10 Best Pencil Project Alternatives in 2022


Pencil project is an open-source GUI (Graphical User Interface) prototyping software that is available almost at every forum. It can be easily downloaded and placed on the desktop of the computer.

A new version of this software, 3.1.0, is available with the features of support for compact layout, terminating useless files, including copy page, implementing fast canvas after reshaping it, increasing connector invalidation code to ameliorate the performance of keyboard, and many others.

If the overall features of this software are discussed, it has simple Graphic User Interface (GUI) prototyping, shape collections, diagram drawing support, exporting to various output formats, simply find Cliparts from internet browser, inter-page connection, and a few others.


It consists of the best operating system, and any version can be downloaded after clicking on it. Some precautions about the use of this tool are also given for the guidance of users. The use of the pencil project is also very simple because some tutorials are present on its official website.

All lectures have been arranged topic-wise, and a user has to sign in to watch them. The process of export template tutorials is under development which will be available soon on the website.

There are different data types of this software, for example, alignment, bool, dimension, bound, color, CSS, Enum, font, handle, image text, and a few others.


Stencil collection structure is present in the form of a single ZIP archive which has the main XML file. Assistance is also provided to the stencil developers to describe the method of making and changing content.

Special features are given on the official website for the guidance of users. These features have similarities with their work, for example, the text font can alter the font toolbar, and text color can alter the text color toolbar.

A user can take multiple advantages from this software, like, easy usage, good format, efficient working, free trial, installation on the system, placement of PNG and .epgz files, and a few others. So, this software is safe for its users because its reviews are up to the mark on different websites.

Why users want Pencil Project Alternatives?

Although the services of the Pencil Project are best yet, it has some loopholes. Therefore its users are going towards its alternatives. This software is filled with complications to test a web application, slow from other alternatives, primitive window templates.

It is also said that this software is available free and can be downloaded easily, but there are also some difficulties in this process.

Moreover, this software cannot save JPG format, which has become the main necessity of IT users. When graphics are added to the manifold sheets of documents, it becomes slower.

While on the other hand, alternative software like Creately, LibreOffice Draw, Microsoft Visio, SmartDraw, Cacoo, UXPin, Dia, MYDraw, and others provide better services. These all alternatives for Pencil Project are listed below.

List of Pencil Project Alternatives

Even though Pencil Project is one of the best GUI software, but still it lacks one or other features, that few designers might require. So, below are a few of the best Pencil Project Alternatives that would certainly help you out with your Designing projects.

1. Creately

Creately is software like Pencil Project having the attributes of diagramming and designing. There are two versions of this software. One is online, which is suitable for the cloud edition. Other is offline for the same purpose of the edition, but a user must download it before use.

The offline version can also compete with Windows, Mac, and Linux. A person can make flowcharts, office charts, project charts, and other related business diagrams.

If the features of this software are discussed, it has a drag and drop facility, drawing shortcuts, different colors and formats, real-time cooperation, work sharing, IT Networks, wireframes, SWOT Charts, mind maps, storyboards, concept maps, and many others.

These features lead towards some benefits, for example, easy to use, efficient designing, simple charts, safety, freedom of thoughts, timely updates, efficient flowcharting, and a few others.


  • Easy Drawing Shortcuts.
  • Themes And Styles.
  • Real-time Cooperation.
  • Export And Share.
  • Organization Charts.
  • IT Network.
  • SWOT Charts.
  • Mind Maps.
  • Concept Map.
  • Storyboards.


  • Easy To Use.
  • Efficient Designing.
  • Simple Charts.
  • Freedom Of Thoughts.
  • Suitable For AWS Architecture Shapes.
  • Timely Updates.
  • Efficient Flowcharting.


  • Drawbacks In Tutorials.
  • Some Complications.
  • Difficulty In Importing SVG Records.
  • Interruptions In Making Visuals.

2. is an online software like Pencil Project, which lets its users make diagrams like flowcharts, network visuals, block diagrams, electrical circuit diagrams. Files can also be saved in cloud services. Its offline version is also available for Windows, Unix, and macOS.

