10 Best Fake Phone Number Generator in 2022

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Are you getting tired of giving your phone number to different websites and bothered by the advertisements? Then, you really need a fake name and phone number generator that will help you out in getting rid of these problems. It will save you from many troublesome situations. Providing your phone numbers to different websites is now compulsory, as it will help you directly access your account without any difficulty.

There is always a risk and fear of getting your personal information leaked by using your phone number. But some of the sites annoy you by continuously sending ads links and unnecessary things to your number. So, using a fake number is safer than the original number. It will secure your safety and your personal information. But, at the same time, it will be wrong and illegal to use a fake number generator for unlawful purposes. You will be punished if safety companies find out that you are using a fake number for a bad sense.

It is good if you use a fake phone number generator for text, number, and name for safety. But if you are using it for some illegal stuff or threatening someone, it will not be good for you. These generators are available to secure your personal information, data, and for some business-related stuff. Try to use them in the hour of need, and not for fun. With the help of these fake number generators, you will learn how to use these fake numbers for different websites.

Why Do You Want to Use Fake Phone Number Generator Tool?

Sometimes we are really in need of a new phone number. So that we can register on different websites by using this number to get the latest updates, purchase other online things, and many more. Especially for business-related information and to protect personal information, you can use a fake phone number generator tool to get a new number. It is the best and safe way to use it because it helps you get rid of many unnecessary ads and links. Not only that, the fake number generator tool comes with different settings and features that will help you a lot in many ways. Whenever you feel like the website you want to use is not secure, you can try different fake numbers and information.

List of Best Fake Phone Number Generator

Are you looking for Best Fake Phone Number Generator? In this list, you will find a fake name and phone number generator as per your needs. All these generators are free, easily available to download, and secure to use. These Apps will help you a lot in many better ways, protect your information, and share the data you have uploaded.

1. Fake Number

In this App, you will find random phone numbers of different cities and countries to use. You can select and create different phone numbers as per your choice and start using them without any error. Furthermore, it is safer to use and protect the data you have provided. This App is free to use and can easily get downloaded on your device.

App Features

  • Allows you to use numbers without repetition.
  • Comes with several fake and secure numbers to use.
  • Helps you to use the number only for important notifications.
  • Informs you about suspected websites, links, and data.
  • Protects the device to use the fake number for unknown sites.

2. Get New Identity

Get New Identity is another simple yet outstanding fake phone number generator for text and codes. This App can easily be used and easily available for the users. With its bewildering features, this App will be fun to use. It provides the users to use fake numbers only when it is needed. Here in the App, you will find many generating tools that can be used to secure data and information. It helps the users to develop numbers by using codes from different countries.

App Features

  • Comes with a maximum of 10 fake numbers to use.
  • Allows the users to get verified numbers that can be used for different websites.
  • Helps the users to check on the verified numbers on the sites quickly.
  • Protects the device from different unnecessary advertisements and links.
  • Offers the device a secure platform that will be used for accidental purposes.

3. Burner

Burner is the most famous fake name and phone number generator that works professionally. In this App, you will be provided with a list of fake numbers and phrases that you can use in the hour of need. It works very smoothly, like a simple phone number app. Not only for calls, but it also allows you to text, share pictures, and videos, and call your friends or family very easily. The fake number provided in this App will work the same as the real number.

App Features

  • Helps you to secure the real phone number.
  • Allows you to share phone numbers only with people you trust.
  • For unknown websites and people, you can use a burner number.
  • Comes with the tool to share personal stuff without showing the number.
  • Includes additional settings to block, edit, and mute the contacts.

4. Hashed

Hushed is another fake name and phone number generator App that works amazingly. This App is specially designed for private chat and calls. It is easily available for Android and iPhone devices. You can install it without any error from App Store. To use this App more efficiently, you will need a good Wi-Fi connection and mobile data. This App is risk-free to use, and there is no need to log in to use a fake number generator.

App Features

  • Allows you to have different numbers for different occasions.
  • Provides you with a secure platform to save your chat and calls.
  • Offers you more than 40 codes of different countries.
  • Comes with a feature that will automatically provide a number to share data.
  • Includes end-to-end encrypted messaging and calls.

