30 Best Male Disney Characters List with Pictures in 2022

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Animated characters are one of those who bring liveliness to imaginary characters, and everyone loves to watch animated movies because it comes up with visual effects that attracts kids especially. Anime characters are also based on fictional or imaginary characters for your enjoyment.

It is said that Disney has reprocessed animations in multiple movies like Robin Hood, a Disney movie, and Phoney King is looked the same. But some also claim that the male characters of Disney seem to be fascinating as some of them are brave and some are fearful.

Disney movies or cartoons remind us about our childhood memories, as we all grow up either by listening to Disney Cartoons or either watching them, and also we all want to go to the Disney World.


A few years back, kids used to say that female Disney characters were the best because that princess has Strength, loyalty, and bravery like Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and many more, as almost all of us have seen these movies.

But now the trend changed, and kids’ perceptions also changed; now they thought that Disney cartoons were not just about females, male characters were also essential. In Disney movies, where female characters are given importance, the male characters hold significance in their ways because male characters are also very much courageous.


List of Famous Male Disney Characters

Disney always comes with a unique and motivational story hidden behind every character. Every Disney character holds a vital purpose in the story. There are many male Disney characters, and a few are enlisted below:

1. Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians)

Jackson Overland Frost, also known as Jack Frost, is a fictional character from Rising of the Guardians. Jack Frost can manipulate ice and snow and is an immortal supernatural being. He has a rebel personality wandering without a cause, but he becomes a true Guardian when discovering his life purpose. He has a spirit of winter means by magic, he can easily freeze anything.

Some of the attributes of this character are: He is one of the Disney characters that have the power to fly. He is also a skilled runner and can run fastly anywhere. He can combine martial arts with free running in a fight. He can attract others with the tricks he used to do with snowballs and snowflakes for fun or enjoyment.

2. Hiro Hamada (Big Hero 6)

Hiro Hamada is a young boy featured in the movie Big Hero 6. Hiro is a boy who lived in San Fransokyo and was raised by his elder brother Takashi. After the death of his brother, he lost hope until he found the robot built up by his late brother. He and his robot companion Baymax fought against evil. Baymax and Hiro became partners and fought against evil together.

Some of the attributes of this character are: He has the Power to generate discoveries because he is highly innovative. He uses a tiny computer to track, hack and program many things. He has magic pads on their suits to generate magic waves to help him stick to metallic surfaces. He has a mini magnet that would help him in a fight.

3. Kristoff (Frozen)

Kristoff Bjorgman is a Sami outdoorsman featured in the Disney film Frozen. He worked as an ice harvester with his reindeer Sven. He was an orphan raised by a colony of trolls in the mountains. By the end of their quest to find Princess Elsa and bring her home, Kristoff developed a romantic relationship with Princess Anna and was welcomed into the royal family of Arendelle.

He is one of the outdoor men and lives on mountains in ice. He is one of the strongest men with the power to fight with the enemy. He is a Disney character who follows his own rules. He dares to put his life at risk to save his princesses.

4. Simba (The Lion King)

Simba is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, destined to rule the Pride Lands as King. When his evil brother, Scar, murdered his father, Mufasa, Simba was banished from the Pride Lands after his uncle tricked him and persuaded him to blame his father’s death. Simba fought back Scar and regained his lost pride and land at the end.

He began to live in a jungle oasis with Timon and Pumbaa, who raised him as his adoptive fathers. Other names of Simba are King Simba, Little Simba, etc. He loves to tease Zazu, rivalries, Authority, eating foods, swimming, and more in cartoons.

5. Eugene Fitzherbert (Tangled)

Eugene Fitzherbert is also known as Flynn Rider and is the handsome thief and captain of the guard. At first, he was a kind of backstabber and selfish person but began to change as he spent time with Rapunzel, a very kind heart and loving person. He appeared as the fictional character heartthrob of the Disney animated feature movie, Tangled.

He has the Power of Muscularity and uses Sword and Fryingpan to kill the foe. In a movie, he has many likes and dislikes like camping, beating others, foodstuff and dislikes Authority, secrets, snow, getting his clothes unclean, fortune teller, and many more.

6. Olaf (Frozen)

Olaf is a snowman built by Princess Anna in the Disney movie Frozen. Olaf is a benevolent enchanted snowman. He can reassemble his body and is always quirky in his love for summer and all things hot. Olaf was extremely warm-hearted and a lively snowman. He likes warm hugs and guards Princess Elsa’s snow castle.

