 days.

Final Words

That is all! These are the tricks and tips that you can use to remove the nomination by tag from your profile. There is no direct method that you can use, but these tricks are also working. But you have to wait for 30 days to remove the account and create the new one.

These methods are simple and easy compared to all other complex methods and are presented in the simple wording to comprehend easily. You can use these methods and also share them with others clubhouse users to help them in solving the same issue.