Many other related platforms are also connected with, like Atlassian Confluence and JIRA, which increase the working efficiency of this software. This computer application is appropriate for the construction sector because the diagrams of buildings are made with it. is owned by a British company, JGraph Ltd. If the features of this computer application are discussed, it has collaboration tools, data import/export, drag and drop, third party integration, customizable tools, image library, diagramming, and a few others.

There are also some benefits for this software, for example, best quality visuals, a set of diagrams for the guidance of users, smart connectors, connected with google drives, many formats, free version, collective making of shapes, consecutive addition of features, and few others.


  • Collaboration Tools.
  • Data import/Export.
  • Drag And Drop.
  • Third-party Integration.
  • Customizable Tools.
  • Image Library.


  • Best Quality Visuals.
  • A Set Of Different Shapes To Guide The Users.
  • Smart Connectors.
  • Connected With Google Drives.
  • A Number Of Formats.
  • Collective Making Of Visuals.
  • Free Version.
  • No Need For Custom Installation.
  • Continuous Addition Of Features.


  • Difficulty In Shape Making.
  • Blur View Of The Diagram.
  • Lack Of Some Advanced Attributes.
  • Sometimes Becomes Slow.
  • Absence Of Perfect Tools For Making Complex Diagrams.

3. LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is a computer application like Pencil project for vector graphic editors. It was developed by “The Document Foundation”. It is helpful in making complex visuals, like shape, straight, curved, and polygon.

LibreOffice Draw can run on Linux, macOS, and Microsoft windows. This software is based on Open Document Format for Office Applications which has a unique standard in the world. It allows its users to make flowcharts, technical images, advertising brochures, and a collection of photos.

Some automatic functions are also available, like a spellchecker. Moreover, macro execution with Java, extensions, configurable XML filters is helpful for users. If a person wants to use it, he will have to take a license.

Later it can be shared with other people. When the features of this software are discussed, it has compatibility on the basis of performance, option for tracing, standardization, good appearance, and many others.


  • Search Option.
  • Beautiful Appearance.
  • Math Formula Editors.


  • Free Availability.
  • Office Productivity.
  • Import/ Export Documents.
  • Efficient Working With MS Office Files.
  • Best Desktop Solution.
  • Better Than Google Docs.
  • Good Image-maker.
  • Edit Pdf Files.
  • Timely Updates.


  • Save Documents In The Computer’s Memory.
  • Cannot Save More Files Simultaneously.
  • Absence Of Excel Macros.
  • Slow Version Like Office 2003.
  • No Provision Of All Functions With A Paid Subscription.

4. Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is an image-maker software whose functions are similar to Pencil Project. It is linked with the Microsoft family. It was developed in 1992 by Shapeware Corporation, and Microsoft purchased it in 2000. A user can easily make official diagrams with this software.

A free version of this software is present, but this facility is only for 30 days. It is vital to sign-up before taking this facility. Visio cannot be used with Microsoft 365 plan. If a person has a new version of this software, he will not be able to use the previous software.

The current copy of Visio can be transferred to another computer by using the same code. If the features of this software are discussed, it has techniques for image-making, charts, coordination in real-time, accessibility, security and privacy, web app, desktop app, and a few others.

This software supports a strong communication system. A user can get timely updates on his Twitter account about any change of procedure or policy.


  • Diagramming Tool
  • Real-time Cooperation.
  • Security And Privacy.
  • Web App.
  • Desktop App.


  • Flowcharts.
  • Network Diagrams.
  • Network Logs.
  • Interaction With Other MS office Products.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Custom Templates.
  • Can Be Shared Easily.


  • No Efficiency Of Auto-arrange.
  • The Only License Holder Can Edit Diagrams.
  • Complex Connection With Two Computer Bodies.
  • Not Friendly For Non-technical Businessmen.
  • More Colors Of Default Images.

5. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is software like Pencil Project, which makes professional diagrams. This software was introduced in 1994 and now lets its users for making make flowcharts, organizational charts, network images for official or personal purposes.