It has the power and ability to disassemble itself at will. Olaf likes ice cream, fruit cake, kittens, reading, dancing in frozen series. It dislikes yellow patches of snow, wearing clothes, being pushed away, and melting ice in cartoons.

7. Prince Charming (Cinderella)

Prince Charming appeared in Disney’s 1950 animated feature film, Cinderella. He was a dashing and handsome prince of a faraway kingdom. Charming falls in love with a mysterious and beautiful maiden on the night of the ball, and the girl flees the castle before he can ask the name and leaves a glass slipper behind.

The enamored Charming decided to use the slipper to find and marry his true love. He, in the end, married the mystery maiden named Cinderella. He has a power of swordsmanship, Horseback riding, likes dancing, rail, Balls, and dislikes his father’s stubbornness.

8. Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

Born as a prince but cursed by a witch and turned into a monster, Beast was a fictional Disney character who appeared in The Beauty and the Beast. He was punished for being selfish and arrogant and can only be turned back to humans after kissing his true love. He realized his mistakes and turned into a better person later. Later, he found Bella, and they fell in love.

He is a beast with unbelievable Strength, speed, roars, and animal-like qualities. He likes silence, books, classical music, birds, Christmas and dislikes, Invaders, strangers, rebellion, and gloomy music.

9. Aladdin (Aladdin)

Aladdin was a poor but lively young boy who appeared in the Disney movie Aladdin. He has a monkey named Abbu. He was a fearless and energetic young boy and became wealthy after finding Genie by rubbing a magic lantern. The Genie granted him three wishes. Aladdin later fought with Jaffar and ended up with Princess Jasmine.

Aladin has the Power of Quickness and athleticism. He is skilled in hand-to-hand battle. He likes Adventures, helping others, apples, acrobatics, bread and dislikes, Threats, shortages, evil schemes, selfish reasons, etc., in series.

10. Pooh (Winnie the Pooh)

Pooh was a fictional teddy bear adapted from Winnie the Pooh’s Disney movie. Pooh is a kind-hearted bear who loves to eat honey and helps his friends with their problems and hardships. His friends loved Pooh for being so cute and selfless.

He has been designed as stuffed toys like animals and has the ability of Freedom, and also he can communicate with bees in cartoons. He likes Honey, Christmas, autumn, stormy days, etc., and dislikes bees, floods, Woozles, etc.

11. Li Shang (Mulan)

General Shang’s character is adapted in the original animated version of Mulan. On Mulan’s journey disguised as a man, she joins the group of soldiers declared as a misfit and to whom Shang eventually helps lead to victory against the bad guys.

He has an ability of Martial arts skills, Physical Power and quickness, and Knowledge of military policies. He likes Mulan, children, plans, archery, fishing, etc., and dislikes arguing, stress, bending the rules, etc.

12. Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)

Prince Eric is the character in Disney’s 1989 animated feature film, The Little Mermaid. He is a dashing, young, lively prince of a seaside kingdom with a passion for sailing. A mysterious girl rescues Eric after nearly drowning during a storm during his voyage. Eric fell in love with her heroism and beautiful enchanting voice.

He becomes determined to find and marry his rescuer. The designer of this character and movie is Glen Keane. Prince Eric is a prince, and he likes playing the flute, his dog, sailing, and dislikes Storms, losing his loved ones, Ursula, etc.

13. Mufasa (The Lion King)

Mufasa is a character in the Disney movie The Lion King. He was the King of the Pride Land and Father of Simba. His evil brother Scar killed him. He was a generous and courteous King and believed in justice and peace. He taught his son the same values.

Mufasa is a lion, and he likes tackling lessons, his family, harmony, protection, order, etc., in series and dislikes Simba’s disobedience, betrayal, gluttony, hyenas, etc. The video games featuring the Mufasa character were Lion King, Kingdom hearts, Disney crossy road, Disney Emoji Biltz(spirit form).

14. Mickey Mouse (Mickey Mouse)

Mickey Mouse is a cheerful and brave human-like mouse. He is one of the most beloved loved characters among kids. He has two big black ears. Ha has a Minnie companion, and their duo is famous among kids.

The designer of Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney, and mickey mouse likes twirling, snacks, games, cheese, holidays, etc., and dislikes scary films, dishonest, public Disgrace, storms, etc. He has the power of cartoon physicality.