5. CoverMe

CoverMe is a fake name and phone number generator App that everyone loves. It is an App that is easily available for Android and IOS users. Almost 40 million people are enjoying using this App. The reason is that it comes with advanced settings and generating tools that will make it more interesting. Not only that, it comes with a user-friendly interface that will help users understand this App properly. There is no need to pay bills to use it as it is free to use.

App Features

  • Secures your personal data from hacking.
  • Comes with a disappearing mode that helps you set a timer while texting.
  • Includes latest updates, news, feeds, and many more.
  • Helps the users to balance personal and professional life.
  • Offers the users to lock private chats and photo albums.

6. SMS-Man

SMS-Man is an interesting fake number generator code App that is easy to use and easily available for users. To use this App properly, the user needs to register on a website and use the created number. It is free to use only for three days; you will need to pay a monthly bill to use this App. Some of the features are so advanced and modern that they will add more excitement to this App. Not only that, it has generating tools to create many fake numbers.


  • Allows you to sign in to different websites globally.
  • Provides 24/7 services to the users.
  • Includes secure and confidential chats or calls.
  • Automatically do the changes with a single tap.
  • Helps the users to use codes of more than 120 countries.

7. Get Fake Data

Are you looking for an App that will provide you with fake numbers and fake data? Then Get Fake Data is surely for you as it comes with a wide range of fake numbers, codes data, and texts that will be easy for you to use for different sites. Not only that, it includes different modes and formats to use numbers and data on a site. It has a user-friendly interface that will make it more fun to use. Also, it is easily available for different devices.


  • Comes with beautiful themed backgrounds and graphic effects.
  • Provides you with a different unique format to create fake data.
  • Protects personal conversations and information.
  • Allows you to use unique call logos and keyboards.
  • Support all screens without any error.

8. Country Code

Country Code is a fake name and phone number generator App that is specially designed for business-related things. It is not only used to create fake numbers. But it also helps you to build up your business as well. It provides you with an advanced option that will create a code of the country you have selected. Not only that, it will fix all the issues related to contacts and signals. It has a real-time interface that will let you use the fake number as the real one.


  • Helps you to create toll-free numbers for your business.
  • Introduces the latest changes happening in international business markets.
  • Includes different codes of the countries to make deals all over the world.
  • Allows you to modify the numbers one by one.
  • Saved all contacts in international formats.

9. Line2

Line2 is another fantastic fake name and phone number generator used by business people and other online marketers. It will help you deal with online customers without showing your real id and information all over the world. Many online marketers use this App to earn more money and profit. Businessmen of different countries collaborate with other companies and showcase their work to the online marketers and buy shares as well.

App Features

  • Help you to merge up to 99 callers to have multiple people on the call.
  • Allows you to send messages and voice notes at the same time.
  • Automatically records ongoing and outgoing calls.
  • Comes with advanced tools to report unwanted calls.
  • Includes offline data mode to use the App without Wi-Fi and cellular connection.

10. FlyP

FlyP is an excellent fake phone number app that will let you use multiple fake numbers. It is an App that allows you to send and receive unlimited calls or messages. It has a wide range of features, controller settings, and advanced generating tools. In addition to the elements, it manages you to make high-quality calls to add more fun while calling. This App is free to use, easily available, and safe to share personal data or information.

App Features

  • Manages all your phone calls and messages securely.
  • Allows you to use “do not disturb” mode to avoid calls.
  • Add up to 7 numbers to use for different websites.
  • Get multiple phone numbers for business and online markets.
  • Creates voicemail greetings and chooses different area codes.

Final Words

All above mentioned fake phone number generators in this list are all best in their own way. No need to worry about personal information or data while using these Apps. If you are looking for an outstanding app or generator that could help you get a fake number. Then give it a look, as this list comes with fake number generators of high standards and features.

If you feel like providing a real number will cause a problem, you can create a fake number, name, and text to protect your privacy. These Apps are also helpful in many ways like business-related things, online marketing, purchasing something, and buying shares. All these Apps are easily available on devices and are free to use. Your messages and calls will be secured as they come with advanced security tools.

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