A person can enjoy all facilities of enterprise-grade solutions for the task of drawing making. Due to integration with third-party tools for powerful automation, images can be generated from available data.

This tool shares complicated information and coordinates for every sort of project. Smart Draw is also an online marketing procedure that creates 90,000 daily website visitors and 4,000,000 new annual users.

More than 350000 firms are using this software which can be visited in official timing. The privacy policy of this too is also very strict. Two main applications have been introduced by the Smart Draw for this purpose.

All information of the client is kept in these applications. If the features of this software are discussed, it has the best formatting, professional outcomes connected with daily life using tools, engineering power, and a few others.


  • Development Forum.
  • Integration At Any Place.
  • Enterprise Management.
  • Engineering Power.
  • Perfect Formatting.
  • Professional Results.


  • Best Diagram Making.
  • Conversion Of Pictures In PDF and JPEGS Formats.
  • Store Data In Clouds.
  • Not Expensive.
  • A Number Of Uses.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Make Office Space Efficiently.


  • Absence Of Proper Autosave Task.
  • No Proper Connection Of Diagram.
  • Absence Of Enough Customization.
  • No Training Tutorials.

6. Cacoo

Cacoo is web-based software for making visuals like Pencil Project. This computer application was introduced in 2009 by Nulab Corporations. It allows its users to make flowcharts, wireframes, UML pictures, official charts, network diagrams, and others.

Cacoo is written in HTML5 and can only operate on Window Browser and Mac Operating System. It is affordable almost for every person because a user has to pay only 5$ monthly. If a buyer wants to pay annually, he will have to pay 60$ once a year. A free trial is also available for two months.

Video lectures on the official website of this software are fruitful for the guidance of customers. Diagrams can be designed collectively because group members can communicate with one another.

If the features of this software are discussed, it has a strong collaboration system, creation of beautiful diagrams, ideas creation in making diagrams, feed-back system, teamwork, and many others.


  • Collective Communication.
  • Creation Of Beautiful Images.
  • Feedback System.
  • Proper Dashboard.
  • Best Administration Of The Team.
  • Revision History.
  • Many Different Charts.
  • AWS Importer.


  • Easy To Use.
  • In-app Video Chat.
  • Mind Maps.
  • Flow Charts.
  • Organizational Charts.
  • Drag And Drop System.
  • Best Visualization.
  • Free Trial For Testing.


  • The Mouse Is Used To Go Back.
  • Import/ Export Support For Visio.
  • Expensive From Some Other Alternatives.
  • Some Templates And Stencils Vanish On Upgradation.

7. OpenOffice Draw

OpenOffice Draw is a computer application that makes pictures like Pencil Project. Many connectors are present in the form of line style, which helps users to make diagrams. Its features are similar to desktop publishing software.

A buyer can also download Open Clip Art Library, in which many flags, logos, icons, and banners are present. The main difference between this software and its alternatives is the availability of a completely free version. A user can use and share it for free for multiple tasks.

A drawing tool can be used easily through a proper method. There are only a few steps like, click on the relevant documents, selecting the diagram tool, and moving of pointer. If the features of this software are discussed, it has productivity enhancement, suitable PDF fonts, and a few others.


  • Productive Enhancement.
  • Best PDF Font.
  • New Options For CSV.
  • Usability And Interface.


  • Free Of Cost.
  • Fast Operations.
  • Easy Usage.
  • Operational For Many Operating Systems.
  • Supported File Formats.


  • Not Attractive Appearance.
  • MS Office Files Do Not Appear In Their Original Form.
  • Issues In Upgradation.
  • Not Suitable For Large Files.
  • Cannot Integrate With Third-party Software.


UXPIN is software like Pencil Project, which allows its users to make designs of products and increase their efficiency. Developers of this software work like a community for designing, marketing, and a few other related purposes.