15. Baloo (The Jungle Book)

Baloo is the fictional character of the Disney movie The Jungle Book. He was a sloth bear and a friend of a man-cub named Mowgli. He was a careless bear, but he became protective and caring for Mowgli.

He helped Mowgli live safely in the jungle and saved him from an evil tiger named Sher Khan many times. He loves to eat fruits, swim, dance, party, ants, sleep, etc., and dislikes working, responsibility, tiger, Bandar-log.

16. Bagheera (The Jungle Book)

Bagheera is a good but impatient panther featured in The Jungle Book. He likes protection, support, correct, etc., and dislikes Threats, stupidity, monkeys, etc. He was a protector and friend of Mowgli and always gave him honest advice. He has the Power of Animalistic abilities.

Bagheera is a black panther with a grey mouth, pink nose, black eyebrows, and also yellow eyes with a black pupil. There are many video games featuring this character like Disney universe, Disney magic kingdoms, Disney crossroads, etc.

17. Tigger (Winnie the Pooh)

Tigger is the fictional character in the movie Winnie the Pooh. He is a cheerful, young, and energetic tiger but sometimes acts mischievous and creates problems for himself and his friends. He likes wasting time, songs, cheering everyone up, etc., and dislikes honey, bees, heights, hiding in snow, etc. He is a Tigger with incredible bouncing abilities.

There are many games featuring Tiggers like Tigger honey hunt, Kingdom heart series, Disney friends, Disney heroes: battle modes. Tigger is the most wired member of hundred-acre wood. He creates trouble for both himself and his friends.

18. Robin Hood (Robin Hood)

Robin Hood is a fictional character in the movie Robin Hood. He is a slender red fox who forms a gang in Sherwood Forest to fight against the evilness of the Sheriff of Nottingham, who levies unjust taxes upon the people on the greedy prince’s orders.

He has the power and capability of Agility, Master of archery, Master of costume, Trained swordsmanship, Skillful woodsmanship. He likes Assisting the people and being with Marian and dislikes prince john calling himself the King, rob.

19. Prince Naveen (The Princess and the Frog)

Prince Naveen is the fictional character from Disney’s 2009 animated feature film The Princess and the Frog. He belongs to the kingdom of Maldonia. He was a Prince and was transformed into a frog by a voodoo witch doctor. He can be turned back only by kissing a princess.

He likes parties, mucic, himself, cooking, dancing, new Orleans, magic, etc., and dislikes work, poverty, leeches, lies, dark voodoo, etc. The featured video games were: Disney Emoji Blitz, The princess and the frog, Disney magic kingdoms, and many more.

20. Sheriff Wood (The Toy Story)

Woody is the fictional character in the Disney movie The Toy Story. He is a vintage cowboy doll and a favorite toy of Andy. When Andy grew up, he was donated to a little girl named Bonnie Anderson, with whom he remained for some time, after which he decided to be an owner-less toy.

He likes checkers, his hat, quick draw, dogs, helping those in need, keeping everything under control, etc., and dislikes Danger, broken parts, lies, failure, losing his hat, etc. There are many video games featuring this character like ToyStory: animated storybook, Rescue, Adventure, Kingdom heart series, etc.

21. Marline (Finding Nemo)

Marline is the fictional character in the movie Finding Nemo. He is a clownfish and lost his baby Nemo when caught in a dentist’s aquarium. He, along with his companion Dora, began to find Nemo.

In series, he likes his family, safety, Dory, tranquility, etc., and dislikes being overprotective, hurting others, Danger, jellyfish, dangerous predators, etc. There are many video games featuring Marline like Disney Infinity, Disney crossroad, Disney Tsum Tsum, Nemo’s Reef, etc.

22. Genie (Aladdin)

Genie is a character in Disney’s fictional movie Aladdin. He is a Jinn trapped in a lamp and fond by Aladdin. He is mischievous and quirky, helps Aladdin fight against Jaffar, and is granted three wishes. He has unlimited galactic Power. He likes Liberty, pool, jokes, references, dancing, traveling, movies, bringing people back from the dead, etc., and dislikes slavery, guavas, back from the dead, losing at games, getting snapped by crabs, etc.

There are many video games featuring Genie characters in Disney’s reading quest with Aladdin, Kingdom heart series, Disney magical world, Disney: Hidden world’s, etc. Also, a short film with this character is Trail mix-up.

23. Hercules (Hercules)

Hercules is a character from the movie Hercules. Hercules possessed God-like Strength and was raised on Earth. He discovers his immortal heritage Zeus, who tells him that he must become a true hero to return to Mount Olympus. Hercules battles against monsters, Hades, and the Titans. He sacrifices to rescue his love Meg which makes him a true hero.

