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How to Get Free Spotify Premium?


Do you like to listen to music? If YES! Following is given an app that will provide you with a vast library of music with different additional features, so you can enjoy your favorite songs.

Yup! Spotify is a podcast, music, and video streaming application that allows you to access millions of songs and much other content from around the world. It is legal and easy to use. It has functions, such as playing music, which is free, but you can go to Spotify Premium with a subscription fee. You can get Free Spotify Premium through many ways mentioned in this article.

Basic versus Premium

Spotify Basic- The basic, ad-supported version of Spotify is absolutely free. It provides unlimited access to the entire set of music and podcasts, but there are some limitations. It has more advertising breaks that are very annoying. If you are listening to music at loudspeakers in a party, it can really embarrass you. You can only skip a few songs, and the audio quality is a bit poor.


Spotify Premium- But the subscription version of the service is more than you think; Spotify Premium is a great option to get rid of annoying ads. Premium edition has no ads, high audio quality, and the ability to download music for listening offline. On the mobile app, you have unlimited scales and no forced shuffling. However, if you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to features.

Most of you will be interested in the premium version because of its additional benefits. The thing that might disappoint you is that you need to pay for premium subscription. Hold on! Here, in this article, are given different best possible ways to get a free Spotify Premium version.


Free Premium Trial

Previously, Spotify’s new premium users were offered a 30-days free trial. In 2019, the free trial period of Spotify was increased from 30 to 90 days. The first three months of Spotify Premium are free for both new and existing users (if they have never registered in Premium before). Both family and individual subscription levels are eligible for a free trial.

How to Get Free Trial on Android/ iPhone and PC

If you currently have the Spotify app installed on your phone, you have to uninstall it on your Android / iOS device before following the instructions to get the Spotify premium free trial. After downloading and installing it again, follow the instructions, create your account, select the free trial option and enjoy it.

If you are a computer user, you do not need to uninstall Spotify. You can do this by using the host file to block Spotify’s advertising services or by using an additional program with Spotify to get premium features for free. You will be capable of downloading music to listen to ad-free, off-playing restrictions and high-quality sound offline.

Premium Version Plans

Spotify now offers three distinct subscription options with significant discounts. These are a duo, family, and student. You can select the best choice of your range, or you can share the account and enjoy the full features of the premium version. Also, you can individually buy the premium account just for yourself. The details of all types of accounts with price are given below:

Individual: Individual Spotify accounts cost $9.99 per month and are only valid for one account. This is the first Premium plan available because you’re paying a monthly membership price, which means it is ad-free and offers offline functionality.

Duo: You may get two Premium subscriptions for $12.99 per month. The Duo package includes a feature called Duo Mix in addition to an ad-free music experience. This is a playlist that was generated exclusively for the two accounts. It is upgraded on a regular basis with the music that you and your mate enjoys.

Family: The Family package is $15.99 a month and can accommodate up to six Premium accounts. This is an excellent plan for large families. The Family subscription includes Spotify Kids, Family Mix, as well as a function that can prevent obscene music, in addition to ad-free services.

Student: It is the last package for Spotify Premium Version, and it is ideal for students who want to listen to music without ads at a minimum cost. This package is $4.99 per month for one user and includes everything that an Individual Premium Subscription includes.

Also, there are some platforms that can help you get premium features and access to premium Spotify Account. Following are mentioned some of the choices you can go through to get an access to Spotify premium account features:

Premium Mod/ MegaMod Cracked APK

To do this, you must download the Spotify Premium Mod/ MegaMod APK Version, then login to your Android phone or tablet with your free Spotify account. All premium features, such as unlimited scales, exceptional quality, ad-free listening, and an uninterrupted music listening experience, will be unlocked. This procedure involves some steps as given below:

  • If you already have Spotify installed on your device, uninstall it.
  • Download and install the APK version of Spotify.

  • Because the APK file is in compressed zip format, you will need to unzip it with a file explorer.

  • Install the application. If you are installing an APK for the first time, you may need to accept installation from unknown sources.
  • To log in, open the app, give your login details, and then click the login option.


If you are looking for a way to have a free Spotify Premium account, PointsPrizes is a great place to start. This is an excellent platform for you to win a variety of prizes. The whole procedure is very simple; just follow the steps given below.

  • Visit the official website of PointsPrizes and create an account or log in if you already have an account.
  • Once you have created an account, go, search and perform activities as much as you can. Activities on PointsPrizes are really easy, so you won’t have to spend much time.
  • The more you do activities, the more points you earn. After earning enough points, you can buy a Spotify Premium Gift Card.

Telegram Bot

Telegram is a popular messaging and chats application, but do you know that you can use one of its bots to get free Spotify music?

If you wanna learn how to use the Spotify Telegram Bot, then follow these steps:

  • You must first get the Spotify Premium NeYo APK on your phone or tablet, install the APK.
  • To access the Spotify Telegram Bot, open Telegram and go to the Spotify Telegram Bot, and send a message to the bot.
  • Launch the Spotify Premium app and copy the link to any song you want to listen to.
  • Paste the link into the Spotify Telegram Boot conversation thread.
  • The boot will provide you with a list of options, such as playing a song, downloading it, or adding it to your playlist.


Some websites exist where the users share their login details so that others can use them. BugMeNot is one such website, and it’s a place to go if you want to enjoy a Spotify Premium account without paying. But it is not a safe and reliable way to use the Spotify premium version.

Final Words

Spotify is a very entertaining app and its premium version not only allows the users to enjoy ad-free music and offline listening but also provides a platform to make a social circle with the people of the same genre or music choices and share their views. So it is more beneficial to go with the premium version instead of the free version. The methods mentioned above are the best possible ways to get the premium version of this application for free so that you can have a better experience with this app.