10 Best WinRAR Password Removers in 2022


Are you familiar with the term RAR? RAR is the organized format cast-off by the WinRAR archiver. This format is processed similarly to the standardized ZIP format. To save you from any confusion, firstly, let us explain, What is a WinRAR file? Subsequently, both the ZIP and WinRAR are data containers that are useable to compress bulks of files.

Anyhow, RAR contains more advanced functionalities as compared to the ZIP layout format. These features include additional and more convenient multivolume archives, restricted compression, multimedia manuscript modes, AES-128 protection, plateful to repair an archive in the form of corporal data damage, and Unicode maintenance to route non-English file names.

Why are People Required to Remove WinRAR Passwords?

Every solo folder on your PC can be transformed into a WinRAR file. For that, you might sort archives for lots of folders in a day. As WinRAR allows you to place a password to the collections, you preferred to lock. In this way, there will be lots of passwords coming together, and it’s obvious that you might not be able to recall every password for your archive folders. Hence, if you have forgotten the PIN for your important record file, then you are required to process a RAR password remover to eliminate the protection.


There is another reason for it as well. You may perhaps lock a RAR archived binder through a password so that someone else can’t watch or edit any of your exquisite files without taking your permission. Nevertheless, when you feel that you don’t need to protect that file further, you can easily attempt to remove that protection without losing data through this password.

Now move to the targeted point for which you are here, the WinRAR password remover tool. We are here to resolve all your issues regarding this. Here we gathered all the versions of the WinRAR Password Removers software. Just scroll down and explore all the top WinRAR password remover 2022.


List of Best WinRAR Password Remover

In this article, you will find all the WinRAR password remover tools, WinRAR Password Remover Crack Version, and WinRAR Password Remover activation keys. Excitingly, mostly all the available WinRAR Password Removers are free to use.

1. RAR Password Unlocker

Platforms: Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8

Price: Free (TRIAL Version, Paid – USD 19.95 (Advanced Features)

The RAR Password Unlocker is also known as the WinRAR password cracker. It supports the recovery of mislaid or lost passwords of RAR files. This application provides three different methods to recover the passwords to not rely on a single one. If one is creating a problem, then they can easily move to the other one. These methods are known as; brute-force, brute-force with user-definite Mask, and Dictionary. In addition, it maintains all RAR files generated by any of the programs.

It shows two main choices instantly upon a basic interface as you open the program. These options include RAR Password Recovery and Hunt Encrypted Files. You can utilize anyone per your desire. They both have extraordinary and advanced features. RAR Password Recovery lets you unclutter that RAR file for which you want to recover the password. The other one, Search Encrypted Files, shoots your complete system to catch encrypted files. Moreover, the program has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface so that you don’t face any difficulty navigating through it.

2. KRyLAck RAR Password Recovery

Platforms: Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8

Price: Free

It is a free Password Recovery RAR Password Cracker tool. It can use the brute-force technique in maintaining the password. The main display of the program lets you set all the limitations that you want. You can select a RAR file by tapping on the browse key. It also contracts you to pick the oddity sets that the password contains, which makes the retrieval process faster. Additionally, you can pick the process of recovery by selecting from brute-force, cover, and Dictionary.

The user interface of the platform lays out all the locales at the midpoint of the awning for easy access. The password recovery through this software is also pretty fast. Additionally, the program permits you to pick certain character sets. This application contains complete character sets and gives an open hand to choose anyone. These sets may include Latin, hashes, spaces, digits, and symbols. Surprisingly, a user-defined and generated character set is also available.

3. Accent RAR Password Recovery

Platforms: Windows10, 8, 7, XP, iOS, and RAR3 and RAR4 formats

Price: Free

It is a handy, valuable, and optimized approach to reveal your password, whether it is encrypted RAR or includes other archive files. It does not need any exceptional command or language to create this exertion and is considered the superlative feature accessible by this software. Additionally, this application depends on a macro language consenting users to operate a dictionary well-defined by them.

The program featured a faster speed of brute force outbreak, multipurpose customization array, GPU acceleration on NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards. Moreover, it is a perfect professional solution that helps you to recover your missed passwords to RAR and WinRAR files. Interestingly, you also can remove or extract the RAR or Zip files where you want to, while using this app.

4. RAR Password Refixer

Platforms: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008/2012/2016 (32 bit & 64 bit)

Price: Free

RAR Password Refixer is a very powerful RAR password recovery tool. It is developed by iSumsoft Studio. It can help you recover forgotten or misplaced RAR archive passwords and, accordingly, help users extract or remove files through the encrypted RAR archive. Users can take help from this tool if they face any difficulty in attaining their separate or multiple files from their archive files. Furthermore, they can merely add their encrypted archive organizer to the software, and you also can choose one technique of password spams and initiate the acquirement of the password.

It also maintained .rar files twisted by all types of RAR archiver applications like WinRAR, etc. You also can Recover the RAR archive password safely without any threat of data loss. It also provides you with four quick password attack sorts to certify correct password recovery. The tools also involve multiple-core machinery and a GPU acceleration algorithm to make a faster password recovery. Furthermore, it automatically saves fragmentary or adjourned password recovery processes as well, which makes it more effective.

5. PassFab for RAR

Platform: Platform: 10/ 8.1/ 8/, Vista, and XP, Windows Server 2019/16/12/11/8, etcetera.

Price: Free

PassFab is an innovative WinRAR/RAR password eliminator for your PC. This RAR password enables you to recuperate passwords for a variety of encrypted RAR (.rar) archives short of any data loss. Users can easily unlock all password-protected WinRAR/RAR records with this software for the RAR tool.