He has superhuman strength, immortality, superhuman agility, and reflexes. He likes adventures, good deeds, skipping rocks, hero training, defeating monsters, etc., dislikes discrimination, failures, losing his wood, Hades, etc.

24. Lightning McQueen (Cars)

Lightning McQueen is a fictional character in the movie Cars. He is a hotshot rookie race car driven to succeed in discovering that life is about the journey, not the finish line. Unfortunately, he finds himself detoured in the sleepy Route 66 town of Radiator Springs. McQueen damages the road by mistake and has to repair it, watched by the Sheriff or Mater.

He has high Speed, Engines, Racing abilities, Charm, Hard-working. He likes performances, being himself, eroding cars, accepting loss, winning, etc., dislikes losing, Threats, wasting time, teasing, racing crashes, etc.

25. Mowgli (The Jungle Book)

Mowgli is a character in the movie The Jungle Book. He was raised by two central figures and faces difficulties growing up. Mowgli was left in the forest among animals to live. He became friends with Baloo and Bagheera and fought against Sher Khan.

He likes singing, the jungle, lazing, parties, etc., dislikes The Man Village, rules, Kaa trying to hypnotize him, being told what to do, etc. There are many video games featuring Mowgli like Disney crossroad, Kingdom hearts union X, Disney universe, etc.

26. Peter Pan (Peter Pan)

Peter Pan is a fictional character from the movie Peter Pan. He is a mischievous young boy who can fly without wings. He has a fairy called Tinker Bell, his best friend and sidekick. Peter travels from the majestic isle of Never Land to London to hear Wendy Darling spin tales about him and his adventures.

He is a power and ability of Flight, Rooster crows, Immortality. He likes Flying, games, treasure hunts, stories, surprises, protecting Never Land, etc., and dislikes Growing up, rebellious friends, his friends in Danger.

27. Gaston (Beauty and the Beast)

Gaston is a character in the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast. He wants to marry Bella, the daughter of a merchant. He is a cunning and self-obsessed man and plots against the Beast and the villagers.

He has high hunting skills and Strength. He likes himself, eggs, attention, beer, hunting and killing animals, getting his way, respect, anti-intellectualism, abusing LeFou, praise, showing off, winning, singing, etc. He dislikes Humiliation, rejection, LeFou’s bumbling, not getting his way, Disrespect, animals, losing, etc.

28. Prince Hans (Frozen)

Prince Hans is a character from the movie Frozen. He is the prince of Southern Isles. He met Princess Anna in a royal ceremony, and they fell in love with each other. However, later she rejected him because of his greediness.

He likes Power, respect, tormenting his foes, getting what he wants, champagne, etc., and dislikes Disrespect, being ignored or looked down upon, his brothers, the Duke of Weselton’s nagging, not getting what he wants.

29. Tarzan (Tarzan)

Tarzan is a fictional character in the movie Tarzan. He lived in a Jungle for his entire life and was raised by a Gorilla family and hence adopted animal-like habits, but then he meets Jane and realizes he is the same as Jane. He fell in love with Jane.

He likes Wavering on plants, tree-surfing, fruit, shooting, voyage, human technology, etc., and dislikes Threat, causing trouble for his family, robbers, perception, custody, betraying his family, etc. The video games featuring Tarzan is Tarzan: Untamed, Kingdom hearts, etc.

30. Baymax (Big Hero 6)

Baymax is an imaginary character in the movie Big Hero 6. He is a computerized robot created by Tadashi Hamada and serves as a personal healthcare companion. After Tadashi’s death, Baymax was inherited by Hiro Hamada, with whom he became a friend, and lastly, the member of the superhero team known as Big Hero 6.

He has Strength, Rocket fists, Rocket-propelled flight, Medical Knowledge, Video player. He likes helping people, Hiro’s happiness and well-being, flowers, cats, healthcare, chess, soccer balls, butterflies, hugs, flying, etc., and dislikes not helping people, illnesses, hazards, bacteria, deflation, causing pain or distress.

Final Words

Disney characters attract kids towards themselves with beautiful visual effects. If you are an animated movies lover, you would love these characters, and almost all of us have seen these characters in cartoons in our childhood. Select the character of your choice and enjoy that series. Above mentioned is the list of best male Disney characters with their abilities, likes, and dislikes.

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