This application is also helpful in removing cooperation challenges. Other software like Innovation nest, True Ventures, Ridge Ventures, freestyle VC, Great Angel Investors, and Andreessen Horowitz are working with UXPIN. This software started working in 2010 in Poland and now working in two continents.

UXPIN is available in both free and paid versions. A person can take advantage of the free version for a specific period of time, but later, he will have to pay for it. The monthly charge for this software is $89.

Different tools for designing, many prototypes, design systems, free viewers, and seven-day version history will be provided in the monthly payment.


  • UI Design.
  • Design System.
  • UX Design.
  • Design Collaboration.
  • Design Handoff.


  • Achievement Of Subscription.
  • Transformation Of Projects And Mockups.
  • Implementation Of Simple Mockup.
  • Fast Prototyping.
  • Design System.
  • Version Branching,
  • Video Lectures.
  • User Flow.


  • Absence Of Anchor Link.
  • Expensive For Smaller Teams.
  • No Online Option For The Cancellation Of The Subscription.
  • No Efficient E-mail System.

9. Balsamiq Mockups

Balsamiq Mockups is a computer application like Pencil Project, which provides teaching tools to inexperienced designers. This software emerged in 2008 to assist people in making designs.

Ab unique tool, Balsamiq wireframes, is provided to beginner designers, which enables them to make user interfaces for websites and mobile applications. It is a clean tool that makes structure instead of color and icon. Feedback can also be taken on wireframes because of strong interactivity.

If the availability of this software is discussed, it is available in both free and paid versions. Balsamiq Cloud is a free version, while others can be purchased through proper terms and conditions.

The network of Balsamiq Mockups is present in many countries of the world for the provision of better services. There is a strong relationship between the company and its customers because updates are often given on the official website through a press release.

Moreover, video lectures are also available to help out the users.


  • Fast Application Development.
  • Fast Prototyping.
  • User Interface Design.
  • Website Wireframe.


  • Easy Usage.
  • Best Quality Of Mockups And Prototypes.
  • Mockups In HTML.
  • Best Shapes.
  • Availability For Testing.
  • UX Design.


  • Expensive Commercial License.
  • No Easy Editing.
  • Resizing Columns Is A Tough Procedure.
  • No Transforming Of Files Through The Web.

10. OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle is a computer application that works as a diagramming illustrator for macOS and iOS introduced by Omni Group. It is the best tool to make graphics and pictures.

Many designing tools with drag and drop interface and note functions are present that explain and make special documents for prototypes and mockups. Content maps, screen flows, and wireframes can be made through this software. Visuals of this software are known with the unique name of “graffles.”

The privacy policy of OmniGraffle is up to the mark. Data is kept confidential and not shared with other social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. A user can save his data on his own devices, which is a safe place.

Buyers can also use their sync to save data instead of the company’s sync. If there is a need for a change in the privacy policy, the company will change it according to the will of users.


  • Artboard Tool.
  • Conversion Of Texts And Lines Into Shapes.
  • Text Offsets And Rotation.
  • Apple Script Support.
  • Object Fill Blending.


  • Easy To Use.
  • Drag And Drop Tools.
  • Content Model Documentation.
  • Mind Mapping.


  • No Complaint System.
  • Lack Of Visio’s Ability.
  • No Interaction Capability.

Final Words

Pencil Project is software that makes different diagrams for both personal and official purposes. There are many features of this software like support for complex layout, termination of futile files, the addition of copy page, implementation of fast canvas after reshaping, prototyping, shape collections, and a few others.

Instead of providing these best services, it has some drawbacks like slow speed, limited, presence of old window templates, issues in the free version, and a few others.

Some alternatives of this software are present in the market that are providing better services than Pencil Project, for example, Creately,, LibreOffice Draw, Microsoft Visio, Smart Draw, Cacoo, OpenOffice Draw, and others.

These software provides the best services like a flow chart, simple charts, efficient designing, easy usage, wireframes, mind map, storyboard, and many others. Some drawbacks are also present in some software which make them inferior to other better options.

Some of them are available free, but their services are not suitable. So, all these software are available with pros and cons, and a user can use one of them.