Its 3 password attack categories help them to use the up-to-date decryption algorithm, manufacture password recovery in a simple and quicker way than ever before. In addition, it also provides recover passwords for encrypted RAR & WinRAR files. Moreover, no matter what density and encryption program is used or how long and multifaceted your password is.

This application helps you to recover your RAR password in a few simple steps. It is an efficient tool that is the best way for recovering your forgotten or misplaced password for RAR or WinRAR archive files. It featured a GPU acceleration that provides an extra speedy recovery.

It has a very trouble-free and user-friendly interface that formulates it as an ideal choice for non-technical users. Besides all these amazing features, it offers you 3 renowned and influential password attack types. These can prove a great help for you to recover your password. Moreover, PassFab for RAR supports 100% safe, highly secured, accurate, and fast software tools that can be a perfect choice for you in this regard.

6. iSunshare RAR Password Genius

Platform: Windows

Price: Free

iSumsoft is an admirable and tremendous software that facilitates you to recover any forgotten passwords related to the archives or lost files. It even provides a great premier password recovery rate for sparkling password attacks with this. The tool includes a user-friendly interface. Moreover, you also find professional, appropriate, and free technical support for your computer. Besides all, it facilitates you with a forever free product upgrade.

The RAR password unlocker is simple to use and install. Users do not require to find out any guidelines to use this competent software even if they first come to use this program. Conversely, this software includes many advanced tools and functions that can surely provide you even eight-character long passwords. Anyhow it might be possible that this will take time for a week to process.

7. Passper for RAR

Platform: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista.

Price:$ 28.9

It takes up two high-tech technologies to improve fast recovery. Through this tool, one can Recover RAR passwords with a fast speed and advanced algorithm. He can take the benefit of multimode CPU and NVIDIA G80+ GPU to rate up the recovery process. Passper productively designed four attack methods suitable to the unusual situations people generally face. They can pick any of them that can significantly abbreviate the password recovery procedure. So, simply recover all of your forgotten passwords now for RAR archives that RAR and WinRAR generate in spite of the password intricacy.

This software can recover the password support on the built-in or custom-made dictionary. You can give an identity to your password by joining all the typesets you choose. Additionally, it compiles the numbers, secret code, lowercase/uppercase inscription, mask attack, brute-force attack, and much more for the users’ convenience.

You can also browse for the exact password according to the available information you set, the password length, or the part you may memorize with reference to the password, etc. Additionally, you can try all the probable password permutations to get the right password. Yet, you can utilize this method if you don’t encompass any password info.

8. iSumsoft RAR Password Refixer

Platform: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008/2012/2016 (32 bit & 64 bit)


It is a very authoritative and efficient RAR password recovery device that can help users recover forgotten RAR archive (.rar) passwords. It also allows them to extract files commencing encrypted RAR archive. Additionally, it lets users unlock any encrypted archive files as well. It is a strong Password Manager that is introduced by iSumsoft Studio.

This application assists .rar files formed by all types of RAR archiver tools such as WinRAR. You can Recover the RAR archive key safely without losing any data. Its four sharp password attacks ensure precise password recovery. Furthermore, multiple-core machinery and GPU acceleration algorithm make certain and faster password recovery. You also get automatic savings of all uncompleted or suspended password revitalization recovery processes effectively.

9. ScrewSoft RAR Password Unlocker

Platform: Windows XP and above, as well Windows Server 2000

Price: Free

This RAR Password Unlocker proved itself as a reliable tool. When you lost WinRAR/RAR passwords and feel unable to open your RAR archives, this one is the perfect way for you to utilize them. It has the capacity to recover RAR passwords speedily through its three attack options, i.e. Brute-force solitary, Brute-force with users’ pre-defined Mask, and Dictionary.

Its Brute-force Attack applies all probable password recipes when you don’t know about them. The Brute-force Attack feature with Mask greatly decreases the retrieval time by stipulating the forgotten password interval, character set, etc. In addition, Dictionary Attack helps to recover mislaid RAR passwords via attempting the password blends in the built-in Dictionary as a PIN.

This tool is a reliable source for recovering any lost/forgotten RAR password. It can quickly recover your RAR password regardless of the length and complexity. It assumes GPU acceleration and multi-form CPU technology to boost the speed of the password recovery process. In addition, it proposed two options that allow you to set the driver as a priority. Moreover, its own Self-created Dictionary contains multiple language support as well.

10. Ultimate Zip Cracker

Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7

Price:$ 59, (Free trial version available)

Ultimate Zip Cracker processed significantly because it originates purely to substantiating its expertise for facilitating you to recover your archive passwords. It uses exceedingly efficient searching methods, just like a Password Wizard. It also offers you a quicker retrieval of your lost passwords.

This software offers you an edge for easy password unlock. It uses a Brute Force attack and is processed impressively with files such as documents, office95, and others like that. This wonderful Ultimate ZIP Cracker supports searching the password of secure files comprising ZIP, Excel, or Word file and format. Additionally, the device’s foremost screen lets users browse the folder that they desired to be cracked.

Final Words

If you are looking out to get the best RAR password unlocker to reveal the encrypted RAR archives, then you are in the right place. In this article, we caught some good options for you. It will be vital for you to know how to unlock encrypted RAR archives whose passwords are lost or do not memorize. Moreover, all of these RAR password recovery software are available online for convenient download. Excitingly, you are only a step away from getting a fast recovery to your archives, so don’t waste a single minute and go ahead to install any one of them according to your system requirement and start working again.